Region 19 Preview

Reliable as they come, St. Francis at the front yet again.

Where: East Jordan Community Park, East Jordan.

The Course: This seemed to run a bit fast last year, +30 to 40 seconds, but I believe that was a bit generous.

Due to time constraints, omitting the “What to Watch For” section.  If you’ve followed JFT, me, or are just a fan of the sport, you should have a good idea. 😊




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Traverse City St. Francis24124891213
2Harbor Springs695101121222528
3Elk Rapids867161920243640
5East Jordan130
6Boyne City168

Ranked Teams: Traverse City St. Francis (3), Harbor Springs (15), Elk Rapids (19)

112Allison ChmielewskiRoscommon156.3
211Sophia RheinTraverse City St. Francis136.2
39Betsy SkendzelTraverse City St. Francis127.8
411Ava MaginityBoyne City126.3
59Grace SlocumTraverse City St. Francis124.2
612Maye BurnsHarbor Springs121.1
710Katie RohrerCharlevoix107.3
812Hannah JanssenElk Rapids103.4
99Mary MasserantTraverse City St. Francis96.1
1010Rylee DuffingTraverse City St. Francis91.9
1111Grace ThorpeHarbor Springs91.0
129Juniper RodhamHarbor Springs89.6
1310Maddie GallagherTraverse City St. Francis85.1
1410Margot HagertyTraverse City St. Francis83.8
1511Aaliyah CotaTawas81.1
1612Taylor SheridanEast Jordan76.7
1710Eva PrayElk Rapids75.0
1812Lydia FraszBoyne City72.8
1911Rachel DescampsCharlevoix72.1
2010Jaida SchulteElk Rapids71.8
2112Sarah ZamaitesElk Rapids71.2
2211Katelyn DrayerHarbor Springs68.9
2312Julia RichterHarbor Springs68.9
2411Christine WhitakerEast Jordan66.2
259Hunter SchellenbargerElk Rapids66.0
2612Claire HayhurstHarbor Springs64.3
2711Brooklyn WhitefordKalkaska56.3
2812Leah RohrerCharlevoix55.8
2911Josie BakerHarbor Springs54.7
309Lillian CurtisEast Jordan54.1
3111Josie FairbanksRoscommon54.1
3210Eliah HeiseEast Jordan50.0
3312Addison CotaTawas46.9
349Adele CrookCharlevoix46.7
359Madison BeardenEast Jordan46.6
3612Alexandra BaronCharlevoix45.9
379Abbi WildfongMancelona45.5
3812Clara LeahyElk Rapids43.9
3911Rachel ClausenBoyne City43.8
4012Hannah JibsonEast Jordan42.7
4112Katelyn DunsonEast Jordan40.8
4212Catherine LeahyElk Rapids38.3
439Alyssa RunyanTawas33.8
4410Jocelyn MillikinGrayling33.7
4511Morgan AndersonRoscommon31.0
469Cady MuraidaGrayling30.9
4711Sophia RakoczyGrayling27.1
4812Essi JumiskoTawas25.4
4910Abbie PartenioHoughton Lake23.3
509Maya RohrerCharlevoix23.0

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 19th.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1Traverse City St. Francis405679131721
4Elk Rapids9710192022263752
5Harbor Springs102381833405969
8East Jordan198
10Boyne City311

Ranked Teams: Traverse City St. Francis (3), Charlevoix (10), Kalkaska (15), Elk Rapids (17), Harbor Springs (21)

112Sam PetersonCharlevoix194.3
212Tyler GuggemosKalkaska193.8
311Cal BenjaminHarbor Springs188.8
412Dominic SchweinCharlevoix175.1
59Josh SlocumTraverse City St. Francis174.4
612Thomas RichardsTraverse City St. Francis173.2
711Josh KerrTraverse City St. Francis172.8
812Lance SmarHarbor Springs171.8
910Tucker KrummTraverse City St. Francis170.1
1012Charlie WardElk Rapids169.1
1110Drew MooreGrayling169.0
1212Hayden MooreKalkaska164.0
1311Connor McIntyreTraverse City St. Francis162.8
1412Josh FairbanksRoscommon162.0
1510Gavin GuggemosKalkaska161.2
1611James DescampsCharlevoix159.2
179Lewis WalterTraverse City St. Francis158.1
1812Luke ShehigianHarbor Springs157.1
1911Caleb KerfootElk Rapids155.3
2010Christian KerfootElk Rapids155.0
2111Judge MorganTraverse City St. Francis154.6
229Max WardElk Rapids151.9
2312Jackson ThielRoscommon151.5
2412Cameron KetchumGrayling145.7
2510Jaymes WildfongMancelona145.3
2610Seth BrownElk Rapids144.5
2712Ziebarth CalebEast Jordan144.4
2812John SauerCharlevoix143.9
2910Brian KilbornRoscommon143.8
3010Camden MooreKalkaska141.6
3110Teague HartmanGrayling139.5
3210Scott BushCharlevoix139.4
3310Trevor ClarkHarbor Springs138.4
3410Adam WilliamsKalkaska137.4
359David DhaseleerCharlevoix136.3
3612Thomas ArnoldCharlevoix135.9
3710Emerson BarnesElk Rapids135.8
3811Guy ChamberlainEast Jordan135.3
3912James LakieMancelona133.1
4011Jacob DrayerHarbor Springs129.9
4112Joel EwaldRoscommon128.7
4211Dan WildfongMancelona127.3
4310Isaac BlackEast Jordan126.8
4412Mason MalpassEast Jordan123.0
4512Jeffery KennedyGrayling122.4
4611Hunter LaLondeStandish-Sterling121.1
479Jacob ChamberlainEast Jordan114.2
4810Ben HaminaRoscommon112.4
499Christian HicksKalkaska111.9
5011Karson SwiszowskiMancelona109.2

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: Three different scenarios for that third team, ranging the last qualifier from 15th to 19th.  Better to be safe than sorry…

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net


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