Region 12 Preview

It’s the Otsego Show, who else wants in?

Where: Otsego HS, Otsego

The Course: Mount Bulldog looms large and should be a major hindrance to fast times.  But for real, this is a pretty fast one. 

What to Watch For: Otsego’s pack in both genders.  Nick Cockerel and Megan Germain are great, but will have minimal impact on the team scores.  Canales, Brown, Wolfe, Stachura, amongst others, that’s where their advantage comes over many teams in the state.  If they collectively step up (as was the case for their 2019 girls, watch out).

Plainwell’s 4th/5th girls vs. Holland Christian’s Top 4. 

Helena Kerber.  The sophomore put forth her best effort of the year at the OK Silver Conference Meet, can that carry over into regionals?

The Boys Individual title.  Cockerel, Lambers, Bettich, and Meyer are all very accomplished and within a few seconds of one another.




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
2Zeeland East761151619252636
4Holland Christian1209182029445153
5Stevensville Lakeshore158
8Paw Paw212
9Three Rivers249
13Berrien Springs372

Ranked Teams: Otsego (5), Zeeland East (13), Plainwell (25)

110Allison KuzmaZeeland East136.3
210Megan GermainOtsego135.3
312Mackenzie HillPlainwell129.1
411Grace PettitPlainwell119.9
512Elizabeth BurrillOtsego115.0
610Logan BrazeeOtsego114.7
79Taylor MitchellOtsego114.2
89Charlie DrewEdwardsburg112.6
912Sarah SchloffHolland Christian112.3
1012Joy WolfeOtsego111.5
1112Claudia StachuraOtsego106.8
129Olivia TimmonsOtsego103.8
139Preslee PerkinsStevensville Lakeshore103.2
1410Helena KerberHopkins99.4
1511Hayley HeinrichZeeland East98.5
1612Mary HuizinghZeeland East98.2
1710Anezka PradnaThree Rivers97.8
1812Alaina DokterHolland Christian97.5
1910Addie GrillZeeland East96.4
2012Emma KernHolland Christian95.3
219Kambria MooredHopkins94.8
2211Taylor MeierPaw Paw92.6
239Madison JohnsonPaw Paw91.8
2411Ella SchwartzHamilton90.7
2511Elise MeisterZeeland East89.4
2612Emalee PostmaZeeland East88.8
2712Autumn WheelerAllegan86.7
289Kaylee SpragueStevensville Lakeshore85.4
2911Alyssa GerritsmaHolland Christian85.1
309Claire VosPlainwell83.4
3111Sabrina MillsAllegan83.1
3211Kierstyn ThompsonNiles82.7
339Aubrey JacksonNiles81.0
3412Jayden SchmaltzStevensville Lakeshore79.4
3511Haylee WoodsStevensville Lakeshore78.7
3610Hannah LewisZeeland East78.6
379Hannah ErlandsonPlainwell78.1
3810Raya Mergen-HenryPlainwell76.6
3910Macy AndressEdwardsburg75.0
4012Grace RuimveldPlainwell73.7
419Carlee BrownEdwardsburg70.3
4211Neveah HelderopHopkins69.6
4312Eva ShepherdNiles68.3
4410Sylvie MulderHolland Christian68.0
4511Claire RitcheyEdwardsburg67.8
4611Emma HeyermanHamilton66.8
4712Victoria WurzelBerrien Springs66.5
4810Lanie BrantStevensville Lakeshore66.4
4912Lauren WillsThree Rivers65.4
5012Jessica FergusonEdwardsburg64.3

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: With either scenario of Holland Christian or Plainwell, 20th seems to be the right number.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
2Holland Christian1023202128303438
3Three Rivers11718192526293539
4Zeeland East146
6Berrien Springs167
7Paw Paw187
9Stevensville Lakeshore226
11South Haven295
15Dowagiac Union463

Ranked Teams: Otsego (1), Holland Christian (23), Three Rivers (25)

112Nick CockerelOtsego203.2
212Caden MeyerZeeland East200.5
312Parker LambersHolland Christian199.1
412Race BettichStevensville Lakeshore196.9
512Mason KolhoffOtsego195.7
612Tristin CanalesOtsego195.2
712Chase BrownOtsego186.7
812Eli VeenPlainwell185.8
911Gavin WiersmaZeeland East184.0
1011Colin WesseldykOtsego181.5
1111Pierce BentleyOtsego181.3
1211Max VanHuisHamilton179.8
1311Nick RiemersmaZeeland East176.8
1411Luke AldrichOtsego176.8
1511Austin WillifordPaw Paw176.6
1612James BurkeBerrien Springs174.9
179Abatu DykstraHamilton173.3
1811Javier Kelley-MartinezThree Rivers170.8
199Kyler CopenhaverThree Rivers169.3
209Aidan BrinksHolland Christian167.2
2111Sam StrabbingHolland Christian165.7
2211Luke MorrisonBerrien Springs165.3
2311Will VanderborPaw Paw164.6
2412Logan VerniaAllegan164.3
259Sulley ZietlowThree Rivers162.9
2611Zachary GowanThree Rivers160.2
2712Carson RookerSouth Haven158.5
289Will EngbersHolland Christian158.1
2911Kaid HasseThree Rivers156.9
309Karsten HuismanHolland Christian156.5
3110Josh LangelandHamilton155.8
3210Aiden KrugerNiles155.7
3311Sam MarkleBerrien Springs155.5
3412Austin BrinksHolland Christian154.0
3512Seth LueggeThree Rivers153.7
3612Adam BallHopkins151.8
3710Evan KrakerHamilton150.6
389Brayden RynsburgerHolland Christian148.8
3910Maddox HagenThree Rivers148.6
409Michael LounsburyPaw Paw147.5
4111Will LemanEdwardsburg144.3
4211Ben MeyerSouth Haven144.3
4311Thai NguyenPlainwell142.9
4411Culver NeldonAllegan141.8
459Noah JarvisBerrien Springs139.4
469Henry CoxPlainwell138.5
4712Spencer KochAllegan137.7
4811Matt HollerbachStevensville Lakeshore137.3
4912Lucas BalkemaStevensville Lakeshore136.4
5010Brody CrandallHamilton135.0

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th seems to be the sweet spot this year.  Great planning by the MHSAA. 

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net


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