50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #37

50 Tickets

Top Tens

Regional Previews

  • Emily is probably the only girl to finish higher in her Region (10th) than in the State Meet (8th)
  • After adjusting for heat, the course, and what not, her performance at MIS rated out to be almost 30 seconds better than any previous race
  • It’s not as if the performance came out of nowhere – she had run in the low 19’s a few times throughout the season and was an outstanding middle school athlete
  • Her track season didn’t have the same breakout performance but was very consistent
  • She had multiple sub-5:20/11:40 efforts, indicating a bit of improvement from her average cross times

  • Has a chance to cement his legacy as one of the better Muskegon area runners of all time
  • Klay has dominated the GMAA scene for the past 2 years, winning two cross titles and the distance triple this past track season
  • After a solid freshman cross campaign, he exhibited some speed in track, breaking 2:00 late into that year
  • Following the two year track hiatus, he was able to improve upon that mark, reaching 1:57.5
  • His local success hasn’t translated into All-States, but honors like those are usually heavily senior driven, he’s definitely in the conversation for this fall and next spring

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