50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #36

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  • Upon first look at the graphic, many may wonder, “where are his State/Regional results?”
  • And you’d be right to wonder, but here’s the answer – Colin unfortunately received a stress fracture that ended his sophomore cross campaign
  • Judging by his early ratings, he was on the path to running low 16’s on the right day on the right course
  • And taking note of his track season, it seems that he didn’t have much of a training loss from an incomplete fall
  • He showed mid-distance strength (multiple sub-4:30’s) and longer distance endurance (multiple sub-9:45’s)

  • The MIXCSR hometown favorite, but her inclusion isn’t of any bias, as she’s here on the pure strength of her last few XC races
  • Her early season consisted mainly of duals and solid times (a few sub-19’s, victories over Haupt, Hastie)
  • But her ascent began in earnest with an 18:19 at Regionals, followed by a 12th place finish at MIS, then a massive PR at the Meet of Champions
  • She’s not blessed with the greatest speed in the world, but she’s a grinder, and was able to summon a 5:19/11:24 in track despite a 400m PR of “only” 66.
  • #JagsForever (sorry)


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