2021 Ratings: Wagener Park Regional (35)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Region 35 Preview

Girls Adjustment: +43
Boys Adjustment: +40


Gabriella Reinbold, Unionville-Sebewaing: USA has been a pleasant surprise on the girls side this season and in the last few weeks, they’ve been rising in the D4 ranks.  That rise culminated in a victory Saturday and was undoubtedly helped by Gabriella’s decrease in times.  She’s run into the 20’s the past few weeks and hit a 20:30 here. 

Ethan Green, Kingston: Two points.  One, he ran 17:32 at the Wagener Park Invite a month ago, so he dropped more than 40 seconds in a month.  Two, at Thumb Area, he finished 2nd against those that competed at this region.  Great job stepping up on the big day.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 3/3 Boys, 3/3 Girls; 42/45 Boys Overall, 39/45 Girls Overall
Athletic: 3/3 Boys, 2/3 Girls; 42/45 Boys Overall, 37/45 Girls Overall

11Maze Gusa20:24.0Ubly97.7
11Gabriella Reinbold20:30.3Unionville-Sebewaing95.6
10Gracy Walker20:41.4Kingston91.9
9Reece Wruble20:55.9Harbor Beach87.0
10Erica Klee21:03.4Ubly84.5
9Meeghan Flikkie21:10.4Kingston82.2
12Paige Anderson21:11.8Harbor Beach81.8
11Sophia Sanford21:48.7Deckerville69.4
10Isabella Yeoman21:51.1Genesee68.6
9Sarah Nimtz21:51.3Unionville-Sebewaing68.6
11Sienna Kerr21:51.5Mayville68.5
10Zoe Van Rijn21:53.0Kingston68.0
12Ellie Bender21:57.4North Huron66.5
9Bridget Anderson22:02.1Harbor Beach65.0
10Shelby Bowers22:04.3Owendale-Gagetown64.2
9Cambree Torma22:04.5Unionville-Sebewaing64.2
11Autumn Wakefield22:18.9Saginaw Michigan Lut…59.4
11Lauren Green22:21.9Unionville-Sebewaing58.4
12Emily Bucholtz22:33.0Harbor Beach54.7
10Madilyn Horton22:34.4Unionville-Sebewaing54.2
12Allison Page22:39.0Kimball Landmark52.7
10Audrey Napolitano22:53.1Dryden48.0
9Brooke Sonnenberg22:59.6Genesee Christian Ac…45.8
11Isabella Aldrich23:02.0Capac45.0
9Haven Chapman23:02.3Genesee Christian Ac…44.9
9Julia Rogers23:04.5New Life Christian A…44.2
12Alexandra Schroeder23:17.8Saginaw Michigan Lut…39.7
10Sarah Kober23:25.9Saginaw Michigan Lut…37.0
11Isabella Hinojosa23:28.6Marlette36.1
12Clara Gross23:30.4Saginaw Nouvel35.5
10Amelia Rivera23:32.9Saginaw Michigan Lut…34.7
11Abigail Guza23:44.6Ubly30.8
12Brooklyn Walker23:52.2Kingston28.3
11Olivia Peter23:53.6Unionville-Sebewaing27.8
9Megan Peter23:55.1Unionville-Sebewaing27.3
12Madison Martin24:03.4Saginaw Michigan Lut…24.5
11Leah Trigger24:05.5Deckerville23.8
10Lily Finnigan24:13.1Dryden21.3
10Henar Menendez-Mar…24:15.8Deckerville20.4
9Lindsay Niemiec24:24.7Ubly17.4
11Madeline Miller24:29.2Saginaw Michigan Lut…15.9
10Karsyn Gruehn24:33.1Owendale-Gagetown14.6
12Alexiss Guigar24:36.5Ubly13.5
10Ella Flynn24:41.6Mayville11.8
11Emma Case24:48.7North Huron9.4
10Aran Harris24:56.9Ubly6.7
9Haleigh Guitar25:03.7Harbor Beach4.4
10Autumn Frost25:06.6Genesee3.5
10Carly Hendershot25:10.2Mayville2.3

11Ethan Green16:49.6Kingston170.1
10Utah Gusa16:50.1Ubly170.0
12Ty Pavlichek17:30.3Unionville-Sebewaing156.6
10Aiden Fitchett17:34.3Dryden155.2
12Jacob Vanhove17:42.7Unionville-Sebewaing152.4
10Connor Rouse17:43.2Genesee152.3
11John Schoen17:49.6Capac150.1
9Rodney Iamurri17:50.0Saginaw Nouvel150.0
9Colin Beck18:05.1Deckerville145.0
11Kendall Dumaw18:08.4Deckerville143.9
10Gavin Helgeson18:27.7Mayville137.4
10Landon Dekoski18:32.8Ubly135.7
12Benjamin Moeller18:36.4Deckerville134.5
10Christopher Gonzales18:40.3Mayville133.2
9Turlough Bennett18:41.5Marlette132.8
12Isaiah Learman18:46.2Harbor Beach131.3
9Joel Enos18:50.0Mayville130.0
9Matthew Pasiak18:51.7Harbor Beach129.4
9Isaac Bignall18:52.6Unionville-Sebewaing129.1
10Ayden Laurin18:53.7Marlette128.8
10Ben Gura19:00.0New Life Christian A…126.7
12Aiden Brown19:11.2Kimball Landmark122.9
12Joshua Nelson19:11.4New Life Christian A…122.9
10Jeffery Harden19:12.0Saginaw Michigan Lut…122.7
11Ben Keller19:12.3New Life Christian A…122.6
12Brennan Boyl19:15.5Kingston121.5
12Ethan Liken19:23.2Unionville-Sebewaing118.9
11Andrew Vogel19:47.3Ubly110.9
11Aidan Querback19:48.0Unionville-Sebewaing110.7
10Jacob Messing19:51.6Ubly109.5
11Michael Jacobs19:53.5Unionville-Sebewaing108.8
11Connor Palmer19:54.4Deckerville108.5
10Karl Kessler20:02.1North Huron106.0
10William Gilbert20:03.8Mayville105.4
9Noah Hall20:08.5Dryden103.8
9Camden Fager20:11.0Saginaw Michigan Lut…103.0
11Caleb Munson20:12.9Saginaw Michigan Lut…102.4
11Silas Schultz20:17.8Saginaw Michigan Lut…100.7
9Sean O’Grady20:18.2Saginaw Nouvel100.6
9Canton Tetil20:18.4Kingston100.5
12Nicolas Mailloux20:22.7Capac99.1
9Caden Meyer20:27.0Marlette97.7
9Ethan Eugster20:28.2Deckerville97.3
9Tyler McKenney20:32.9Capac95.7
12Nathan Crane20:34.0Mayville95.3
11Jackson Spencer20:35.2Dryden94.9
10Connor Wolff20:38.3Dryden93.9
11Nathan Schad20:42.4Unionville-Sebewaing92.5
10Sam Keller20:53.8New Life Christian A…88.7
12Ethan Poirier21:02.6Carsonville-Port San…85.8
11Austin Beier21:16.9Capac81.0
9Wes Ford21:19.4Genesee Christian Ac…80.2
James Nelson21:21.0New Life Christian A…79.7
12Landon Jimkoski21:31.7North Huron76.1
10Jacob Bulgrien21:33.2Harbor Beach75.6
11Josiah Knowlton21:45.1New Life Christian A…71.6
11Cody Ballmer21:52.1Genesee Christian Ac…69.3
10Preston Major21:58.0Marlette67.3
9Jimmy Algawali22:06.5Genesee64.5
12Theron Harris22:09.6Ubly63.5
11Ty Jackson22:11.9Genesee Christian Ac…62.7
11Thomas Kolleth22:12.5Saginaw Nouvel62.5
12Luke Bulgrien22:23.5Harbor Beach58.8
12Braden Thane22:26.0Genesee Christian Ac…58.0
11Zeke Ford22:33.8Genesee Christian Ac…55.4
12Michael Bodeis22:35.4Mayville54.9
9Isaac Roggenbuck22:45.6Harbor Beach51.5
9Gabriel Rutkowski22:50.5Ubly49.9
12Eli Morey22:54.4Mayville48.5
9Bryce Thane23:13.2Genesee Christian Ac…42.3
11Joe Kramp23:17.3Saginaw Michigan Lut…40.9
11Sam Scharrer23:21.3Saginaw Michigan Lut…39.6
9Orion Berger23:58.1Deckerville27.3
11Dakota McCombs24:00.6Marlette26.5
12Seth Shellenbarger24:04.1Capac25.3
9Carter Kosinski24:08.9North Huron23.7
9Mark Bulgrien24:17.8Harbor Beach20.7
10Matthew Hickmott24:27.4Dryden17.5
11Jeramy Pascual24:27.7Saginaw Nouvel17.4
9Isaiah Kramp25:15.2Saginaw Michigan Lut…1.6

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