Region 29 Preview

Scott, Harrand, Hogan.  Pound for pound, the best individual D4 race.

Where: Benzie Central HS, Beulah.

The Course: An iconic course that always produces great times.

Due to time constraints, omitting the “What to Watch For” section.  If you’ve followed JFT, me, or are just a fan of the sport, you should have a good idea. 😊




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Lake Leelanau St. Mary797111619262930
2Mason County Eastern898121824273233
4Grand Traverse Academy91492123343944
6Maple City Glen Lake116
7Bear Lake-Onekama171
8White Cloud175

Ranked Teams: Lake Leelanau St. Mary (19), Leland (21), Grand Traverse Academy (22), Frankfort (25)

112Makenna ScottMaple City Glen Lake143.3
210Aiden HarrandBuckley141.8
311Ruby HoganMaple City Glen Lake132.3
412Taylor MyersFrankfort97.9
511Petra FooteGrand Traverse Academy90.9
69Mya DenoyerLeland84.5
79Ella KnudsenLeland81.0
88Payton LambLake Leelanau St. Mary80.7
99Lucy ShoupMason County Eastern77.5
1011Julia JonesGrand Traverse Academy72.1
1112Lillian MauntlerBear Lake-Onekama70.2
1211Anna MitchellLake Leelanau St. Mary67.4
1310Olivia WingMason County Eastern66.2
1411Bridgette DuncanLeland62.3
1510Cecilia GirlandaBear Lake-Onekama62.2
1612Tara TownsendFrankfort60.1
1712Zoe KorsonLake Leelanau St. Mary54.1
1810Andrea FeldpauschWhite Cloud49.5
1910Abby KisslingBrethren48.4
2010Elizabeth LoganMason County Eastern48.2
2110Kendra CouturierLake Leelanau St. Mary48.1
229Kate MayFrankfort45.6
2310Paige BellGrand Traverse Academy45.0
2411Anna WolfeFrankfort44.7
2512Katelynn DixGrand Traverse Academy43.8
2611Meagan LangeForest Area41.9
279Isabella GulemboMason County Eastern30.9
2810Kayley ComeauxMaple City Glen Lake30.8
299Muriel KorsonLake Leelanau St. Mary25.8
3012Sydney GageMason County Eastern24.9
3112Leland LeiterLeland23.4
329Jessica GrantLake Leelanau St. Mary22.8
339Jacqueline HearneLake Leelanau St. Mary21.4
3411Kiara EdwardsWhite Cloud20.4
359Payton HaynesMason County Eastern16.3
3612Amelia MalburgMason County Eastern15.9
3712Madison BrownGrand Traverse Academy15.3
3812Courtney LaClairWhite Cloud15.1
399Savina AnhaltFrankfort14.6
4011Anna VanDuinenPentwater9.6
4111Ariana RodriguezLeland6.0
4210Ava ButeraGrand Traverse Academy4.7
4312Brooke WilkieBuckley4.6
4411Bettyann CornuttSuttons Bay0.6

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 5 teams within 20 points vying for 3 spots.  Better sneak into the Top 15!


PlaceTimeScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1White Cloud4226710172022
2Mason County Eastern56141215243036
4Grand Traverse Academy973141929323437
7Lake Leelanau St. Mary171

Ranked Teams: White Cloud (12), Mason County Eastern (17), Frankfort (20)

111Nate WingMason County Eastern165.5
211Nathan CiolkWhite Cloud162.9
311Chase SnellGrand Traverse Academy158.3
410Kaden ForwardBear Lake-Onekama157.6
512Eli ShoupMason County Eastern156.4
69Mason SinkeBear Lake-Onekama156.2
711Skylar WerdenFrankfort156.1
812Kobe CanningWhite Cloud152.1
99Coleson CruzanWhite Cloud149.2
1012Ben DuChenyBuckley149.2
1110Abe VanDuinenPentwater146.2
1211Joey SchwindtMaple City Glen Lake146.2
1310Adam TownsendFrankfort145.2
1410Carson FoondleWhite Cloud139.7
1512Logan FosterFrankfort138.3
1610Peter HybzaMason County Eastern137.5
1710Mitchel DanielsPentwater135.0
1811Braden MelvilleBuckley133.1
1912Austin RubinGrand Traverse Academy132.2
2010Clay ShoupMason County Eastern130.0
218Oliver MitchellLake Leelanau St. Mary129.1
2211Malachi GravesWhite Cloud125.6
2310Jack JoyceLeland125.2
2412Ethan LarsenGrand Traverse Academy124.1
259Kaleb CanningWhite Cloud121.3
269Carroll RobothamFrankfort121.2
2712Ashton ByleWhite Cloud120.9
2811Trevor MoodyFrankfort120.5
2910Dakota MatzenMason County Eastern119.8
3010Ethan VannLeland118.7
3110Agustin CreamerLeland117.2
3211James DavisPentwater113.9
3311Cole DenoyerLeland109.9
3412Hunter LavenGrand Traverse Academy104.3
3512Keeton CaplingMason County Eastern103.7
368Cody CouturierLake Leelanau St. Mary103.4
3711Andrew PavwoskiGrand Traverse Academy102.1
3810Aiden O’DwyerFrankfort95.4
3910Tristan BembeneckGrand Traverse Academy93.1
409Kaleb ChisholmFrankfort87.9
419Ron HasenbankMason County Eastern87.7
429Parker RubinGrand Traverse Academy84.7
4312Kylen KintighLeland79.6
448Derek GrahamLake Leelanau St. Mary78.3
459Wyatt RobertsPentwater75.5
469Brady KeenLeland59.1
479Anthony GrantLake Leelanau St. Mary49.9
4810James LichtLake Leelanau St. Mary38.8
4911Eli PowersPentwater36.7
5012Leonardo LozanoPentwater20.2

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 17th.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net


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