Region 28 Preview

Johnannesburg-Lewiston has quietly become the dominant running program under Coach Marcum.  Watch them as they continue to shine.

Where: East Jordan Community Park, East Jordan.

The Course: This seemed to run a bit fast last year, +30 to 40 seconds, but I believe that was a bit generous.

Due to time constraints, omitting the “What to Watch For” section.  If you’ve followed JFT, me, or are just a fan of the sport, you should have a good idea. 😊




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
2Petoskey St. Michael60368192429
3Gaylord St. Mary7629202223
4Indian River Inland Lakes8312131418262730
5Central Lake105

Ranked Teams: Johannesburg-Lewiston (5)

111Adelaida GaschoJohannesburg-Lewiston130.6
210Miriam MurrellGaylord St. Mary106.1
311Maia RomeynEllsworth95.0
49Jane MantheiPetoskey St. Michael90.4
510Jessie RossFairview89.1
611Natalie ZochowskiJohannesburg-Lewiston85.7
79Allie NowakJohannesburg-Lewiston80.1
812Emma O’NeilPetoskey St. Michael77.8
910Madalyn AgrenJohannesburg-Lewiston76.8
1011Kayla SwitzerWolverine74.1
1111Larissa HuffmanMackinaw City70.0
129Anna ZielinskiPetoskey St. Michael67.1
1311Emma McKinleyGaylord St. Mary61.7
1412Sara DeckerLincoln-Alcona60.9
1510Rosalinda GaschoJohannesburg-Lewiston56.6
1610Emerson WertmanJohannesburg-Lewiston55.4
1711Lannah EnglerIndian River Inland Lakes45.3
1811Luciana BunkerIndian River Inland Lakes43.5
1912Emma DuncanIndian River Inland Lakes38.6
2011Journey HutchinsCentral Lake37.1
2111Liberty PerryCentral Lake32.5
2210Cora MullinsJohannesburg-Lewiston26.8
2312Keira DulaneyEllsworth25.6
2411Hannah RobinsonIndian River Inland Lakes21.9
2510Leah SchlickauPetoskey St. Michael16.5
2612Emma DeYoungEllsworth8.9
2712Olivia StrangeEllsworth8.4
2811Lydia KirkGaylord St. Mary3.7

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
2Petoskey St. Michael4515715171835
3Mackinaw City846121923242534
5Indian River Inland Lakes119

Ranked Teams: Johannesburg-Lewiston (1), Petoskey St. Michael (8)

112Samuel PagaPetoskey St. Michael182.4
210Malaki GaschoJohannesburg-Lewiston177.8
311Jacob WartenbergJohannesburg-Lewiston177.1
410Blake FoxJohannesburg-Lewiston176.5
511Macartan MoorePetoskey St. Michael169.5
611Lars HuffmanMackinaw City167.1
711Zachary MaendelPetoskey St. Michael162.3
812Toby HallJohannesburg-Lewiston161.2
911Ronin VadenJohannesburg-Lewiston154.3
1012Matt WilbertRogers City153.8
1112Ricky McMurrayBellaire143.6
1212Austin BregeIndian River Inland Lakes140.0
139Arin PylesFairview139.1
1411Cooper WhipkeyMackinaw City138.8
1510Samuel FordFairview138.4
1612Logan MayJohannesburg-Lewiston135.5
1710Carter UpperLincoln-Alcona130.5
189Russell VandermusPetoskey St. Michael130.1
1911Mitchell HallJohannesburg-Lewiston127.4
209Isaac PagaPetoskey St. Michael123.2
2110Levi BenzingPetoskey St. Michael122.4
2210Tyler DeyoungEllsworth121.2
2310Coby DyerPellston120.5
2411Noah ValotMackinaw City115.0
2510Patrick PurollEllsworth114.8
2612Mick RobinsonBellaire109.6
2712Logan AlchinFairview109.1
2811Doug CanistraWolverine105.8
2911Aidan YaskeGaylord St. Mary105.4
3012RJ WhislerCentral Lake96.6
3112Ty ThompsonIndian River Inland Lakes94.0
3210Tristan SwansonMackinaw City92.4
3312Gaige FrenchGaylord St. Mary88.5
3411Jeffrey SiebigterothMackinaw City85.7
3511Ian OliverGaylord St. Mary84.2
36?Chase SwansonMackinaw City75.5
3711Liam BoydBellaire72.8
389Hayden KowalskiFairview71.6
399Aiden DowneyFairview65.8
4010Laith GriffithPellston62.2
4112Shane SkinnerIndian River Inland Lakes60.7
4211Evan PerreaultIndian River Inland Lakes59.9
4310Jonah RiddleRogers City58.8
4412Dylan MertzRogers City57.7
459Logan McMullenIndian River Inland Lakes56.2
4612Drew BetkeIndian River Inland Lakes56.1
4710Luca MenestrinaBellaire49.2
4810Hunter SonnenbergPellston48.5
499Elijah MajorGaylord St. Mary44.1
5011Andrew DrakeWolverine39.6

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 22nd.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net


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