Region 24 Preview


Where: St. Francis Retreat Center, DeWitt

The Course: From what I understand, this is a roller. From the course map, I see many turns. Early in the year, this rated out as pretty hard. For comparison (at least to us Metro Detroiters), it appeared a few seconds faster than Kensington or Cass Benton, which should land it among the tougher regionals. That being said, I feel that Lani can get after the course record if she so desires.

What to Watch For: Look for the 5th girls of both Lansing Catholic and Ithaca. Both teams are exceptional at the front, LC through 4, Ithaca through 3. Both of their 5th girls have shown signs of breakthrough and could hold the key to MIS glory.

Pewamo-Westphalia’s Pirate Girl Pack. They’re strong through all seven runners. That doesn’t have as much impact in a regional field, but if they can get on the right side of the bubble in Brooklyn, watch out.

Espen Lehnst. Won his first race last week and has been turning it on as of late. Harbors hopes of getting into the Top 10 by State and a huge performance here would help his cause.

I’m curious who steps it up as an individual for the girls – I’ll be honest that I don’t know much about the teams beyond the Top 3.

Carson Brunk has something to prove. When he’s on, he’s been a Top 10 caliber runner. That’s occurred a few times this season. He might be holding back in his other races, which doesn’t help in a rating sense, but 100% helps in a resting your body for championship season sense. We’ll see what he can unleash.




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Lansing Catholic382349203133
6New Lothrop166
7St. Charles219

Ranked Teams: Lansing Catholic (5), Pewamo-Westphalia (9), Ithaca (10)

112Lani BloomIthaca166.1
211Hannah PriccoLansing Catholic143.8
311CC JonesLansing Catholic132.9
410Tessa RoeLansing Catholic130.0
59Whitney WernerPewamo-Westphalia127.9
612Rachael SierakowskiIthaca116.9
710Liliana LehnstIthaca107.4
811Alexis SpitzleyOvid-Elsie106.0
911Emmie WestLansing Catholic104.1
1011Ella KowatchPewamo-Westphalia104.1
119Ally AndresNew Lothrop92.6
1211Abby ArensPewamo-Westphalia91.5
1310Hayden HengesbachPewamo-Westphalia88.4
1412Katelyn KramerPewamo-Westphalia87.0
1510Isabell HelmanPewamo-Westphalia85.2
169Karisa DeaconsIthaca85.1
1710Melanie WernerPewamo-Westphalia81.5
189Piper WhiteOvid-Elsie77.0
199Emily RathkaLaingsburg76.3
2012Hailey ProkopLansing Catholic74.3
2112Ella KloecknerPerry68.1
2212Kylea BramanIthaca66.4
239Teagen HallockPerry66.1
249Evelyn LoggheLaingsburg65.7
2512Emily MullerOvid-Elsie63.7
269Izabell KonesnyDurand57.5
279Madison ThorntonOvid-Elsie56.5
2810Josie BaumanNew Lothrop55.3
2912Lexis WheelerPotterville55.0
3010Taylor BaileyChesaning54.7
319Emmalee ShankelIthaca54.1
3211Zee SimpsonLansing Catholic54.1
3312Emma KribsLaingsburg54.1
349Isabel DoerrLansing Catholic52.8
359Addison RuszLaingsburg50.3
3612Dakota BallardLaingsburg50.0
379Landry GomezSt. Charles47.5
3812Samantha GrubaughOvid-Elsie47.1
3912Logan ZerkaDurand46.6
4010Kaia SpiessOvid-Elsie46.4
419Hayden WhitmoreIthaca45.5
4210Klara MulcahyNew Lothrop45.2
4312Melanie SymonsSt. Charles39.8
449Emily MuellerSt. Charles39.4
459Olivia GillettNew Lothrop35.1
4610Juul HaartmansByron34.7
4710Cailyn AdduddellNew Lothrop33.0
489Alexis GrahamSt. Charles31.3
4912Lindsey WendlingNew Lothrop31.2
509Keirsin RobinsonLaingsburg30.7

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: Ah, a little more useful in this region. Top heavy for the individuals, so I have the cutoff at 24th.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1Lansing Catholic40131011152529
6New Lothrop168

Ranked Teams: Lansing Catholic (4), Ithaca (7), Pewamo-Westphalia (14)

112Josh OttenLansing Catholic190.0
210Collin FarmerPewamo-Westphalia188.8
312David PruderLansing Catholic186.6
411Parks AllenIthaca186.6
512Espen LehnstIthaca185.6
612Carson BrunkPotterville183.3
712Chase HobsonMontrose179.0
812Liam HarlanBath172.3
911Levi MaierChesaning171.2
1012Cameron HaraburdaLansing Catholic170.8
1112Josh FraryLansing Catholic167.8
1211Cole YarosNew Lothrop165.2
1312Nolan WoodmanIthaca163.5
1411Caleb PohlPewamo-Westphalia160.5
1510Stephen FairLansing Catholic156.0
1610Carter HolmesBath154.2
1712Hudson SimonPewamo-Westphalia150.8
1811Landon ThelenPewamo-Westphalia149.1
1912Conor MikulkaIthaca149.1
2010Andrew KoenigsknechtBath146.6
2112Nolan GreggLaingsburg144.4
2212Keegan OuilletteIthaca143.7
2311Alex S. ThelenPewamo-Westphalia143.1
249Clay PowellOvid-Elsie142.2
2512Matthew JennessLansing Catholic142.1
2611Logan CooperPotterville141.0
2712Jonah SiemssenBath139.8
2812Hector SanchezIthaca139.4
2910Elijah NevinsLansing Catholic138.7
309Allan GeorgePewamo-Westphalia138.5
3112Aaron VinckeNew Lothrop136.8
3212Miguel RamirezLaingsburg136.2
3311Corbin WalkerChesaning132.7
3411Ryan GavendaOvid-Elsie131.7
3510Kyle BaldwinMt Morris131.6
3610Mason StruckChesaning129.8
3710Ty CarltonPotterville129.7
3812Caleb ClarkLaingsburg128.2
3911Parker NoonanNew Lothrop128.1
4012Brett GardnerSt. Charles127.7
4110Ryan DeGuiseMontrose126.7
4212Dakota SutterChesaning124.7
439Sam MuirheadPewamo-Westphalia124.4
449Lieu VinckeNew Lothrop122.3
4511Austin SmithOvid-Elsie120.2
469Felix RamirezLaingsburg120.0
4712Jason WeberNew Lothrop119.5
4811Douglas GauthierBurton-Bendle118.5
4911Hayden VlasicBath118.3
5012Luke HenigeNew Lothrop118.3

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: Once again, a little deeper in there. 20th.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net

Eat your wordssssssss, ATHLETIC.NET

Great minds think alike.


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