Region 10 Preview

Can Petoskey double up?

Where: Chippewa Hills HS, Remus

The Course: The Course: Groomed and blowdozed to perfection. From what I hear, it’s a true cross country course. Hills, woods, trails, fields. It ran a little fast last weekend, but my intuition tells me that was a bit off. I’d expect this to be one of the tougher regional courses. Be on the lookout for Coach O’Neil’s new book, “Zen and the Art of Cross Country Course Maintenance”.

What to Watch For: Is Fremont here to spoil Petoskey’s party? They’ve been ascending (or descending, you can use either verb) as the season has wore on. In the last two weeks, Conor Somers has had his two best races of the year. They’re finding new newcomers and the Schulers have been consistent all along. But Petoskey took a hit at Spartan and have gradually been finding their way back here.

The difference between Benzie and Chippewa Hills. I’m curious to see how teams used to a burner will adjust to a tougher course. On the contrary, I’m not worried about Fremont in that regard.

The girls individual battle. Storey, Vanderwall, Schopieray all have the ability to win this. Does the home course advantage help?

I’ve been very impressed by Sparta’s boys this year. They absorbed the loss of what could have been a key piece and I think it may have made them even more resilient.




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
6Remus Chippewa Hills158
10Big Rapids272
14Ogemaw Heights397
15Howard City-Tri County431

Ranked Teams: Petoskey (2), Cadillac (19)

112Noel VanderwallPetoskey143.1
212Sarah StoreyRemus Chippewa Hills141.9
312Kendall SchopierayCadillac132.3
412Caroline FarleyPetoskey126.9
510CamBrie CoreyPetoskey126.4
611Emma JanesakSparta119.1
710Nora O’LearyPetoskey117.1
89Madeline LoePetoskey116.8
912Taylor MaterFremont115.8
1010Remington ArneyNewaygo113.6
119Summer BrowerLudington109.3
1210Ava HollandsworthRemus Chippewa Hills108.1
1311Madyson OudbierSparta108.1
149Allison NobisClare107.7
1511Regan HillCadillac107.6
1610Kennedi WoodSparta103.8
1712Lauren WooerKingsley103.1
1812Hattie VeenkantClare101.4
1912Chloe JonesOgemaw Heights99.8
2012Hayli FaganWhitehall97.2
219Nadia GriersonLudington96.4
2212Taava JohnsonFremont96.4
239Skylee AmesGaylord94.9
2411Eleanor CoolCadillac94.2
259Autumn BrowerLudington92.3
2610Avery MickelsonCadillac89.8
2710Marisa MazzaCadillac87.7
2810Jade RyersonSparta87.7
2910Sydney HoffmanPetoskey87.5
3011Ariana TreatWhitehall86.8
3110Gwendalynn RickardBig Rapids86
3212Sofiah CokerClare85.5
3312Abby LeighClare83.1
349Kaleigh SwigerCadillac82.5
3510Mackenzie KeillorLudington82.5
3612Ryann JibsonWhitehall81.4
379Abby RobinsonGladwin81
3812Kate LangworthyBig Rapids79.4
399Adalyn BrittonWhitehall78.6
4010Reece ClarkRemus Chippewa Hills77.6
4111Allison TateWhitehall77.2
429Natalie GibsonRemus Chippewa Hills76.6
4312Meghan McGiverinHoward City-Tri County76
4410Kelsey SaxtonKingsley72.3
4510Olivia AndersenLudington72.1
469Corina MitteerWhitehall71.4
4710Hadley HiltCadillac71.3
4810Lucy JohnsonGaylord70.8
4910Anna BurtonLudington68.6
509Ella SpandingGaylord66.9

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: Depends if Sparta or Ludington qualifies. If Sparta, it’ll be further back, if Ludington, probably further forward. Sounding like a broken record at this point, but top 15 is a guarantee.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
9Big Rapids265
10Remus Chippewa Hills299
12Howard City-Tri County312
15Ogemaw Heights409

Ranked Teams: Petoskey (9), Fremont (12), Sparta (19)

112Conor SomersFremont202.8
212Samuel SmithPetoskey189.8
310Shane IzzardPetoskey188.6
412Jackson JonesSparta186.7
512Ryan OsoskiBig Rapids185.8
611Jake O’NeilRemus Chippewa Hills184.0
712Brennan SchulerFremont182.1
812Gavin SchulerFremont181.4
912Cooper RokopPetoskey178.9
1010Nolan NixonCadillac178.0
1110Brad WhiteClare177.6
1211Andre RichmondWhitehall176.9
1310Gregory JanesakSparta173.4
1410Caleb PalmreuterGladwin173.2
1511Carter McIlroyWhitehall172.2
1612Riley BuysWhitehall171.9
1710Brady OdenbachPetoskey171.7
1811Jax WilsonSparta171.4
1910Dylan OdenbachPetoskey169.4
209Seth MeadGladwin166.9
219Cole LoweryFremont164.6
2211Noah MomberSparta163.9
2310Gabe OutmanCadillac163.6
2410Brodie DelamaterGrant163.5
2512Ty PichanGaylord162.7
2610Nic PorterClare161.9
2710John ChristensenFremont161.8
2810Trey KesonLudington159.7
2911Henrik QuistFremont159.4
3012Reese MarvinPetoskey158.7
3111Ben KnuthBig Rapids158.6
3212Christopher LandrySparta158.4
3311Jackson HiltCadillac158.0
349Gabriel JonesFremont157.8
3511Gavin TownerPetoskey157.3
3610Matthew StilsonCadillac156.2
3711Ramon HernandezHoward City-Tri County155.6
3812Cameron HartwickSparta154.6
3911Dakota LeddyGladwin150.6
409Ayden BarciaClare150.1
4112Chris LandrySparta147.8
4210Gavin RykseHoward City-Tri County147.5
4312Ted BellClare147.5
4410Andrew KlausClare147.3
459Andrew ElmoreCadillac147.1
4610Matthew BrownellRemus Chippewa Hills145.7
4711Kaden KolarikKingsley144.8
489Elijah ChristensenGladwin144.6
4910Bjorn TracyCadillac143.9
5012Anthony MartinOgemaw Heights143.8

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th… maybe I’ll just stop including this section.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net

See, Petoskey and Fremont, I love you more than some other sites!

Boring. More of the same.

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