2021 Ratings: Benzie Regional (29, 20)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.


How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Region 29 Preview
Region 20 Preview

29 Girls Adjustment: +50
20 Girls Adjustment: +44
29 Boys Adjustment:
20 Boys Adjustment: +41

People have been clamoring for me to rate different races or divisions on the same course, same day.  I agree with this notion as the course can change and so can the weather conditions.  It does produce a bit more variability in ratings when you’re working with a smaller sample, but I feel it’s applicable for regionals this year.  And since I have the time to do so, I’ll do so here.  Some don’t make as much sense, but you have to understand there’s a range of error with each listing.  The smaller the race, the higher that range.  You’ll see that here, but I believe the change throughout the day will make sense.


Tara Towsend, Frankfort: Tara has had an illustrious career for Frankfort.  Four consecutive top-20 placements at Regionals, three trips to MIS.  Her final time on the Benzie course resulted in a PB, a great way to go out.

Nora Grossnickle, Benzie Central: Mylie might receive all the honors, but it’s the group that creates the Top-15 team.  Nora has incrementally dropped time throughout the year, and when I say incrementally, I mean large increments.  Compare on the same course – 25:08 at Pete Moss, 22:15 at NWC 3, 21:11 on Saturday.

Kaden Forward, Bear Lake-Onekama: Nice time for his first win of his high school career.  Kaden finished 8th here last year en route to a 61st place finish at State.  Does claiming a victory lead to greatness this week?

Nolan Moffit, Manton: I don’t care how “short” Benzie may be, Nolan ran a 33 sec. PB (and 54 sec. season best) in the most important race of the season.  He began the season running above 20:00 as Manton’s 4th/5th boy, on Saturday he was their #3 and an extra body to put in the Reed City gap, enough to send the Rangers team down south.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 5/6 Boys, 5/6 Girls; 54/60 Boys Overall, 51/60 Girls Overall
Athletic: 5/6 Boys, 6/6 Girls; 54/60 Boys Overall, 50/60 Girls Overall

10Aiden Harrand18:08.8Buckley140.4
12Makenna Scott18:56.4Maple City Glen Lake124.5
12Taylor Myers20:02.4Frankfort102.5
11Petra Foote20:16.7Grand Traverse Academy97.8
9Ella Knudsen20:18.7Leland97.1
9Mya Denoyer20:48.1Leland87.3
8Payton Lamb20:49.9Lake Leelanau St. Mary86.7
12Lillian Mauntler21:08.3Bear Lake-Onekama80.6
10Abby Kissling21:15.8Brethren78.1
11Anna Mitchell21:20.3Lake Leelanau St. Mary76.6
10Olivia Wing21:30.5Mason County Eastern73.2
12Tara Townsend21:38.2Frankfort70.6
10Paige Bell21:41.5Grand Traverse Academy69.5
11Bridgette Duncan21:50.4Leland66.5
10Elizabeth Logan22:00.8Mason County Eastern63.1
9Kate May22:11.8Frankfort59.4
10Andrea Feldpausch22:13.3White Cloud58.9
9Lucy Shoup22:17.5Mason County Eastern57.5
10Cecilia Girlanda22:32.2Bear Lake-Onekama52.6
12Zoe Korson22:32.8Lake Leelanau St. Mary52.4
11Anna Wolfe22:49.9Frankfort46.7
10Paige Steffke22:58.5Maple City Glen Lake43.8
12Katelynn Dix23:00.7Grand Traverse Academy43.1
12Sydney Gage23:02.3Mason County Eastern42.6
10Kayley Comeaux23:03.7Maple City Glen Lake42.1
10Kendra Couturier23:03.8Lake Leelanau St. Mary42.1
11Josie Gorcyca23:21.5Lake Leelanau St. Mary36.2
12Amelia Malburg23:25.8Mason County Eastern34.7
12Madison Brown23:26.6Grand Traverse Academy34.5
9Jessica Grant23:34.4Lake Leelanau St. Mary31.9
11Ariana Rodriguez23:35.3Leland31.6
10Ava Butera23:35.4Grand Traverse Academy31.5
11Meagan Lange23:37.2Forest Area30.9
12Leland Leiter23:45.6Leland28.1
9Savina Anhalt23:49.9Frankfort26.7
11Kiara Edwards23:51.2White Cloud26.3
11Anna VanDuinen23:56.0Pentwater24.7
10Abby Hughes24:03.9Pentwater22.0
12Julie Sheehy24:16.1Walkerville18.0
9Jacqueline Hearne24:17.2Lake Leelanau St. Mary17.6
9Isabella Gulembo24:18.5Mason County Eastern17.2
10Emily Schwarz24:36.2Pentwater11.3
12Brooke Wilkie24:46.7Buckley7.8

9Jessica Jazwinski17:43.2Hart150.9
10Alyson Enns17:55.8Hart146.7
12Audrianna Enns18:00.5Hart145.2
10Mylie Kelly18:09.1Benzie Central142.3
12Molly Harding19:11.8Manton121.4
12Elise Johnson19:31.4Benzie Central114.9
9Lexie Beth Nienhuis19:44.1Hart110.6
10Cecilia Postma20:05.8Manistee103.4
11Nora Smoes20:07.6Reed City102.8
11Emma Soelberg20:25.4Shelby96.9
12Reese Ensing20:56.4McBain86.5
9Clara Smoes20:57.4Reed City86.2
11Chloe Colton21:00.2Manton85.3
9Ava Iverson21:08.5Benzie Central82.5
9Nora Grossnickle21:11.8Benzie Central81.4
10Madison Morris21:18.9Manton79.0
12Paige Lofquist21:19.0Reed City79.0
11Elizabeth Rigling21:20.8Leroy Pine River78.4
11Hadley Saylor21:32.0Manton74.7
12Hailey Wanstead21:34.2Leroy Pine River73.9
12Morgan Howell21:35.8Manton73.4
12Anna Huizinga21:39.2Manistee72.3
12Hayley VanWagoner21:40.2Benzie Central71.9
11Raini Sponseller21:41.9Farwell71.4
11Savanna Owens21:46.0Hart70.0
9Reganne Stahl21:48.4Manton69.2
11Abigail Pretty21:49.5Hart68.8
11Remi Sponseller21:54.7Farwell67.1
11Ella Gaylord21:56.6Benzie Central66.5
9Kennedi Wahmhoff22:06.2Manton63.3
12Maya Musgrave22:10.3Benzie Central61.9
9Isabelle Eppert22:18.2Farwell59.3
9Carly Carlson22:19.0Reed City59.0
10Rowan Ensing22:21.9McBain58.0
10Baylie Eisenga22:32.5McBain54.5
9Addyson Thormeier22:35.2Farwell53.6
11Rylee Cohoon22:36.1Lake City53.3
12Jaden Petersen22:37.2Mason County Central52.9
12Allie Thomas22:50.2Manistee48.6
9Shauna McLean22:51.0McBain48.3
9Chelsi Eisenga22:51.0McBain48.3
9Alaina Hanson22:51.6Reed City48.1
9Audrey Huizinga22:56.2Manistee46.6
11Claire Scott23:00.1Manistee45.3
9Megan Gottschall23:04.4Lake City43.9
10Amelia Schihl23:19.6McBain38.8
10Lilou Krumb23:22.1Farwell38.0
11Amanda Hill23:23.5Leroy Pine River37.5
12Jordan Fox23:45.4Lake City30.2
9Ivy Frisch23:46.7Farwell29.8
10Jayden Baker23:56.8Mason County Central26.4
11Aubrey Klots24:06.8Shelby23.1
9Genesis Wilson24:10.7McBain21.8
11Miriah Hodges24:21.4Reed City18.2
11Olivia Lewis24:21.6Reed City18.1
11Anna Ponce24:36.7Lake City13.1
10Emily Adams25:03.3Mason County Central4.2
12Addy Witkowski25:09.2Manistee2.3
9Annabeth Allee25:12.2Leroy Pine River1.3
11Hayleigh Vandertuig25:14.4Lake City0.5
12Taylor Stapel25:15.4Hesperia0.2

10Kaden Forward17:02.8Bear Lake-Onekama163.4
9Mason Sinke17:06.0Bear Lake-Onekama162.3
11Nate Wing17:13.1Mason County Eastern160.0
12Eli Shoup17:21.7Mason County Eastern157.1
11Skylar Werden17:29.6Frankfort154.5
9Coleson Cruzan17:35.4White Cloud152.5
12Ben DuCheny17:42.4Buckley150.2
11Chase Snell17:45.0Grand Traverse Academy149.3
10Mitchel Daniels17:45.5Pentwater149.2
11Nathan Ciolk17:46.8White Cloud148.7
10Abe VanDuinen17:47.9Pentwater148.4
12Kobe Canning17:50.3White Cloud147.6
10Adam Townsend17:58.4Frankfort144.9
11Jackson Kulawiak17:58.7Buckley144.8
12Logan Foster18:00.2Frankfort144.3
8Oliver Mitchell18:08.9Lake Leelanau St. Mary141.4
9Kaleb Canning18:13.3White Cloud139.9
10Peter Hybza18:19.4Mason County Eastern137.9
10Carson Foondle18:22.1White Cloud137.0
10Jack Joyce18:26.4Leland135.5
10Agustin Creamer18:27.3Leland135.3
11Joey Schwindt18:33.6Maple City Glen Lake133.1
12Austin Rubin18:44.1Grand Traverse Academy129.6
11Malachi Graves18:50.1White Cloud127.6
12Ethan Larsen18:51.3Grand Traverse Academy127.2
9Carroll Robotham18:52.9Frankfort126.7
10Ethan Vann18:53.6Leland126.5
11Braden Melville19:01.1Buckley124.0
10Clay Shoup19:05.1Mason County Eastern122.6
11Cole Denoyer19:15.0Leland119.4
10Dakota Matzen19:19.6Mason County Eastern117.8
11Christian Ringler19:21.4White Cloud117.2
12Kylen Kintigh19:39.0Leland111.3
11James Davis19:44.8Pentwater109.4
8Cody Couturier19:45.9Lake Leelanau St. Mary109.0
11Nelson Damkoehler19:52.7Mason County Eastern106.8
11Trevor Moody19:55.2Frankfort105.9
10Gil Piche20:01.5Grand Traverse Academy103.8
11Riley Truog20:14.4Maple City Glen Lake99.5
8Derek Graham20:21.3Lake Leelanau St. Mary97.2
10Aiden O’Dwyer20:26.1Frankfort95.6
9Kaleb Chisholm20:39.4Frankfort91.2
12Hunter Laven20:42.7Grand Traverse Academy90.1
11Andrew Pavwoski20:45.8Grand Traverse Academy89.1
12Keeton Capling20:47.2Mason County Eastern88.6
9Parker Rubin20:55.9Grand Traverse Academy85.7
9Brady Keen21:09.6Leland81.1
8Wyatt Roberts21:13.9Pentwater79.7
10Jimmy Alpi21:38.8Leland71.4
11Eli Powers22:56.2Pentwater45.6
9Anthony Grant22:59.8Lake Leelanau St. Mary44.4
12Shane Roberts23:00.3Pentwater44.2
12Campbell Miller23:25.2Pentwater35.9
9Anderson Stansberry23:45.4Maple City Glen Lake29.2
10Carter Williams25:10.8Buckley0.7

11Hunter Jones14:44.3Benzie Central211.6
12Noah Morrow15:26.5Manton197.5
11Clayton Ackley16:27.2Hart177.3
12Noah Bosley16:36.1Hart174.3
11Wyatt Dean16:37.8Hart173.7
12Caiden Cudney16:59.3Manistee166.6
10Anthony Kiaunis17:05.3Reed City164.6
12Johnathen Traxler17:10.8Manton162.7
10Claydon Ingleright17:12.5McBain162.2
11Michael Musgrave17:13.1Benzie Central162.0
9August Rohde17:15.0Reed City161.3
11Dade Allen17:15.9Benzie Central161.0
12Max Nienhuis17:16.5Hart160.8
10Ryan Allen17:18.8Reed City160.1
9Max Stitt17:19.5Hart159.8
11Seth Ackley17:23.6Hart158.5
11Nolan Moffit17:30.4Manton156.2
12Isaac Scouten17:37.1Shelby154.0
10Paxton Hall17:40.1Lake City153.0
10Tanner Soelberg17:41.4Shelby152.5
11Logan Patrick17:45.8Manton151.1
10Abdul Ghennewa17:48.7Manistee150.1
10Jack O’Donnell17:53.9Manistee148.4
11Ty Kailing17:57.8Reed City147.1
12Landyn Cool17:59.7Leroy Pine River146.4
9Hunter Sanford18:07.4Mason County Central143.9
11Josef Bromley18:14.9Hart141.4
12Cameron Salisbury18:21.7Leroy Pine River139.1
10Nathan Koetje18:23.5McBain138.5
11Dorian Olson18:26.4Benzie Central137.5
12Philip Rigling18:32.6Leroy Pine River135.5
11Gavin Shirey18:33.8Mason County Central135.1
11Jacob Lindeman18:39.4Manistee133.2
10Quinten Musgrave18:41.3Benzie Central132.6
11Corey Vader18:41.8Evart132.4
11Elliot Hoeflinger18:49.4Manistee129.9
10Karem Turkmus18:53.9Harrison128.4
11Trevor Adamczak18:55.4Manistee127.9
11Mason Dozier19:00.8Reed City126.1
12Cole Ingleright19:04.3McBain124.9
9Ty Harding19:05.4Manton124.5
11Lucian Smith19:05.6Manton124.5
10Stephen Priese19:05.8Hesperia124.4
10Drew Mendians19:10.3Manistee122.9
12Tommy Harvell19:14.7Shelby121.4
11Peter Maddox19:19.0Lake City120.0
10Dylan Traxler19:21.5Manton119.2
10Izaiah Lentz19:21.8Reed City119.1
9Miller Pomper19:22.7Benzie Central118.8
11Greg Reed19:27.0Benzie Central117.3
10Scott Slocum19:30.3Leroy Pine River116.2
12Andrew Booher19:33.0Evart115.3
12Wyatt Underhill19:34.8Leroy Pine River114.7
10Victor Krueger19:43.4Harrison111.9
10Elijah Lentz19:52.7Reed City108.8
10Gavin Kelso19:56.6Leroy Pine River107.5
10Kaden Abrahamson20:02.1McBain105.6
10Zane McCabe20:07.4Mason County Central103.9
9Shane Scheaffer20:10.4Farwell102.9
9Scout Wetzel20:14.7Lake City101.4
9Tim Pentecost20:17.0Evart100.7
10Micah Frye20:27.7Shelby97.1
9Dallas Chamberlain20:29.9McBain96.4
9Ethan Fessenden20:39.3Shelby93.2
9Andrew Sherburn20:56.1Hesperia87.6
12Bradley Springberg20:59.4McBain86.5
11Cadin Keysor21:21.0Evart79.3
11Carter Lewis21:33.1Leroy Pine River75.3
9Jacob Bowermaster21:54.8Harrison68.1
9Clayton Keysor22:00.8Evart66.1
9Gabriel Comp22:09.9Lake City63.0
12Tucker Vandervelde22:20.5McBain59.5
10Asher Johnson22:23.3Mason County Central58.6
9Ethan O’Neil22:27.2Hesperia57.3
9Ben Hasty22:28.0Hesperia57.0
10Jordan Rosekrans22:42.9Lake City52.0

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