2021 Ratings: East Jordan Regional

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Region 28 Preview
Region 19 Preview

28 Girls Adjustment: +42
19 Girls Adjustment: +50
28 Boys Adjustment:
19 Boys Adjustment: +28

People have been clamoring for me to rate different races or divisions on the same course, same day.  I agree with this notion as the course can change and so can the weather conditions.  It does produce a bit more variability in ratings when you’re working with a smaller sample, but I feel it’s applicable for regionals this year.  And since I have the time to do so, I’ll do so here.  Some don’t make as much sense, but you have to understand there’s a range of error with each listing.  The smaller the race, the higher that range.  You’ll see that here, but I believe the change throughout the day will make sense.


Madalyn Agren, Johannesburg-Lewiston: Johannesburg-Lewiston doesn’t just have a boys team, they’re darn impressive on the girls side as well.  The Gaschos, Natalie Zochowski are always there, now Madalyn has begun to enter the fray.  20:45 and 3rd place, 10 spots ahead of where she was last year.

Ava Pomaranski, Traverse City St. Francis: There’s a reason St. Francis is always dominant in the Northern Michigan D3 scene (heck, they’re pretty good in the whole scene).  Athletes such as Ava raise their performance level on regional day.  She busted out a 20:29 here, a far cry from the 22’s she was running early in the year.  Two consecutive top-15 regional efforts for this girl.

Samuel Ford, Fairview: I’m here for the HUGE PB’s.  Through 17 5k races in his career, Sam had barely scraped under the 19:00 barrier twice.  At East Jordan, he nearly broke 18:00.

Charlie Ward, Elk Rapids: Going into the race, it appeared Elk Rapids was in a tight knit competition for the third spot.  To play his role and contribute to a MIS berth, Charlie would need to stay ahead of Kalkaska’s #2 and perhaps beat Harbor Springs #2.  He beat ‘em both and although it wasn’t enough, he more than played his part.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 4/6 Boys, 6/6 Girls; 58/66 Boys Overall, 57/66 Girls Overall
Athletic: 4/6 Boys, 6/6 Girls; 58/66 Boys Overall, 56/66 Girls Overall

11Adelaida Gascho19:13.2Johannesburg-Lewiston121.6
10Miriam Murrell20:32.6Gaylord St. Mary95.1
10Madalyn Agren20:45.6Johannesburg-Lewiston90.8
9Jane Manthei20:51.3Petoskey St. Michael…88.9
11Natalie Zochowski20:58.9Johannesburg-Lewiston86.4
11Maia Romeyn21:05.3Ellsworth84.2
9Allie Nowak21:13.5Johannesburg-Lewiston81.5
10Jessie Ross21:31.8Fairview75.4
10Emerson Wertman21:59.3Johannesburg-Lewiston66.2
10Rosalinda Gascho22:02.5Johannesburg-Lewiston65.2
12Emma O’Neil22:05.9Petoskey St. Michael…64.0
11Larissa Huffman22:08.7Mackinaw City63.1
12Sara Decker22:13.2Lincoln-Alcona61.6
11Kayla Switzer22:27.8Wolverine56.7
11Emma McKinley22:37.1Gaylord St. Mary53.7
11Lannah Engler22:43.5Indian River Inland …51.5
12Emma Duncan22:47.0Indian River Inland …50.3
11Liberty Perry22:49.6Central Lake49.5
9Anna Zielinski22:50.8Petoskey St. Michael…49.1
12Keira Dulaney22:51.9Ellsworth48.7
11Luciana Bunker22:56.3Indian River Inland …47.2
10Cora Mullins23:22.4Johannesburg-Lewiston38.5
11Hannah Robinson23:22.5Indian River Inland …38.5
11Journey Hutchins23:48.7Central Lake29.8
10Reese Thompson23:59.5Gaylord St. Mary26.2
9Ellie Crull24:04.2Onaway24.6
12Gabi Bell24:17.1Mackinaw City20.3
9Bailey Hibbard25:02.0Central Lake5.3
11Lydia Kirk25:10.1Gaylord St. Mary2.7

12Allison Chmielewski18:29.7Roscommon133.4
9Betsy Skendzel18:52.4Traverse City St. Fr…125.9
11Ava Maginity18:56.8Boyne City124.4
12Maye Burns19:13.1Harbor Springs119.0
10Katie Rohrer19:41.4Charlevoix109.5
9Grace Slocum19:49.2Traverse City St. Fr…106.9
11Sophia Rhein20:03.9Traverse City St. Fr…102.0
9Mary Masserant20:06.1Traverse City St. Fr…101.3
12Hannah Janssen20:11.5Elk Rapids99.5
11Grace Thorpe20:21.6Harbor Springs96.1
10Ava Pomaranski20:29.6Traverse City St. Fr…93.5
11Aaliyah Cota20:34.2Tawas91.9
10Rylee Duffing20:39.5Traverse City St. Fr…90.2
9Juniper Rodham20:47.0Harbor Springs87.7
10Maddie Gallagher20:55.0Traverse City St. Fr…85.0
10Jaida Schulte21:04.0Elk Rapids82.0
12Taylor Sheridan21:09.1East Jordan80.3
11Katelyn Drayer21:10.4Harbor Springs79.9
12Sarah Zamaites21:13.9Elk Rapids78.7
11Brooklyn Whiteford21:22.4Kalkaska75.9
11Rachel Descamps21:23.3Charlevoix75.6
11Christine Whitaker21:27.4East Jordan74.2
12Claire Hayhurst21:45.1Harbor Springs68.3
9Hunter Schellenbar…21:53.7Elk Rapids65.4
12Leah Rohrer21:55.6Charlevoix64.8
9Lillian Curtis22:01.4East Jordan62.9
10Eva Pray22:05.9Elk Rapids61.4
12Addison Cota22:10.4Tawas59.9
9Alyssa Runyan22:12.0Tawas59.3
11Josie Fairbanks22:19.5Roscommon56.8
12Julia Richter22:28.2Harbor Springs53.9
11Josie Baker22:28.4Harbor Springs53.9
9Madison Bearden22:37.5East Jordan50.8
11Rylee Bentley22:42.1Standish Sterling49.3
9Abbi Wildfong22:44.8Mancelona48.4
10Keira Curneal22:49.1Kalkaska47.0
9Adele Crook22:50.5Charlevoix46.5
10Eliah Heise22:51.6East Jordan46.1
12Lydia Frasz23:00.9Boyne City43.0
11Emma Hemker23:10.5Tawas39.8
12Mycah Heise23:14.0East Jordan38.7
10Jocelyn Millikin23:21.6Grayling36.1
12Baylee Reust23:22.7Kalkaska35.8
12Alexandra Baron23:26.5Charlevoix34.5
9Brooklin Schwenke23:28.2Charlevoix33.9
12Katelyn Dunson23:32.8East Jordan32.4
11Sophia Rakoczy23:46.6Grayling27.8
12Clara Leahy23:49.1Elk Rapids27.0
11Ellie Holka23:54.7Kalkaska25.1
11Morgan Anderson24:01.5Roscommon22.8
12Essi Jumisko24:06.1Tawas21.3
10Abbie Partenio24:11.7Houghton Lake19.4
9Maya Rohrer24:14.7Charlevoix18.4
9Kara Olds24:15.5Kalkaska18.2
12Catherine Leahy24:29.4Elk Rapids13.5
9Olivia Duba24:37.3Grayling10.9
9Cady Muraida24:45.9Grayling8.0

12Samuel Paga16:35.9Petoskey St. Michael…176.4
11Jacob Wartenberg16:48.3Johannesburg-Lewiston172.2
10Malaki Gascho16:51.2Johannesburg-Lewiston171.3
11Macartan Moore16:59.6Petoskey St. Michael…168.5
11Lars Huffman17:05.3Mackinaw City166.6
10Blake Fox17:06.0Johannesburg-Lewiston166.3
11Ronin Vaden17:53.4Johannesburg-Lewiston150.6
12Matt Wilbert18:07.2Rogers City145.9
10Samuel Ford18:07.3Fairview145.9
11Zachary Maendel18:13.7Petoskey St. Michael…143.8
9Arin Pyles18:24.3Fairview140.2
12Austin Brege18:29.0Indian River Inland …138.7
11Cooper Whipkey18:29.2Mackinaw City138.6
10Carter Upper18:35.5Lincoln-Alcona136.5
12Toby Hall18:37.4Johannesburg-Lewiston135.9
9Russell Vandermus18:44.2Petoskey St. Michael…133.6
10Levi Benzing18:44.8Petoskey St. Michael…133.4
10Tyler Deyoung18:45.0Ellsworth133.3
12Logan Alchin18:59.1Fairview128.6
10Iziah Potter19:06.9Central Lake126.0
11Coby Dyer19:08.3Pellston125.6
12Ricky McMurray19:08.8Bellaire125.4
12Mick Robinson19:13.4Bellaire123.9
11Mitchell Hall19:20.6Johannesburg-Lewiston121.5
11Trennen Smith19:26.6Fairview119.5
10Patrick Puroll19:28.4Ellsworth118.9
11Noah Valot19:34.3Mackinaw City116.9
12Gaige French19:35.1Gaylord St. Mary116.6
12RJ Whisler19:41.0Central Lake114.7
12Logan May19:53.8Johannesburg-Lewiston110.4
10Tristan Swanson20:04.2Mackinaw City106.9
9Isaac Paga20:25.3Petoskey St. Michael…99.9
11Aidan Yaske20:57.4Gaylord St. Mary89.2
11Ian Oliver20:58.6Gaylord St. Mary88.8
11Jeffrey Siebigteroth21:02.6Mackinaw City87.5
12Ty Thompson21:03.3Indian River Inland …87.2
12Tyler Demory21:09.3Fairview85.2
10Luca Menestrina21:33.4Bellaire77.2
11Liam Boyd21:35.4Bellaire76.5
12Shane Skinner21:44.0Indian River Inland …73.7
12Dylan Mertz21:45.3Rogers City73.2
9Aiden Downey21:45.7Fairview73.1
10Laith Griffith22:09.2Pellston65.3
10Hunter Sonnenberg22:10.5Pellston64.8
12Liam Nolan22:21.5Petoskey St. Michael…61.2
10Kaleb Wright22:26.2Fairview59.6
12Drew Betke22:30.3Indian River Inland …58.2
11Evan Perreault22:33.2Indian River Inland …57.3
9Elijah Major22:34.0Gaylord St. Mary57.0
12PJ Canistra22:35.2Wolverine56.6
9Logan McMullen22:37.8Indian River Inland …55.7
9Beau McKervey22:42.3Wolverine54.2
11Preston Schmit22:44.6Pellston53.5
10Jonah Riddle22:47.8Rogers City52.4
11Andrew Drake22:49.6Wolverine51.8
11Nicholas Sponable22:59.7Ellsworth48.4
8Ben Stritmatter23:25.0Mackinaw City40.0
Benjamin Strange23:56.9Ellsworth29.4
Skyler Seaney23:56.9Ellsworth29.4
12Nevin Thompson24:40.4Indian River Inland …14.9
11Landon Mertz25:07.3Rogers City5.9

12Tyler Guggemos15:49.9Kalkaska194.1
11Cal Benjamin16:11.8Harbor Springs186.7
12Sam Peterson16:13.8Charlevoix186.1
12Charlie Ward16:51.8Elk Rapids173.4
10Tucker Krumm16:54.5Traverse City St. Fr…172.5
9Josh Slocum16:59.1Traverse City St. Fr…171.0
12Dominic Schwein17:02.1Charlevoix170.0
11Josh Kerr17:05.5Traverse City St. Fr…168.8
12Lance Smar17:11.6Harbor Springs166.8
12Hayden Moore17:18.2Kalkaska164.6
10Drew Moore17:20.1Grayling164.0
9Lewis Walter17:21.0Traverse City St. Fr…163.7
12Thomas Richards17:26.8Traverse City St. Fr…161.7
12Luke Shehigian17:30.1Harbor Springs160.6
10Gavin Guggemos17:32.5Kalkaska159.8
12Josh Fairbanks17:33.3Roscommon159.6
11Caleb Kerfoot17:38.9Elk Rapids157.7
11Judge Morgan17:41.9Traverse City St. Fr…156.7
12Cameron Ketchum17:46.6Grayling155.1
11Dan Wildfong17:48.6Mancelona154.5
10Christian Kerfoot17:49.4Elk Rapids154.2
10Trevor Clark17:49.6Harbor Springs154.1
11James Descamps17:53.4Charlevoix152.9
11Connor McIntyre17:53.7Traverse City St. Fr…152.8
10Jaymes Wildfong18:06.6Mancelona148.5
9Max Ward18:10.4Elk Rapids147.2
10Seth Brown18:11.5Elk Rapids146.8
10Emerson Barnes18:11.7Elk Rapids146.8
12Thomas Arnold18:17.0Charlevoix145.0
10Camden Moore18:18.0Kalkaska144.7
10Brian Kilborn18:18.5Roscommon144.5
10Scott Bush18:23.3Charlevoix142.9
12Jackson Thiel18:25.9Roscommon142.0
9Benjen Sheaffer18:35.6Charlevoix138.8
11Jacob Drayer18:37.1Harbor Springs138.3
10Teague Hartman18:43.1Grayling136.3
10Isaac Black18:43.5East Jordan136.2
12Ziebarth Caleb18:45.5East Jordan135.5
9David Dhaseleer18:59.1Charlevoix131.0
9Christian Hicks19:01.1Kalkaska130.3
12Mason Malpass19:08.9East Jordan127.7
9Trace Toteff19:15.6Elk Rapids125.5
11Fox Marculewicz19:17.9Grayling124.7
9Jacob Chamberlain19:19.8East Jordan124.1
12Joel Ewald19:23.0Roscommon123.0
12James Lakie19:27.6Mancelona121.5
12Jeffery Kennedy19:36.2Grayling118.6
11Joseph Heckroth19:38.2Boyne City117.9
11Timothy March19:38.5Boyne City117.8
10Adam Williams19:49.4Kalkaska114.2
11Ethan Sharpe19:50.4Roscommon113.9
9Charlie Ranney19:51.9Harbor Springs113.4
10Ben Hamina19:52.4Roscommon113.2
9Brady Bearss19:54.3Boyne City112.6
12Trevor Rakoczy19:56.2Grayling111.9
12Jacob Olds19:58.0Kalkaska111.3
11Guy Chamberlain19:59.0East Jordan111.0
10Diego Arias Paz Ga…19:59.1East Jordan111.0
10Xander Whitford20:06.0Tawas108.7
10Ryan Cole20:33.3Houghton Lake99.6
11Daniel Stone20:36.1Tawas98.6
11Hunter Lalonde20:44.2Standish Sterling96.0
9Brandon Morley20:50.4Roscommon93.9
10Corbin Smith21:01.2Boyne City90.3
10Jesse Hartman21:08.2Tawas87.9
12Josh Bruno21:17.8Tawas84.7
11Austin Billinghurst21:24.1Tawas82.6
10Kale Black21:25.3Grayling82.2
11Matthew Tiffany21:29.3Tawas80.9
9Carson Olds21:46.9Mancelona75.0
12Hans Lobes22:56.3Mancelona51.9
11Henry Bair23:08.5Boyne City47.8
10Ben Bruno23:28.4Tawas41.2
10Alec Hoose24:09.7Mancelona27.4

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