Region 35 Preview

Back with a few previews tonight after slingin’ shoes all day.

Where: Wagener County Park, Harbor Beach

The Course: Unfamiliar with this course other than it’s flat and has a bit of dirt road runnin’.  It appears to run fast.  I do wonder how the conditions will be, that close to Lake Huron.

What to Watch For: The girls team winner.  Harbor Beach and USA have been going back and forth all year in these rankings.  From my count, the head to head matchup is tied at 2-2.  Harbor Beach has the stronger top 4, while USA has a stronger pack.  My guess is it’s tight here but that may be magnified in a State Meet setting. 

The battle for the third boys spot.  Mayville and Ubly look to be equal through 3 runners, Mayville has the stronger 4 and weaker 5, while Ubly’s 4/5 are close. 

I’m rooting for Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary.  They qualified for the State Meet last year but had to miss because of COVID.  Hopefully they can find a way to qualify a few runners someway and somehow. 


PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
2Harbor Beach5323811293234
4Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary82

Ranked Teams: Unionville-Sebewaing (10), Harbor Beach (13), Ubly (24)

111Maze GusaUbly101.9
212Paige AndersonHarbor Beach93.9
39Reece WrubleHarbor Beach90.9
410Gracy WalkerKingston87.9
510Erica KleeUbly82.8
611Gabriella ReinboldUnionville-Sebewaing80.2
711Autumn WakefieldSaginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary80.0
811Sophia SanfordDeckerville77.9
99Meeghan FlikkieKingston76.6
1010Isabella YeomanGenesee72.3
1112Emily BucholtzHarbor Beach71.3
129Sarah NimtzUnionville-Sebewaing67.7
1310Shelby BowersOwendale-Gagetown67.3
1412Ellie BenderKinde North Huron66.7
1511Lauren GreenUnionville-Sebewaing64.6
169Bridget AndersonHarbor Beach60.9
179Cambree TormaUnionville-Sebewaing59.7
1812Alexandra SchroederSaginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary59.1
1910Zoe Van RijnKingston56.5
2010Alberta ReinboldUnionville-Sebewaing52.6
2110Audrey NapolitanoDryden52.0
2211Sienna KerrMayville52.0
2310Madilyn HortonUnionville-Sebewaing39.8
2410Emily GreyerbiehlUbly39.5
2512Allison PageKimball Landmark38.5
2610Henar Menendez-MartinDeckerville37.2
2712Clara GrossSaginaw Nouvel36.6
289Julia RogersNew Life Christian Academy35.4
2910Sarah KoberSaginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary34.4
3012Brooklyn WalkerKingston34.2
319Brooke SonnenbergGenesee Christian Academy31.1
3211Olivia TomlinsonUnionville-Sebewaing27.2
3311Abigail GuzaUbly25.8
349Haven ChapmanGenesee Christian Academy25.3
3511Leah TriggerDeckerville24.8
3610Amelia RiveraSaginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary23.9
3711Madeline MillerSaginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary23.4
3811Isabella AldrichCapac22.7
3910Ella FlynnMayville20.6
4010Aran HarrisUbly20.2
4111Isabella HinojosaMarlette19.8
4211Emma CaseKinde North Huron17.3
4312Madison MartinSaginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary14.3
4410Karsyn GruehnOwendale-Gagetown14.2
459Eve SchultzSaginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary13.9
4610Autumn FrostGenesee13.7
4712Alexiss GuigarUbly1.9
489Haleigh GuitarHarbor Beach1.0

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
5New Life Christian Academy133
7Harbor Beach172
8Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary179
11Genesee Christian Academy237
12Saginaw Nouvel272

Ranked Teams: Unionville-Sebewaing (23)

112Ty PavlichekUnionville-Sebewaing174.1
210Utah GusaUbly173.0
311Ethan GreenKingston161.8
410Aiden FitchettDryden161.4
512Jacob VanhoveUnionville-Sebewaing154.9
69Rodney IamurriSaginaw Nouvel154.5
710Connor RouseGenesee152.8
811John SchoenCapac148.2
910Gavin HelgesonMayville147.3
1012Isaiah LearmanHarbor Beach143.8
119Colin BeckDeckerville140.3
1210Christopher GonzalesMayville138.4
1311Kendall DumawDeckerville138.0
1411Andrew VogelUbly135.9
159Joel EnosMayville135.4
169Turlough BennettMarlette133.4
1710Landon DekoskiUbly131.7
1812Benjamin MoellerDeckerville131.2
199Matthew PasiakHarbor Beach126.9
2011Ben KellerNew Life Christian Academy126.6
2111Aidan QuerbackUnionville-Sebewaing125.7
2212Joshua NelsonNew Life Christian Academy125.6
2310Ayden LaurinMarlette123.5
2412Aiden BrownKimball Landmark121.1
259Isaac BignallUnionville-Sebewaing117.7
2610Jeffery HardenSaginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary117.3
2710Ben GuraNew Life Christian Academy114.5
2812Ethan PoirierCarsonville-Port Sanilac114.5
2911Michael JacobsUnionville-Sebewaing112.8
3012Ethan LikenUnionville-Sebewaing109.8
3110Jacob MessingUbly109.8
329Camden FagerSaginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary107.8
3311Caleb MunsonSaginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary105.0
349Canton TetilKingston100.8
3512Nicolas MaillouxCapac100.1
3611Connor PalmerDeckerville98.4
3711Nathan SchadUnionville-Sebewaing97.6
3811Josiah KnowltonNew Life Christian Academy97.1
3910Karl KesslerKinde North Huron93.9
4011Jackson SpencerDryden92.3
419Ethan EugsterDeckerville91.8
429Caden MeyerMarlette91.6
4311Austin BeierCapac91.4
4410Sam KellerNew Life Christian Academy90.4
459Tyler McKenneyCapac87.4
469Noah HallDryden86.3
4710William GilbertMayville84.1
4811Silas SchultzSaginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary83.3
4910Jacob BulgrienHarbor Beach82.2
5012Nathan CraneMayville81.4

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net

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