2021 Ratings: Otsego Regional (12)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Region 12 Preview

Girls Adjustment: +15
Boys Adjustment: +18


Alyssa Gerritsma, Holland Christian: Consider the year to year improvement.  As a sophomore at the Allendale Regional (a course similar to Otsego), she ran 22:07 and finished 43rd.  On Saturday, 20:36 and 15th.  Going into this race, it appeared Holland Christian would be in the mix to be that third team.  Alyssa would need to be ahead of Plainwell’s third, she did her job, and they advance for another week.

Max VanHuis, Hamilton: There’s a little controversy with Hamilton making it, but that’s rather here nor there.  I’m here for the PBs and Max had a big one.  16:23, pretty good for a kid who didn’t break 17:00 in 2020.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 3/3 Boys, 2/3 Girls; 47/51 Boys Overall, 43/51 Girls Overall
Athletic: 3/3 Boys, 2/3 Girls; 47/51 Boys Overall, 42/51 Girls Overall

10Allison Kuzma19:13.9Zeeland East130.4
12Mackenzie Hill19:16.2Plainwell129.6
10Megan Germain19:17.6Otsego129.1
10Logan Brazee19:51.4Otsego117.9
12Joy Wolfe19:56.9Otsego116.1
12Sarah Schloff20:04.8Holland Christian113.4
11Grace Pettit20:05.3Plainwell113.2
9Taylor Mitchell20:07.4Otsego112.5
9Kambria Moored20:21.7Hopkins107.8
10Anezka Pradna20:26.6Three Rivers106.1
9Kaylee Sprague20:28.9Stevensville Lakeshore105.4
10Helena Kerber20:29.0Hopkins105.3
12Claudia Stachura20:29.5Otsego105.2
11Hayley Heinrich20:34.9Zeeland East103.4
11Alyssa Gerritsma20:36.7Holland Christian102.8
9Preslee Perkins20:37.6Stevensville Lakeshore102.5
12Mary Huizingh20:39.4Zeeland East101.9
9Charlie Drew20:43.5Edwardsburg100.5
11Ella Schwartz20:47.3Hamilton99.2
11Sabrina Mills20:48.6Allegan98.8
12Emma Kern20:56.3Holland Christian96.2
9Olivia Timmons20:59.1Otsego95.3
11Haylee Woods21:00.1Stevensville Lakeshore95.0
10Addie Grill21:03.1Zeeland East94.0
11Chelsea Glessner21:04.1Otsego93.6
12Alaina Dokter21:06.6Holland Christian92.8
9Madison Johnson21:10.5Paw Paw91.5
10Jennifer Hernandez…21:16.9Three Rivers89.4
11Kierstyn Thompson21:21.9Niles87.7
9Aubrey Jackson21:22.1Niles87.6
12Emalee Postma21:23.5Zeeland East87.2
12Autumn Wheeler21:27.1Allegan86.0
11Neveah Helderop21:28.5Hopkins85.5
9Claire Vos21:30.3Plainwell84.9
9Hannah Erlandson21:35.5Plainwell83.2
11Emma Heyerman21:37.1Hamilton82.6
11Elise Meister21:45.2Zeeland East79.9
10Hannah Lewis21:48.7Zeeland East78.8
11Claire Ritchey21:49.8Edwardsburg78.4
11Taylor Meier21:53.7Paw Paw77.1
10Sylvie Mulder21:56.0Holland Christian76.4
12Jayden Schmaltz21:56.9Stevensville Lakeshore76.0
9Carlee Brown21:58.5Edwardsburg75.5
10Raya Mergen-Henry21:58.7Plainwell75.4
9Annika DeJong22:02.6Stevensville Lakeshore74.1
10Lanie Brant22:09.1Stevensville Lakeshore72.0
12Grace Ruimveld22:10.4Plainwell71.5
10Macy Andress22:12.5Edwardsburg70.9
11Jozaphine Navarro22:15.8Allegan69.7
12Victoria Wurzel22:24.8Berrien Springs66.7
12Eva Shepherd22:26.8Niles66.1
11Alyson Vikstrom22:27.5Holland Christian65.8
12Lauren Wills22:28.9Three Rivers65.4
11Aubrey Sibble22:30.3Hamilton64.9
9Brooklyn Williamson22:34.5Three Rivers63.5
12Cassandra Shortman22:37.7Niles62.4
12Claire Van Duinen22:51.3Holland Christian57.9
11Amelia Gibbs22:56.3Paw Paw56.2
10Amelia Hurst23:03.5Paw Paw53.8
10Emily Ventrone23:10.6Three Rivers51.5
12Bri Hofman23:24.5Hamilton46.8
12Jessica Ferguson23:26.2Edwardsburg46.3
11Delaney Kean23:28.5Paw Paw45.5
11Lauren Brondyke23:29.0Hamilton45.3
10Jaeden Harshberger23:29.5Hopkins45.2
11Abigail Winsman23:31.0Stevensville Lakeshore44.7
9Esme James23:32.4Berrien Springs44.2
10Abigail Zalis23:32.7Hopkins44.1
11Avery Vogel23:39.7Paw Paw41.8
10Caroline Johnson23:45.5Hamilton39.8
9Navaya Ingle23:46.1Hopkins39.6
10Kali Bunce23:54.9Paw Paw36.7
11Ansley McIntosh23:56.9Niles36.0
9Alex Ferguson23:58.5Edwardsburg35.5
12Lili Szalai24:21.3Edwardsburg27.9
12Emma Stasiuk24:30.9Three Rivers24.7
9Adi Hildebrand24:37.0Berrien Springs22.7
11Lauren Miller25:28.6Plainwell5.5
11Athena Lieu25:41.6Berrien Springs1.1

12Parker Lambers15:36.5Holland Christian201.8
12Nick Cockerel15:49.3Otsego197.6
12Caden Meyer15:57.0Zeeland East195.0
12Tristin Canales15:59.0Otsego194.3
12Race Bettich16:00.5Stevensville Lakeshore193.8
12Mason Kolhoff16:21.5Otsego186.8
11Max VanHuis16:23.1Hamilton186.3
12Chase Brown16:45.7Otsego178.8
11Colin Wesseldyk16:52.6Otsego176.5
11Austin Williford16:58.3Paw Paw174.6
11Javier Kelley-Mart…17:00.2Three Rivers173.9
9Abatu Dykstra17:00.5Hamilton173.8
11Luke Morrison17:02.3Berrien Springs173.2
11Gavin Wiersma17:03.2Zeeland East172.9
11Pierce Bentley17:04.0Otsego172.7
11Nick Riemersma17:10.5Zeeland East170.5
9Kyler Copenhaver17:10.8Three Rivers170.4
10Aiden Kruger17:13.3Niles169.6
12Logan Vernia17:24.8Allegan165.7
11Sam Strabbing17:31.9Holland Christian163.4
9Caleb Wesseldyk17:36.9Otsego161.7
10Josh Langeland17:42.6Hamilton159.8
12Carson Rooker17:44.8South Haven159.1
9Aidan Brinks17:45.4Holland Christian158.9
12Seth Luegge17:46.6Three Rivers158.5
11Kaid Hasse17:48.0Three Rivers158.0
10Evan Kraker17:50.5Hamilton157.2
11Zachary Gowan17:52.1Three Rivers156.6
9Sulley Zietlow17:53.8Three Rivers156.1
12Alexander Benthin17:56.0Three Rivers155.3
12James Burke17:57.6Berrien Springs154.8
9Karsten Huisman18:00.9Holland Christian153.7
9Michael Lounsbury18:04.9Paw Paw152.4
11Sam Markle18:08.4Berrien Springs151.2
12Austin Brinks18:11.9Holland Christian150.0
11Thai Nguyen18:16.0Plainwell148.7
11Ben Meyer18:17.8South Haven148.1
12Lucas Balkema18:20.3Stevensville Lakeshore147.2
9Henry Cox18:25.8Plainwell145.4
9Noah Jarvis18:29.5Berrien Springs144.2
11Nathan DeWitt18:31.9Holland Christian143.4
12Spencer Koch18:32.2Allegan143.3
10Brody Crandall18:35.9Hamilton142.0
12Adam Ball18:36.8Hopkins141.7
10Isaac Veen18:38.9Plainwell141.0
9Will Engbers18:41.6Holland Christian140.1
10Ethan Sheedlo18:43.2Hamilton139.6
11Andrew Salliotte18:47.3Berrien Springs138.2
12Jason Bowers18:51.0Paw Paw137.0
11Edwin Castillo18:54.1Plainwell136.0
11Preston Stema18:55.1Zeeland East135.6
11Culver Neldon18:55.7Allegan135.4
9Caden Guffey18:57.7Zeeland East134.8
11Luke Prong19:03.6South Haven132.8
10Aden Webber19:07.1Paw Paw131.6
11Connor Gaylord19:08.9Plainwell131.0
12Tyler Gugino19:10.7Hamilton130.4
9Gavin Totzke19:15.4Stevensville Lakeshore128.9
11Matt Hollerbach19:16.9Stevensville Lakeshore128.4
10Mitchell Mooney19:25.1Paw Paw125.6
11Aidyn Underwood19:34.2Allegan122.6
9Maguire Johnson19:35.9Edwardsburg122.0
10Liam Troutner19:36.8Plainwell121.7
12Paul Emery19:41.7Stevensville Lakeshore120.1
11Sawyer Childs19:48.7Allegan117.8
12Trent Jacobs19:49.8Plainwell117.4
10Nicholas Cabrera19:52.2Allegan116.6
9Kenyon Katje19:56.1Hopkins115.3
9Dylan Veltema19:56.6Zeeland East115.1
12Ashton Burrous20:00.1Niles114.0
11Nathan Onderlinde20:00.8Hopkins113.7
9Liam Adkins20:04.4Stevensville Lakeshore112.5
12Caleb Christian20:06.1Stevensville Lakeshore112.0
11Corban Morrison20:07.0South Haven111.7
10Dylan Walters20:12.8Zeeland East109.7
9Owen Saylor20:18.3Dowagiac Union107.9
9Ryan Williams20:25.2Hopkins105.6
9Jake Frost20:33.8South Haven102.7
11Yamil Garcia20:33.9South Haven102.7
9Jon Leith20:35.0Edwardsburg102.3
12Miguel Vazguez20:43.1Niles99.6
11Jacob Meyer20:56.0South Haven95.3
11Cooper Moody21:08.8Edwardsburg91.1
10Austin Zoch21:24.8Allegan85.7
10Jeremiah Ward21:35.4Berrien Springs82.2
9Titus Devlin21:36.2Edwardsburg81.9
12Nick Weston21:36.2Paw Paw81.9
12Logan Wallace21:41.4Dowagiac Union80.2
10Noah Phillips22:33.4Dowagiac Union62.9
11Finn Divane22:46.3Edwardsburg58.6
10Mark Welsch22:48.2Edwardsburg57.9
9Cole Claire22:48.8Edwardsburg57.7
10Linus Bierwirth24:08.1Berrien Springs31.3
12Zachary Wisser24:12.1Hopkins30.0
10Tyler Reeves24:18.9Niles27.7
11Dean Heiden24:31.1Hopkins23.6

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