2021 Ratings: Hess Hathaway Regional (7)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Region 7 Preview

Girls Adjustment: -28
Boys Adjustment: -33


Emily Wade, Walled Lake Central: Emily has quietly been a standout for Walled Lake Central for a few years now.  Her previous two seasons, she had made it into the 19’s and she qualified for MIS as a freshman.  But somehow she was still underrated here.  Saturday was her best effort of the season, if you compare it against the Mott Fall Classic five weeks ago on the same course, she ran the equivalent of 35 sec. faster.  If MIS holds up, she’s a great candidate to get back into the 19’s for a third straight year.

William Thomas, Walled Lake Northern: It’s really not my place to speculate on someone’s absence, but William didn’t have any results in October, and thus the projections didn’t include him for Walled Lake Northern.  Those projections also had Northern missing the cut.  William’s performance didn’t stack up as well as his track season or junior year but that’s not the important thing.  What is meaningful is that he showed up, competed, and the Knights survive and advance.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 2/3 Boys, 3/3 Girls; 49/54 Boys Overall, 46/54 Girls Overall
Athletic: 2/3 Boys, 2/3 Girls; 49/54 Boys Overall, 44/54 Girls Overall

11Lola Thomas19:14.0Grand Blanc144.7
12Chloe Wall19:21.5Waterford Kettering142.2
9Ashley Sobczynski19:28.5Holly139.8
12Kate Jenkins19:41.4Bloomfield Hills135.5
11Genavieve Kushner-Lopez19:46.6Walled Lake Western133.8
11Jacie Remtema20:00.3Highland-Milford129.2
11Emily Wade20:02.4Walled Lake Central128.5
11Grace Harkenrider20:16.3Highland-Milford123.9
10Alisia Olteanu20:18.6Walled Lake Western123.1
9Molly Baracco20:21.6Farmington122.2
12Grace Jenkins20:27.0Bloomfield Hills120.3
11Mia McDonald20:27.7White Lake Lakeland120.1
12Lydia Minzey20:30.9Grand Blanc119.1
9Ava Alicandro20:33.2White Lake Lakeland118.3
9Isabelle Krause20:42.2Walled Lake Northern115.3
11Taylor Regester20:42.2Walled Lake Northern115.3
11Ava Porter20:44.1Walled Lake Northern114.6
10Madelyn Gordon20:44.8Walled Lake Northern114.4
10Lauren Fox20:46.9Walled Lake Northern113.7
10Nina Frost20:48.6Fenton113.1
9Natalie Joiner20:48.7White Lake Lakeland113.1
11Emma Dubie20:50.3Fenton112.6
12Taylor Huntoon20:51.1Fenton112.3
12Emma Collison20:54.4Highland-Milford111.2
12Molly Libby21:01.9White Lake Lakeland108.7
12Melanie Shelt21:02.1Walled Lake Northern108.6
11Olivia Lincourt21:02.8Farmington108.4
11Leah Merriam21:04.2Highland-Milford107.9
10Jaclyn Garvey21:11.3Grand Blanc105.6
10Faylinn Wong21:21.9Farmington102.1
11Brooklyn Wolcott21:22.5Highland-Milford101.8
12Emily Grob21:24.7Fenton101.1
9Izzy MacCaughan21:30.5Fenton99.2
9Grace Tykocki21:40.3Grand Blanc95.9
9Ellie Nohovig21:43.1Highland-Milford95.0
9Cora Liu21:45.4North Farmington94.2
10Mia Czarnowski21:46.7Walled Lake Northern93.8
12Katie Stauffer21:48.0Waterford Kettering93.3
10Emma Hoffmeyer21:50.3Walled Lake Western92.6
10Samantha Shaver21:52.4Grand Blanc91.9
10Samantha Wogaman21:54.8Grand Blanc91.1
11Kendall Cuson21:56.9Bloomfield Hills90.4
11Maya Youngs21:58.1Grand Blanc90.0
10Kate Heaman22:00.2Farmington Hills Mercy89.3
10Isabel Torres22:00.6Farmington89.1
11Abigail Schwendenm…22:09.6Highland-Milford86.1
10Trinity Mann22:12.9White Lake Lakeland85.0
11Ava Walsh22:14.8White Lake Lakeland84.4
10Emelia Pearce22:18.2Bloomfield Hills83.3
9Karli Koskinen22:20.1Waterford Mott82.6
10Jordan Fraifogl22:23.8Waterford Mott81.4
10Annalise Griffin22:24.4Bloomfield Hills81.2
10Landis Canada22:42.8Fenton75.1
11Madelyn Axe23:09.1Auburn Hills Avondale66.3
9Jessica Booher23:11.6Holly65.5
10Anasofia Alegre23:12.5West Bloomfield65.2
12Mary Faith Richard23:15.7Farmington Hills Mercy64.1
9Hannah Lee23:15.8Holly64.1
9Alena Tiernan23:18.7White Lake Lakeland63.1
9Campbell Smith23:19.0Farmington Hills Mercy63.0
9Sierra Anthony23:23.4Bloomfield Hills61.5
12Ella Cox23:30.2Fenton59.3
11Julianna Raines23:33.4Walled Lake Central58.2
12Caley Burnock23:46.0Walled Lake Central54.0
11Madhumitha Rajapra…23:46.2Farmington53.9
11Megan Pohl23:48.4North Farmington53.2
12Lilli Semel23:48.7Walled Lake Central53.1
11Layla Abdul23:54.6Bloomfield Hills51.1
10Milena Chevallier24:26.4Farmington Hills Mercy40.5
10Alison Rockafellow24:33.5Holly38.2
9Edimari King24:46.0Farmington34.0
10Kayli Piper24:51.6North Farmington32.1
12Mya Day25:04.8Walled Lake Western27.7
12Jordan Whiting25:10.0Waterford Kettering26.0
11Klueg Clare (Rehema)25:14.5Farmington Hills Mercy24.5
10Caleigh Bovensiep25:33.4Auburn Hills Avondale18.2
11Sophia Marcell25:36.0Walled Lake Western17.3
11Rachel Baja25:47.5Farmington Hills Mercy13.5
12Maria Kokko25:59.4Walled Lake Central9.5
10Emma Burrows26:06.0West Bloomfield7.3

12Peter Baracco16:08.7Farmington208.1
12Easton Williams16:26.2Highland-Milford202.3
11Nicholas Negru16:27.3Walled Lake Central201.9
12Ryan O’Rourke16:33.2Highland-Milford199.9
11Jared Platt16:42.1White Lake Lakeland197.0
12Alex Sullivan16:47.4White Lake Lakeland195.2
12Michael Crane16:56.7Fenton192.1
12William Thomas17:00.2Walled Lake Northern190.9
11Eddie King17:03.2Farmington189.9
12Kevin Miller17:06.7Farmington188.8
12Drew Balow17:17.9Grand Blanc185.0
11Thomas Kennedy17:24.9Highland-Milford182.7
12Ty Nagy17:29.7White Lake Lakeland181.1
11Quaid Schimetz17:29.8Highland-Milford181.1
12Wesley Hollowell17:32.9White Lake Lakeland180.0
10Pierce Grzymkowski17:33.1White Lake Lakeland180.0
12Ethan Parker17:33.1Walled Lake Northern180.0
12Jonasen Doran17:33.2Walled Lake Northern179.9
11Nathan Katic17:39.4Fenton177.9
12Mason Rosa17:43.6Holly176.5
12Matt Latzke17:47.4Walled Lake Central175.2
12Tyler Ristau17:49.8Highland-Milford174.4
10Evan Rice17:49.8Walled Lake Northern174.4
10Noah Tiernan17:54.0White Lake Lakeland173.0
11Sebastian Cervelli17:54.0West Bloomfield173.0
12ReShaun Crawford17:54.7Highland-Milford172.8
12Zachary Rockafellow17:54.8Holly172.7
12Thomas Randall18:05.3Orchard Lake St. Mar…169.2
10Lucas Karbel18:07.7Walled Lake Northern168.4
11Ryan Noonan18:08.8Walled Lake Western168.1
9Owen Cox18:11.5Fenton167.2
11Ethan Pruzinsky18:14.6Auburn Hills Avondale166.1
12Benjamin Baxter18:14.8Holly166.1
12Jake Lesher18:15.3Fenton165.9
12Gavin Thomas18:19.4Fenton164.5
11Dominic Balhorn18:26.1Waterford Mott162.3
11Grant Hoffman18:27.8Holly161.7
12Antonio Romano18:29.7Walled Lake Central161.1
12Charles Powers18:30.1Grand Blanc161.0
10Jamesion White18:30.5North Farmington160.8
12Jason Grose18:34.9West Bloomfield159.4
11Iggy Grynaviski18:40.9Farmington157.4
11Owen Replogle18:43.0Bloomfield Hills156.7
11Marcelino Juarez18:47.7Grand Blanc155.1
11Trevor Flynn18:48.3Waterford Mott154.9
9Julian Brenner18:48.8West Bloomfield154.7
12Connor Clark18:49.2Walled Lake Northern154.6
12Darius Sharif18:50.5West Bloomfield154.2
9Noah Murray18:50.6Bloomfield Hills154.1
11Zachary Trouve18:50.9North Farmington154.0
9Ryan Carrannanto18:52.1Highland-Milford153.6
11Ryan Nelson18:53.6Farmington153.1
12Yash Mehta18:58.1North Farmington151.6
10Matthew Rai19:02.6North Farmington150.1
12Tim Person19:06.4White Lake Lakeland148.9
12Adam Robinson19:08.7Walled Lake Central148.1
10Praneel Basu19:11.5Bloomfield Hills147.2
10Andrew Mercier19:15.8Waterford Kettering145.7
11Liam Stacey19:16.2Farmington145.6
12Donald Kim19:18.2Bloomfield Hills144.9
10Matthew LaMirand19:18.5Bloomfield Hills144.8
10Oscar Paramo19:20.6Grand Blanc144.1
11Gavin Steele19:22.6Farmington143.5
10Nick Troung19:24.0Waterford Kettering143.0
11Alex Engle19:24.5Walled Lake Central142.8
10Connor Lent19:25.6Walled Lake Western142.5
12Bailey Sayer19:28.0North Farmington141.7
12Braden Baker19:28.4North Farmington141.5
10Cody Heemsoth19:28.8Auburn Hills Avondale141.4
10Joshua Simpson19:28.9Orchard Lake St. Mar…141.4
9Jonathan Barcena19:31.9Waterford Mott140.4
12Ryan Monaghan19:34.6Orchard Lake St. Mar…139.5
11Adam Booher19:36.2Holly138.9
11Jesse Martin19:37.0Walled Lake Central138.7
9Evan Hunt19:37.0Waterford Mott138.7
12Raihan Malik19:40.5Bloomfield Hills137.5
12Evan Murphy19:53.2Orchard Lake St. Mar…133.3
11Ryan Walker19:54.0Holly133.0
12Jordan Graham19:56.9West Bloomfield132.0
11Zack Klepaski19:57.7West Bloomfield131.8
11Alex Romano20:01.8Walled Lake Central130.4
12Isaiah Cruz20:01.9North Farmington130.4
10Daniel Schruba20:03.0Waterford Mott130.0
10Ty Parker20:06.1Walled Lake Northern129.0
12Tristan Bakker20:16.1Fenton125.6
11Nathan Cardiff20:20.6Auburn Hills Avondale124.1
11Brandon Strickert20:21.3Holly123.9
12Aidan Brzezinski20:25.4Fenton122.5
9Aiden Hanks20:35.9Orchard Lake St. Mar…119.0
11Kale Howcroft20:41.9Orchard Lake St. Mar…117.0
11Joey Stirling20:44.3Walled Lake Western116.2
11Christopher Lengyel21:10.7Grand Blanc107.4
11Matt White21:11.5Waterford Mott107.2
11Jaime Hernandez21:11.9Waterford Mott107.0
9Nikolai Sawasky21:12.2Walled Lake Western106.9
10Carter Wolf21:26.2Grand Blanc102.3
11Joshua Cooper21:32.8Auburn Hills Avondale100.1
9Ben Klingbeil21:32.9Orchard Lake St. Mar…100.0
11Jonathan Holland21:52.5West Bloomfield93.5
11Carter Melonio21:58.9Waterford Kettering91.4
10Brandon Puddy22:08.3Waterford Kettering88.2
9Liam Kakuda22:44.0Auburn Hills Avondale76.3
10Hudson Novak22:55.4Walled Lake Western72.5
11Joey Zarra23:26.5Walled Lake Western62.2
9Jesse Watton24:39.1Auburn Hills Avondale38.0

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