2021 Ratings: St. Francis Regional (24, 14)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Region 24 Preview
Region 14 Preview

24 Girls Adjustment: -59
14 Girls Adjustment: -52
24 Boys Adjustment: -57
14 Boys Adjustment: -47

People have been clamoring for me to rate different races or divisions on the same course, same day.  I agree with this notion as the course can change and so can the weather conditions.  It does produce a bit more variability in ratings when you’re working with a smaller sample, but I feel it’s applicable for regionals this year.  And since I have the time to do so, I’ll do so here.  Some don’t make as much sense, but you have to understand there’s a range of error with each listing.  The smaller the race, the higher that range.  You’ll see that here, but I believe the change throughout the day will make sense.


Piper White, Ovid-Elsie: It’s notable any time you can continue your season into November.  Piper did just that with a 14th place finish.  It wasn’t her best time and hardly any performance here was that, but she finished 4 spots ahead of her predicted place.

Chase Hobson, Montrose: Three straight trips to Brooklyn for Chase.  Each of the past two years, he’s finished between 50th and 60th.  This was his best regional finish yet, 6th place in a loaded region, possibly a good omen for Saturday?

Nicole Schafer, Williamston: It was predicted to be a tight battle for that third spot and that prediction came through.  Nicole battled through the hills, mud, and muck to finish 10th.  This was right on where she was projected but think of it this way – she was reliable as can be as a freshman. 

Ellis Yokom, Ionia: Sure, Ionia was thought to be a lock here.  Of the three qualifying teams, they stood out the most compared to the rest of their season (and that’s saying something because I think St. Johns is a Top 3 team).  Ellis ran at least 45 seconds than the numbers suggested and if he continues that pattern, he’ll place better than the 3rd man from many teams.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
IXCSR: 6/6 Boys, 5/6 Girls; 39/42 Boys Overall, 36/42 Girls Overall
Athletic: 6/6 Boys, 6/6 Girls; 39/42 Boys Overall, 35/42 Girls Overall

12Lani Bloom18:37.5Ithaca167.2
11Hannah Pricco19:56.8Lansing Catholic140.7
10Tessa Roe20:25.0Lansing Catholic131.3
11CC Jones20:25.5Lansing Catholic131.2
12Rachael Sierakowski20:40.0Ithaca126.3
9Whitney Werner20:44.9Pewamo-Westphalia124.7
10Liliana Lehnst21:42.1Ithaca105.6
11Ella Kowatch21:52.6Pewamo-Westphalia102.1
11Emmie West22:01.0Lansing Catholic99.3
9Karisa Deacons22:11.0Ithaca96.0
11Abby Arens22:22.6Pewamo-Westphalia92.1
9Ally Andres22:28.5New Lothrop90.2
10Hayden Hengesbach22:31.5Pewamo-Westphalia89.2
9Piper White22:37.4Ovid-Elsie87.2
12Katelyn Kramer22:39.8Pewamo-Westphalia86.4
9Emily Rathka22:46.5Laingsburg84.2
12Hailey Prokop22:53.1Lansing Catholic82.0
10Melanie Werner23:11.5Pewamo-Westphalia75.8
12Ella Kloeckner23:31.9Perry69.0
9Teagen Hallock23:32.2Perry68.9
10Isabell Helman23:33.8Pewamo-Westphalia68.4
9Evelyn Logghe23:40.8Laingsburg66.1
10Josie Bauman23:51.4New Lothrop62.5
12Emma Kribs23:59.8Laingsburg59.7
11Zee Simpson24:01.3Lansing Catholic59.2
9Hayden Whitmore24:03.2Ithaca58.6
11India Doerr24:03.8Lansing Catholic58.4
9Landry Gomez24:13.4St. Charles55.2
12Dakota Ballard24:16.2Laingsburg54.3
12Lexis Wheeler24:24.3Potterville51.6
12Kylea Braman24:26.3Ithaca50.9
9Addison Rusz24:26.6Laingsburg50.8
9Emmalee Shankel24:31.9Ithaca49.0
10Juul Haartmans24:43.4Byron45.2
12Logan Zerka24:45.1Durand44.6
9Alexis Graham24:48.0St. Charles43.7
10Taylor Bailey24:54.9Chesaning41.4
9Makayla Reiber24:56.3Chesaning40.9
12Melanie Symons24:57.8St. Charles40.4
10Klara Mulcahy25:01.4New Lothrop39.2
9Emily Mueller25:15.0St. Charles34.7
11Brenda Lopez25:33.6Bath28.5
9Madison Thornton25:40.8Ovid-Elsie26.1
10Desire Knoblauch25:48.4Laingsburg23.5
9Tabitha Norris25:56.7St. Charles20.8
12Lindsey Wendling26:08.9New Lothrop16.7
12Eliana Germaine26:14.3Chesaning14.9
10Kaia Spiess26:31.8Ovid-Elsie9.1
9Izabell Konesny26:37.9Durand7.0
10Sara Dammann26:42.0New Lothrop5.7
12Samantha Grubaugh26:53.9Ovid-Elsie1.7
12Emily Gutzman26:57.2Laingsburg0.6

10Drew Muller19:37.9East Grand Rapids144.7
10Emma DeVries19:56.9GR_West Michigan Avi…138.4
12Julia Finley19:58.8Belding137.7
10Clara Fletcher20:02.0St. Johns136.7
9Josie Jenkinson20:06.3Owosso135.2
9Sadey Seyferth20:07.2East Grand Rapids134.9
11Lauren Hunter20:08.9Haslett134.4
12Ainsley Workman20:12.4East Grand Rapids133.2
10Sophia Lado20:13.2East Grand Rapids132.9
9Nicole Schafer20:17.7Williamston131.4
10Addison Washler20:30.3FHE Ada Forest Hills…127.2
11Ellory Clason20:31.2FHE Ada Forest Hills…126.9
10Ashlyn Smith20:35.7FHE Ada Forest Hills…125.4
11Sarah Dixon20:40.0FHE Ada Forest Hills…124.0
12Katie Edison20:50.5East Grand Rapids120.5
11Abigail Petr21:02.3East Grand Rapids116.6
12Maddie Hanulcik21:05.6Ionia115.5
10Libby Summerland21:09.8Owosso114.1
10Abby Young21:18.7St. Johns111.1
9Julionna West21:18.8Owosso111.1
11Camryn Bodine21:25.5East Grand Rapids108.8
11Elleah Berger21:26.2Williamston108.6
9Tamara Stoner-Slei…21:36.5Williamston105.2
11Kate Laidlaw21:55.2FHE Ada Forest Hills…98.9
9Mackenzie Zahm21:57.8Belding98.1
10Dora Henry22:00.5Haslett97.2
9Hayven Thiel22:12.9Corunna93.0
11Clara Deeren22:17.5Ionia91.5
12Madison Wirt22:18.9FHE Ada Forest Hills…91.0
11Samantha Sweeney22:23.0Williamston89.7
10Lily Sackrider22:28.9St. Johns87.7
11Marie Schafer22:32.7Williamston86.4
11Kayla Barna22:35.9GR_West Michigan Avi…85.4
12Emily Sargent22:36.1Haslett85.3
11Emma Johnson22:45.8Owosso82.1
9Marlina Howell22:57.5FHE Ada Forest Hills…78.2
10Molly Kilpela23:04.6Fowlerville75.8
9Desiree Duque-Rico23:16.4GR_West Michigan Avi…71.9
11Claire Agnew23:19.3Owosso70.9
9Danielle Tepe23:24.9Haslett69.0
11Addison Turk23:25.6GR_West Michigan Avi…68.8
12Emma Bruckman23:26.0Corunna68.7
11Megan Leneman23:26.8Ionia68.4
11Annie Beach23:32.1Fowlerville66.6
11Belinda Vrielink23:34.3GR_West Michigan Avi…65.9
11Ashley Sweeney23:36.1Williamston65.3
10Sylvia Thomas23:39.1St. Johns64.3
11Meigan Lanning23:40.4GR_West Michigan Avi…63.9
12Brooklyn German23:50.5Belding60.5
10Emmalee Springer23:55.0Belding59.0
11Brieanna Wood24:01.4Owosso56.9
12Eleanor Young24:12.5St. Johns53.2
11Sadie Brearley24:19.8Lake Odessa Lakewood50.7
10Josie Heystek24:27.4St. Johns48.2
9Riley Ingraham24:39.6Belding44.1
11Alaina Borowy24:52.4Fowlerville39.9
12Carly Clos24:53.1Williamston39.6
9Charly Smith24:55.0Ionia39.0
10Claire Fortier24:58.9Lake Odessa Lakewood37.7
11Trisha Seiter25:05.6Fowlerville35.5
10Iley Doyle25:05.7Corunna35.4
10Carman Jones25:17.1Belding31.6
12Tatum Galbavi25:18.2Corunna31.3
11Emma Lancaster25:26.7Lake Odessa Lakewood28.4
12Elaina Volk25:31.1Portland27.0
9Addison Borowy25:33.7Fowlerville26.1
12Amanda Fogo25:48.5Fowlerville21.2
12Alyssa Brown26:11.6Belding13.5
11Avery Copeland26:14.1Fowlerville12.6
10Sydney Leinbach26:23.0Lansing Eastern9.7
11Maya Estell26:28.0Portland8.0
9Avery Reed26:29.5Lansing Eastern7.5
10Evey Arleth26:34.4Portland5.9
9Kaya Bender26:44.2GR_West Michigan Avi…2.6
12Kiera Smith26:48.3Haslett1.2

10Collin Farmer17:11.4Pewamo-Westphalia195.2
12Josh Otten17:18.7Lansing Catholic192.8
11Parks Allen17:27.6Ithaca189.8
12Espen Lehnst17:33.7Ithaca187.8
12David Pruder17:40.4Lansing Catholic185.5
12Chase Hobson17:47.2Montrose183.3
12Carson Brunk18:05.2Potterville177.3
12Liam Harlan18:20.5Bath172.2
11Levi Maier18:24.9Chesaning170.7
12Josh Frary18:26.6Lansing Catholic170.1
12Cameron Haraburda18:35.3Lansing Catholic167.2
12Nolan Woodman18:55.1Ithaca160.6
11Cole Yaros18:58.4New Lothrop159.5
11Caleb Pohl19:02.4Pewamo-Westphalia158.2
10Carter Holmes19:09.4Bath155.9
10Stephen Fair19:11.0Lansing Catholic155.3
10Andrew Koenigsknecht19:11.4Bath155.2
12Jonah Siemssen19:21.5Bath151.8
11Logan Cooper19:21.7Potterville151.8
12Hudson Simon19:29.8Pewamo-Westphalia149.1
11Landon Thelen19:35.1Pewamo-Westphalia147.3
12Keegan Ouillette19:43.7Ithaca144.4
12Nolan Gregg19:44.9Laingsburg144.0
9Clay Powell19:52.7Ovid-Elsie141.4
12Caleb Clark19:53.7Laingsburg141.1
12Conor Mikulka19:54.6Ithaca140.8
12Matthew Jenness19:56.3Lansing Catholic140.2
11Parker Noonan19:56.7New Lothrop140.1
11Alex S. Thelen20:01.7Pewamo-Westphalia138.4
12Hector Sanchez20:05.8Ithaca137.1
9Allan George20:08.7Pewamo-Westphalia136.1
10Ty Carlton20:09.9Potterville135.7
11Devyn Whitford20:19.8Ithaca132.4
9Sam Muirhead20:21.0Pewamo-Westphalia132.0
11Corbin Walker20:23.7Chesaning131.1
12Dakota Sutter20:25.5Chesaning130.5
12Miguel Ramirez20:28.6Laingsburg129.5
12Andrew Frary20:29.7Lansing Catholic129.1
10Mason Struck20:34.0Chesaning127.7
9Lieu Vincke20:34.8New Lothrop127.4
10Ryan DeGuise20:45.1Montrose124.0
9Caleb Walker20:46.5Chesaning123.5
12Aaron Vincke20:47.1New Lothrop123.3
11Aden Baynes20:48.8Laingsburg122.7
9Felix Ramirez20:50.6Laingsburg122.1
11Hayden Vlasic20:50.8Bath122.1
11Douglas Gauthier21:01.8Burton-Bendle118.4
12Samuel Harden21:02.3Ovid-Elsie118.2
10Noah Gross21:02.6Montrose118.1
11Dane Songer21:10.9Durand115.4
12Brett Gardner21:27.8St. Charles109.7
12Shane Wilson21:30.5Bath108.8
9Hudson Inman21:31.0Burton-Bendle108.7
12Jaden James21:33.4Chesaning107.9
12Jason Weber21:49.4New Lothrop102.5
9Brayden Joslin22:01.7Durand98.4
9Eric Barancik22:08.9Chesaning96.0
10Kyle Baldwin22:12.3Mt Morris94.9
11Jason Miller22:21.4Potterville91.9
9James Kelly22:23.2Ovid-Elsie91.3
11Zachary Craven22:28.4New Lothrop89.5
9James Pratt22:30.9Laingsburg88.7
10Lawrence Colbert22:38.5Byron86.2
12Brennan Unangst22:39.2New Lothrop85.9
11Colin Scheib22:40.4Bath85.5
10Austin Thompson23:09.6Potterville75.8
10Elliott Mergos23:31.3Perry68.6
11Oakley Henson23:39.8St. Charles65.7
9Craig Grant23:39.9Burton-Bendle65.7
12Tyler Hull23:40.1Perry65.6
11Colin Kelsey23:46.1Montrose63.6
11Colin Smith23:50.1Potterville62.3
12Ben Voorheis24:28.4Burton-Bendle49.5
9Malis Firman24:51.5Burton-Bendle41.8
10Owen Thomas24:52.3Byron41.6
10Ben Hager24:54.5Durand40.8
10Finnegan Sweeney24:55.0Potterville40.7
12Kadin Beck-Kusnier25:11.3Laingsburg35.2
11Robert Poore’sanchez25:24.2Mt Morris30.9
9Owen Leitelt25:28.8Montrose29.4
9Connor Karow25:30.1St. Charles29.0
9Nathaniel Cayton26:25.3Burton-Bendle10.6
9Scott Rogers26:29.0Montrose9.3

11Joey Bowman16:52.6St. Johns198.1
12Griffin Armbrustmacher16:57.2St. Johns196.6
12Josiah Magley16:57.4Ionia196.5
11Aiden Sullivan16:59.8FHE Ada Forest Hills…195.7
12Michael Dennis17:11.5St. Johns191.8
11Camden Johnecheck17:17.7Williamston189.8
10Alex Thole17:24.9East Grand Rapids187.4
12Uriah Armendarez17:34.0Lansing Eastern184.3
12Heath LaPointe17:38.8Ionia182.7
11Tyler Dohm17:40.1St. Johns182.3
10Isaac Staib17:41.6St. Johns181.8
11Brett Marschall17:43.0Fowlerville181.3
12Graham Foster17:44.2Haslett180.9
10Jacob Montgomery17:45.0Ionia180.7
10Nate Carmody17:51.8Haslett178.4
10Maxwell McCarty17:53.0Belding178.0
12Zachary Curd17:53.2Fowlerville177.9
11Elijah Robinson17:53.4East Grand Rapids177.9
10Ellis Yokom17:56.7Ionia176.8
10Kenny Evans18:04.1Corunna174.3
10Davis Christy18:08.6East Grand Rapids172.8
12George Samra18:13.2East Grand Rapids171.3
9Henry Dixon18:16.1FHE Ada Forest Hills…170.3
11Ryan McMahon18:25.4East Grand Rapids167.2
11Jack DeVries18:31.9GR_West Michigan Avi…165.0
10David Rochon18:33.4Williamston164.5
12Andrew Gerdes18:40.1Ionia162.3
12Macabeo Hudy-Velasco18:41.0Lansing Eastern162.0
12Jack Smith18:47.9Owosso159.7
10Carter Kegle18:50.3East Grand Rapids158.9
12Kalon Boilore18:51.6Corunna158.5
10Eerik Noeu Wihlborg18:51.9Belding158.4
9Jaxon Strauch18:55.8Corunna157.1
12Luke Dykstra19:04.3East Grand Rapids154.2
12Clayten Minock19:14.0Fowlerville151.0
11Benjamin Showerman19:14.5Fowlerville150.8
11Logan Roka19:14.7Corunna150.8
12Logan Balis19:16.5Belding150.2
12Jakob Cornell19:18.0Williamston149.7
11Harrison Lamar19:21.8Fowlerville148.4
10Brendan Hoving19:22.3FHE Ada Forest Hills…148.2
11Ben Kooistra19:24.5FHE Ada Forest Hills…147.5
12Zak Pickler19:27.7Corunna146.4
10Blake Huitema19:28.2GR_West Michigan Avi…146.3
10Daniel Wilson19:28.6Williamston146.1
11Ethan Smith19:29.1FHE Ada Forest Hills…146.0
9Tyler Endres19:32.0FHE Ada Forest Hills…145.0
10Tyson Evans19:35.7Ionia143.8
9Dylan Lydic19:38.0Haslett143.0
12Riley Husted19:38.2Ionia142.9
12Austin Drolett19:38.4St. Johns142.9
12Will Roossien19:39.7FHE Ada Forest Hills…142.4
11Nicholas Strauch19:43.6Corunna141.1
9Drew Showerman19:45.5Fowlerville140.5
12Brock Howard19:46.3Fowlerville140.2
11Brandon Colquhoun19:48.4Lansing Eastern139.5
9Luke Hemker19:50.3GR_West Michigan Avi…138.9
12Nicholas James19:59.2GR_West Michigan Avi…135.9
9Troy Acker19:59.8Lake Odessa Lakewood135.7
12Charles Dann20:10.9GR_West Michigan Avi…132.0
11Andrew Tucker20:14.0Corunna131.0
10Connor O’Donohue20:31.3GR_West Michigan Avi…125.2
9Kenny Gould20:32.5Belding124.8
12Ben Crain20:35.4Williamston123.9
12Curren Palmer20:37.4Williamston123.2
11Ryan Alford20:40.1Lake Odessa Lakewood122.3
12William Garrison20:40.9Belding122.0
11Corey Gates20:42.6Owosso121.5
9Hunter Wibert20:56.3Williamston116.9
11Cole Riedel21:10.6St. Johns112.1
9Roman Cardenas21:31.3Lansing Eastern105.2
9Brody Sandborn21:41.4Portland101.9
12Matthew Schout21:44.7Belding100.8
12Tyson Raffler21:47.7Lake Odessa Lakewood99.8
11Joey Boni21:48.4Belding99.5
9Sam Perry21:54.1Owosso97.6
11Robert Fletcher Tu…22:18.1GR_West Michigan Avi…89.6
11Malachi Shakoor22:28.5Lansing Sexton86.2
12Ben Wasmus22:45.4Portland80.5
11Zachary Wieler22:57.1Owosso76.6
10Ian Clawson23:02.0Haslett75.0
11Yasel Billips23:19.1Lansing Eastern69.3
9Charlie Agnew23:35.2Owosso63.9
12Clayton Dumond23:37.3Lake Odessa Lakewood63.2
11James Childs24:04.9Lansing Sexton54.0
10Giovanni Austin24:18.5Lansing Eastern49.5
10Ethan Cappon24:30.0Lake Odessa Lakewood45.7
10Devin Spitzley24:51.1Portland38.6
9Ezekial Shakoor25:07.7Lansing Sexton33.1
10Julian Deines25:10.2Lansing Eastern32.3
11Brycen DeShane25:49.6Portland19.1
10Daniel Arvizu26:04.3Lansing Eastern14.2
9Cameron Minor26:06.7Lansing Eastern13.4
9Charlie Nolph26:08.1Owosso13.0

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