Region 28: Mid-Season Projections

This is the one region where I’m missing a few teams. The issue seems to be the NLC, their meets are so small that I’ve skipped over them, but Ellsworth, Mackinaw City, Alba are in that conference and thus don’t have ratings. I promise they’ll be in here come regional time.


Movin’ Up

Girls: Petoskey St. Michael, Gaylord St. Mary, Indian River Inland Lakes, Fairview, Central Lake

Boys: Petoskey St. Michael, Bellaire, Lincoln-Alcona, Pellston

110Miriam MurrellGaylord St. Mary109.0
211Adelaida GaschoJohannesburg-Lewiston108.3
311Maia RomeynEllsworth91.1
410Jessie RossFairview84.6
59Allie NowakJohannesburg-Lewiston75.0
610Madalyn AgrenJohannesburg-Lewiston69.8
711Natalie ZochowskiJohannesburg-Lewiston68.2
89Jane MantheiPetoskey St. Michael63.1
912Emma O’NeilPetoskey St. Michael60.9
1011Kayla SwitzerWolverine56.6
119Anna ZielinskiPetoskey St. Michael56.3
1210Rosalinda GaschoJohannesburg-Lewiston47.8
1311Lizzy HalbertJohannesburg-Lewiston45.1
1411Emma McKinleyGaylord St. Mary43.0
1512Sara DeckerLincoln-Alcona40.9
1611Luciana BunkerIndian River Inland Lakes39.1
1710Emerson WertmanJohannesburg-Lewiston37.0
1811Lannah EnglerIndian River Inland Lakes31.5
1911Liberty PerryCentral Lake25.4
2012Emma DuncanIndian River Inland Lakes24.3

Little Surprises: Maia Romeyn, Madalyn Agren, Kayla Switzer, Lizzy Halbert

New Arrivals: Jane Manthei, Emma O’Neil, Anna Zielinski, Rosalinda Gascho, Emerson Wertman, Lannah Engler, Liberty Perry

112Samuel PagaPetoskey St. Michael177.1
210Malaki GaschoJohannesburg-Lewiston175.2
311Jacob WartenbergJohannesburg-Lewiston172.7
410Blake FoxJohannesburg-Lewiston170.1
511Macartan MoorePetoskey St. Michael165.7
612Toby HallJohannesburg-Lewiston158.8
711Zachary MaendelPetoskey St. Michael158.5
811Ronin VadenJohannesburg-Lewiston157.7
912Ricky McMurrayBellaire143.7
1010Samuel FordFairview138.5
1112Austin BregeIndian River Inland Lakes136.8
129Arin PylesFairview135.3
1312Joe PerryJohannesburg-Lewiston135.0
1412Logan MayJohannesburg-Lewiston132.3
1510Carter UpperLincoln-Alcona127.9
169Isaac PagaPetoskey St. Michael126.6
179Russell VandermusPetoskey St. Michael125.0
1811Trennen SmithFairview119.8
1910Tyler DeyoungEllsworth112.4
2011Doug CanistraWolverine110.8

Little Surprises: Malaki Gascho, Jacob Wartenberg, Blake Fox, Toby Hall, Ronin Vaden, Ricky McMurray, Samuel Ford, Joe Perry, Carter Upper

New Arrivals: Zachary Maendel, Arin Pyles, Logan May, Russell Vandermus, Tyler Deyoung, Doug Canistra


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