Region 7 Preview

Will the Beautiful Lady claim some bodies?

Where: Hess Hathaway Park, Waterford.

The Course: Hess Hathaway has some major rollers late in the race.  It tends to run a bit slow, but was curiously fast for the OAA White Championship.  Runners have to be careful not to take the course used for 2020, a few people got turned around in championship meets last week.  Hopefully that’s corrected in prepping the course.

What to Watch For: Sal’s Magic.  Kevin Hanson asked me yesterday to name a team no one is talking about that will surprise people.  After hemming and hawing, Milford is my pick.  They don’t race much, snuck into 2nd at Oakland County (boys), and have a history of success.

Does Peter Baracco burn this up or save his body for his state title bid?  You just know he has something up his sleeve for next.

How much of a role do injuries play?  William Thomas hasn’t run in a month, I’ve heard rumors of others.  Farmington might be waiting in the wings to snatch that third spot.

The battle of the twins.  Kate and Grace vs. Lola and Sophia.  Big fan of all four girls.

Don’t let me forget Lakeland’s boys. Their LVC victory put myself and others on notice. They can definitely compete with the Romeo, TCC, and Grand Haven’s of the world with that kind of running.




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Walled Lake Northern677111317192027
2Grand Blanc101152830374448
5White Lake Lakeland1298182526526063
6Walled Lake Western153
7Bloomfield Hills154
9Walled Lake Central276
11Farmington Hills Mercy300
12North Farmington339
13Waterford Mott351
14West Bloomfield405
15Auburn Hills Avondale438
16Orchard Lake St. Mary’s458

Ranked Teams: Walled Lake Northern (11), Grand Blanc (24)

112Chloe WallWaterford Kettering147.4
211Lola ThomasGrand Blanc142.6
39Ashley SobczynskiHolly142.2
411Genavieve Kushner-LopezWalled Lake Western141.1
512Kate JenkinsBloomfield Hills137.2
611Sophia ThomasGrand Blanc134.9
711Jacie RemtemaHighland-Milford131.5
810Madelyn GordonWalled Lake Northern127.0
911Mia McDonaldWhite Lake Lakeland125.1
1010Elaine BurkmyreWalled Lake Western124.3
1111Grace HarkenriderHighland-Milford123.6
1210Mia CzarnowskiWalled Lake Northern123.5
1310Nina FrostFenton122.3
149Isabelle KrauseWalled Lake Northern119.9
1512Grace JenkinsBloomfield Hills118.1
1611Emily WadeWalled Lake Central116.7
179Molly BaraccoFarmington116.4
1811Ava PorterWalled Lake Northern115.2
199Natalie JoinerWhite Lake Lakeland114.7
2010Lauren FoxWalled Lake Northern114.2
2111Taylor RegesterWalled Lake Northern113.6
2212Emily GrobFenton112.8
2311Emma DubieFenton112.7
2410Alisia OlteanuWalled Lake Western111.8
2510Faylinn WongFarmington111.6
269Ava AlicandroWhite Lake Lakeland110.0
2712Molly LibbyWhite Lake Lakeland107.9
2812Melanie SheltWalled Lake Northern107.8
2910Samantha ShaverGrand Blanc107.5
3012Emma CollisonHighland-Milford107.3
3112Lydia MinzeyGrand Blanc106.9
329Karli KoskinenWaterford Mott106.4
3310Jordan FraifoglWaterford Mott105.2
3411Leah MerriamHighland-Milford102.5
3511Brooklyn WolcottHighland-Milford100.9
369Izzy MacCaughanFenton100.6
3711Olivia LincourtFarmington98.2
3810Jaclyn GarveyGrand Blanc95.9
3910Emma HoffmeyerWalled Lake Western95.4
4010Landis CanadaFenton95.2
419Cora LiuNorth Farmington91.7
429Sierra AnthonyBloomfield Hills91.1
4310Kate HeamanFarmington Hills Mercy89.4
4410Sophia ResaFenton89.3
4510Samantha WogamanGrand Blanc88.7
4612Ella CoxFenton88.3
4711Kendall CusonBloomfield Hills86.3
4811Abigail SchwendenmannHighland-Milford85.8
4912Katie StaufferWaterford Kettering85.1
509Grace TykockiGrand Blanc84.4

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1White Lake Lakeland51471012182630
4Walled Lake Northern93891627333448
6Walled Lake Central192
8West Bloomfield229
9Grand Blanc253
10North Farmington275
11Bloomfield Hills283
12Orchard Lake St. Mary’s341
13Walled Lake Western353
14Waterford Mott366
15Auburn Hills Avondale420

Ranked Teams: White Lake Lakeland (8), Highland-Milford (21), Walled Lake Northern (22), Fenton (23)

112Peter BaraccoFarmington210.0
212Easton WilliamsHighland-Milford200.8
311Nicholas NegruWalled Lake Central198.6
412Alex SullivanWhite Lake Lakeland196.9
512Ryan O’RourkeHighland-Milford196.7
612Michael CraneFenton193.3
711Jared PlattWhite Lake Lakeland192.7
812Ethan ParkerWalled Lake Northern189.6
910Ty ParkerWalled Lake Northern187.8
1011Wesley HollowellWhite Lake Lakeland187.6
1111Eddie KingFarmington186.9
1212Ty NagyWhite Lake Lakeland185.5
1312Kevin MillerFarmington182.4
1412Drew BalowGrand Blanc182.2
1511Nathan KaticFenton182.0
1610Lucas KarbelWalled Lake Northern181.5
1712Josh MaierFenton180.1
1810Pierce GrzymkowskiWhite Lake Lakeland179.6
1911Sebastian CervelliWest Bloomfield179.3
2011Thomas KennedyHighland-Milford178.5
2112Mason RosaHolly177.7
2211Quaid SchimetzHighland-Milford176.6
2312Aidan BrzezinskiFenton175.2
2411Ethan PruzinskyAuburn Hills Avondale175.0
2512Zachary RockafellowHolly174.6
2612Nathan RehmWhite Lake Lakeland174.3
2710Evan RiceWalled Lake Northern173.4
2812Antonio RomanoWalled Lake Central173.1
2912Matt LatzkeWalled Lake Central172.6
3010Noah TiernanWhite Lake Lakeland172.2
3112Gavin ThomasFenton171.8
3211Ryan NoonanWalled Lake Western169.9
3312Connor ClarkWalled Lake Northern169.8
3412Jonasen DoranWalled Lake Northern169.6
3512Thomas RandallOrchard Lake St. Mary’s169.4
3611Gavin SteeleFarmington168.9
3711Luke DefinaFenton167.8
3812ReShaun CrawfordHighland-Milford167.5
3911Iggy GrynaviskiFarmington166.4
4012Jason GroseWest Bloomfield166.0
4112Charles PowersGrand Blanc165.7
4212Tyler RistauHighland-Milford165.2
4312Jake LesherFenton164.4
4410Rocco DeAngelisBloomfield Hills162.3
4511Dominic BalhornWaterford Mott161.8
4612Yash MehtaNorth Farmington160.9
479Julian BrennerWest Bloomfield160.7
489Aidan KeffaberWalled Lake Northern160.3
499Noah MurrayBloomfield Hills159.5
5012Benjamin BaxterHolly158.7

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: At least 6 different scenarios for who finished 2nd/3rd.  Safest bet is to be Top 15.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net

Hoping to prove you wrong on Milford!


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