Region 27 Preview

This boys race might be the race of the weekend.  5 teams in the Top 13, potentially separated by 15 points.

Where: Hudson Mills, Dexter

The Course: Changed from Willow to Hudson Mills NORTH because of newly formed rivers running through the Willow course.  This is Jacob Tanner’s favorite course in Southeast Michigan and I’m a fan as well.  Trails, a few hills, great for spectators, a good test.

Due to time constraints, omitting the “What to Watch For” section.  If you’ve followed JFT, me, or are just a fan of the sport, you should have a good idea. 😊




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard373489132324
3Monroe St. Mary CC9412152021263236
6Ann Arbor Greenhills153
8Erie Mason217
9Ypsilanti Arbor Preparatory231
10Adrian Madison266
11Canton Preparatory306

Ranked Teams: Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard (6), Stockbridge (20), Monroe St. Mary CC (22), Clinton (23)

112Rylee TolsonStockbridge159.0
29Eliza BushYpsilanti Arbor Preparatory143.8
312Gianna HovingAnn Arbor Gabriel Richard132.0
412Marian AvilaAnn Arbor Gabriel Richard120.8
511Allie KochManchester115.1
612Brooklyn RochowStockbridge114.5
711Mari CuetoBlissfield104.8
811Gianna-Marie SchubertAnn Arbor Gabriel Richard103.6
910Erin StukAnn Arbor Gabriel Richard103.5
1012McKenna MarshManchester99.9
1110Samantha CootsClinton92.1
129Abby LechyMonroe St. Mary CC86.1
139Alexa DanielsAnn Arbor Gabriel Richard85.8
1412Kaitelyn WalkerStockbridge81.5
1510Samantha LaFountainMonroe St. Mary CC81.1
1610Cylee ElkinsClinton79.6
1710Anika BeryAnn Arbor Greenhills78.5
189Bailey MeiringErie Mason76.1
1910Allison BowlesClinton75.0
209Claire LiskerMonroe St. Mary CC74.0
219Alex WickenheiserMonroe St. Mary CC71.3
2210Meghan SomervilleManchester70.7
2310Ella CapleaAnn Arbor Gabriel Richard69.1
2411Elise BodaryAnn Arbor Gabriel Richard67.8
259Zoey SiererClinton65.7
2610Cailynne FlintMonroe St. Mary CC63.8
279Anna RansomStockbridge63.0
2810Lydia BennettManchester62.7
299Sarah KingClinton61.5
3012Tessa RigelIda59.8
3112Sonya ZacharekAnn Arbor Greenhills58.8
3210June MillerBlissfield56.7
3310Macy CarltonMonroe St. Mary CC56.1
3410Ava KittendorfAnn Arbor Greenhills50.3
3512Zoe BurciagaAdrian Madison49.3
3612Emma MandelkaIda48.9
3712Georgie BranchAnn Arbor Greenhills48.9
3810Maureen SmithMonroe St. Mary CC48.2
3910Savannah RickettsCharyl Stockwell Academy45.2
4012Sarah RobinsonAnn Arbor Greenhills43.8
4110Emma ShanklandClinton42.1
4211Meezan HamzaviAnn Arbor Greenhills39.8
4312Simrin SahotaAnn Arbor Greenhills37.3
4410Gianna TurekManchester30.0
4510Ashlyn HillAdrian Madison29.3
4612Sidney GipeStockbridge28.2
4710Paige ShanklandClinton27.5
4812Sonia GarciaErie Mason20.5
499Megan ButzOttawa Lake-Whiteford14.8
509Eliana JohnsonStockbridge10.4

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: With four teams battling for two spots, that variability heightens the need to get in the Top 15.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
2Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard813131524263336
5Monroe St. Mary CC931141929304255
6Erie Mason131
7Ottawa Lake-Whiteford171
9Charyl Stockwell Academy240
10Adrian Madison253
11Ann Arbor Greenhills305
12Ypsilanti Arbor Preparatory341
13Detroit Collegiate Prep420

Ranked Teams: Stockbridge (8), Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard (9), Monroe St. Mary CC (11), Clinton (12), Manchester (13)

110Simon VanderVluchtMonroe St. Mary CC175.5
211Nathan KippnickManchester174.7
310Sunishthh SinghAnn Arbor Gabriel Richard174.5
411Micah BoltonStockbridge173.6
512Dalton SatkowiakStockbridge172.4
612Gabe NelsonClinton171.4
711Jackson AnselErie Mason170.3
811Caiden KippnickManchester170.0
911Collin CookStockbridge167.8
1010Keegan MastersOttawa Lake-Whiteford167.6
1110Dylan TenglerIda166.6
1212Jacob AnselErie Mason166.0
1311Anthony PucilloAnn Arbor Gabriel Richard164.6
1412Jack PalmerMonroe St. Mary CC162.1
1512Wesley BuonerbaAnn Arbor Gabriel Richard161.1
1612Eric NeffClinton161.1
1712Griffin HarmerIda160.3
1812Seth BeerensManchester157.9
1912Henry BarronMonroe St. Mary CC157.1
2012Preston MackenzieManchester155.7
2112Matthew UrbanczykClinton152.3
2210Lucas GoodmanClinton152.2
2310Lincoln ChaAnn Arbor Greenhills150.9
2410Luke BounerbaAnn Arbor Gabriel Richard150.9
2510Ethan WrightStockbridge150.7
2611James BenzAnn Arbor Gabriel Richard150.5
2711Zack GilliesClinton149.4
2812Ethan CuschieriErie Mason148.7
2912Gabe IottMonroe St. Mary CC147.7
3012Ben MillerBlissfield147.3
3111Luke FosterMonroe St. Mary CC147.0
3212Luke MurphyOttawa Lake-Whiteford146.4
3311Henry FrederickAdrian Madison145.9
3412Stephen WojtanowskiAnn Arbor Gabriel Richard145.6
3511Elliott RodgersOttawa Lake-Whiteford145.0
369Parker CampbellErie Mason142.8
3711Nick CastrogiovanniAnn Arbor Gabriel Richard141.3
3812Brendan WrightStockbridge141.2
3911Jamari WilliamsAdrian Madison139.2
4010Anthony UrbaniakCharyl Stockwell Academy138.3
4111Caden ArntzClinton136.6
429Evan VoreBlissfield134.4
4311Ray ShumakerCharyl Stockwell Academy133.7
4410Jacob SmithMonroe St. Mary CC133.2
4512Peace LittleDearborn Advanced Technology131.8
4610Sebastian BeskowCharyl Stockwell Academy130.8
4711Logan KippnickManchester130.5
4811Carter GrofAdrian Madison129.7
4912Cole CrouchOttawa Lake-Whiteford127.6
509Gabe ManchesterClinton126.4

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: With FIVE teams battling for three spots, so many scenarios only solidified by finishing in the Top 15.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net


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