2021 Ratings: Lake Fenton Regional (16)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Region 16 Preview

Girls Adjustment: -107
Boys Adjustment: -102

Toughest course of the weekend?


Abby Walton, Bloomfield Hills Marian: I’ve heard through the grapevine through a few of my co-workers about Abby’s ability, that she doesn’t know the talent she possesses.  Well that talent was on display Saturday.  Fourth place and an inkling that she’s capable of a low-20:00 performance… or even better.    

Caleb Goldstein, Cranbook-Kingswood: In cases of major upsets (and to me, Cranbrook making it counts as one), I’m always looking for someone who ran much better than predicted.  Caleb was projected to be 24th with two Lake Fenton boys ahead of him, their main competition for that third spot.  He finished 15th and ahead of their 2nd runner.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 2/3 Boys, 2/3 Girls; 44/48 Boys Overall, 41/48 Girls Overall
Athletic: 2/3 Boys, 2/3 Girls; 44/48 Boys Overall, 39/48 Girls Overall

9Kamryn Lauinger20:44.2Goodrich140.9
11Sophie Endrud21:37.5Detroit Country Day123.2
10Olivia Giza21:41.6Goodrich121.8
9Abby Walton21:42.0Marian (Bloomfield H…121.7
10Cecelia Thorington21:46.6Pinckney120.1
10Alexis Waring21:50.3Goodrich118.9
10Ava Fahrenkopf22:01.4Linden115.2
10Zaryah Griffin22:02.5Pinckney114.8
9Maria Nunning22:11.8Pontiac Notre Dame P…111.7
12Claire Hunt22:20.2Lake Fenton108.9
10Zoe Hoke22:28.6Pontiac Notre Dame P…106.1
11Brigit Foley22:44.4Wixom St. Catherine100.9
12Marielle Hatfield22:47.9Lake Fenton99.7
12Emma Moore22:51.0Pinckney98.7
9Natalie Steward23:05.2Goodrich93.9
9Avery Byrne23:10.2Goodrich92.3
12Isabella Prezzato23:12.7Marian (Bloomfield H…91.4
12Mallory Moore23:13.6Ortonville Brandon91.1
11Colleen Blackwood23:13.7Linden91.1
12Erin Siver23:23.2Marian (Bloomfield H…87.9
12Natalie Nykerk23:39.1Marian (Bloomfield H…82.6
12Katherine Stacey23:43.3Pontiac Notre Dame P…81.2
12Alyson Kelly23:46.5Linden80.2
10Stellah Strauss23:49.2Linden79.3
10Molly O’Brien23:51.9Marian (Bloomfield H…78.4
9Nell Stover23:54.2Detroit Country Day77.6
9Sofia Minniti23:54.9Wixom St. Catherine77.4
11Lauren Cipkar23:59.5Marian (Bloomfield H…75.8
10Madelyn Strauss24:02.7Linden74.8
10Ella Kenworthy24:04.1Goodrich74.3
12Anna Hauck24:08.6Pontiac Notre Dame P…72.8
9Julia Howes24:09.2Wixom St. Catherine72.6
9Erin Connelly24:16.4Pontiac Notre Dame P…70.2
9Madalyyn Karsies24:23.2Pinckney67.9
12Adella DeCapite24:25.7Cranbrook Kingswood …67.1
10Stella Martin24:26.0Linden67.0
10Reagan Brooks24:33.4Linden64.5
11Bella Hearns24:34.1Ortonville Brandon64.3
10Kaitlyn Hatfield24:35.6Lake Fenton63.8
12Lauren Kaus24:37.9Pinckney63.0
9Adriana Lorenz25:00.1Pontiac Notre Dame P…55.6
12Evelyn Riley25:06.4Lake Fenton53.5
10Addison Bellows25:07.1Pontiac Notre Dame P…53.3
10Sophia Shelton25:16.8Goodrich50.1
10Peyton Nichols25:18.6Ortonville Brandon49.5
10Melanie Audet25:25.0Marian (Bloomfield H…47.3
9Addison Hartley25:29.5Detroit Country Day45.8
10Marcella Jenio25:31.0Lake Fenton45.3
9Danielle St. James25:39.3Ortonville Brandon42.6
11Chloe Holter25:42.3Detroit Country Day41.6
10Brianna Wheaton25:45.7Pinckney40.4
11Grace Roy26:08.1Lake Fenton33.0
12Rachel Faust26:31.7Cranbrook Kingswood …25.1
10Madison Juchno26:37.2Wixom St. Catherine23.3
12Kaitlyn Daniels27:04.6Ortonville Brandon14.1
12Joanna Wallace27:08.6Pinckney12.8
9Margaret Mott27:12.5Wixom St. Catherine11.5
11Sabrina Warner27:17.0Detroit Country Day10.0
10MacKenzie McCall27:21.8Lake Fenton8.4
10Emily Bilen27:29.0Detroit Country Day6.0
9Evangeline Greenwald27:33.0Detroit Country Day4.7

12Caleb Jarema17:14.3Pinckney209.2
11Kyle Eberhard17:57.2Linden194.9
10Evan Loughridge18:02.9Pinckney193.0
10Nolan Pinion18:06.9Lake Fenton191.7
12River Meckstroth18:07.5Linden191.5
10Paul Moore18:33.2Pinckney182.9
10Wade Robinson18:37.8Pontiac Notre Dame P…181.4
10Cooper Grzeskowiak18:39.2Goodrich180.9
11Ryan Blackwood18:41.7Linden180.1
10Solomon Kwartowitz18:42.8Cranbrook Kingswood …179.7
10Ethan Sandula18:52.7Pinckney176.4
11Clayton Akerman19:03.9Linden172.7
12Colin Snyder19:04.4Pinckney172.5
11Hayden Bradfield19:07.9Linden171.4
9Caleb Goldstein19:17.3Cranbrook Kingswood …168.2
11Zach Debeauclair19:19.8Pinckney167.4
11Ben Yu19:25.5Detroit Country Day165.5
11Ben Kinkade19:36.4Pontiac Notre Dame P…161.9
11Oswaldo Dominguez19:45.0Pontiac159.0
11Nik Shilling19:47.0Ortonville Brandon158.3
11Ben Richards19:47.7Pinckney158.1
10Ian Martin19:49.0Linden157.7
12Matt Fletcher19:50.8Lake Fenton157.1
11Noah Walters19:55.2Redford Union155.6
12Miles Aeschliman20:10.8Linden150.4
9Cole Winter20:19.7Goodrich147.4
12Nick Learman20:28.8Lake Fenton144.4
10Yija (Eric) Shan20:42.0Cranbrook Kingswood …140.0
10Brady Smith20:42.7Lake Fenton139.8
10Bretton Fischer20:47.1Cranbrook Kingswood …138.3
10Gavin Stamper20:54.0Ortonville Brandon136.0
11Isaiah Dunn20:55.5Goodrich135.5
12Ethan Liang20:59.3Cranbrook Kingswood …134.2
12Arthur Pennington21:01.0Lake Fenton133.7
12Michael Sanders21:02.1Detroit Country Day133.3
11Charlie Dolan21:07.4Detroit Country Day131.5
12Landen Andre21:10.8Goodrich130.4
10Troy Kilanowski21:15.5Pontiac Notre Dame P…128.8
10Aiden Jones21:19.1Goodrich127.6
11Michael Atsuya21:21.3Cranbrook Kingswood …126.9
9Samuel Phillips21:21.3Pontiac Notre Dame P…126.9
9Ryan Wojichowski21:26.7Pontiac Notre Dame P…125.1
10Peter Moore21:29.3Ortonville Brandon124.2
10Stefan Austin21:32.9Ortonville Brandon123.0
12Alex Chang21:33.9Detroit Country Day122.7
12Cooper Hnilica21:53.2Lake Fenton116.3
9Isaak Brook21:59.0Pontiac Notre Dame P…114.3
11Ben Schmaltz22:10.0Ortonville Brandon110.7
11Ben Aaron22:26.0Detroit Country Day105.3
10Dominic Mahan22:27.8Ortonville Brandon104.7
9Christopher Hunter22:31.8Pontiac Notre Dame P…103.4
9Jacob Hopkins22:32.8Detroit Country Day103.1
12David Rampy22:41.0Lake Fenton100.3
12Ryan Hildwein23:09.6Cranbrook Kingswood …90.8
12Keirron Miller23:27.0Redford Union85.0
12Randy Bhattu23:35.2Detroit Country Day82.3
12Herbie Martin23:51.7Ortonville Brandon76.8
9Bryce Woods23:51.8Goodrich76.7
11Deshon Smith24:36.6Redford Union61.8
12Tanner Cadarette24:42.8Goodrich59.7


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