Region 6 Preview

The course can change, but the fierce competition will be all the same.  Kiley vs. Line for one more head to head battle and Churchill vs. Northville to avenge the past.

Where: Hudson Mills, Dexter

The Course: Changed from Willow to Hudson Mills NORTH because of newly formed rivers running through the Willow course.  This is Jacob Tanner’s favorite course in Southeast Michigan and I’m a fan as well.  Trails, a few hills, great for spectators, a good test.

Due to time constraints, omitting the “What to Watch For” section.  If you’ve followed JFT, me, or are just a fan of the sport, you should have a good idea. 😊




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
5Ann Arbor Huron163
6Livonia Churchill176
8Livonia Franklin188
9Livonia Stevenson201
11Oak Park315
12Detroit Renaissance341
13Detroit Cass Tech373

Ranked Teams: Northville (5), Plymouth (10)

112Jennie LineNorthville156.6
212Lauren KileyPlymouth154.6
311Isabell KulickSalem146.3
49Cassie GarciaNorthville139.0
510Ella ChristensenNorthville139.0
612Sarah CoynePlymouth136.3
710Cara NewmanCanton135.9
89Lucinda PalianiAnn Arbor Huron134.5
910Kylee KingOak Park129.7
1010Morgan BrownLivonia Churchill128.1
1110Aliya KurianPlymouth127.0
1212Gina CouyoumjianNorthville125.5
1310Anjali KidambiNovi123.0
1410Emerson NordbeckLivonia Franklin122.6
1510Layla KrayemLivonia Stevenson121.4
1610Sonya ShelgikarAnn Arbor Huron118.8
1710Alexis PickerelCanton118.7
1812Thea SchleyCanton118.1
199Maya LabonteNorthville114.4
209Elaina BraunscheidelLivonia Stevenson114.3
2110Lily HetzelSalem113.6
2212Allison StoweSalem112.9
2310Lily ConnorsNorthville110.0
249Rosie GregoryNorthville107.9
2512Elizabeth DanceySalem107.6
269Abigail ShortBerkley106.6
2711Abigail GermanNovi105.9
289Ava PetersLivonia Franklin105.8
2912Megan OlsonPlymouth105.5
3010Claudia SwensonPlymouth104.4
319Lauren BickerdtDetroit Renaissance103.8
3212Whitney RicksLivonia Churchill103.1
3311Emonie BonnerLivonia Franklin100.6
3412Kailey FlynnLivonia Churchill100.5
3512Iris DingSalem99.4
3611Rachel OvergaardAnn Arbor Huron99.2
3710Nora SchleyCanton98.9
389Rosa BrodyCanton98.6
3912Ava GattoCanton97.1
4010Lillianna GumberSalem94.6
4112Sasha FoxPlymouth93.7
4212Elena WheelerSalem93.5
4312Ava GullittiPlymouth92.6
4410Sanya AhmedCanton92.5
4512Jayashree SundaramNovi91.4
4611McKenzie PerezLivonia Churchill89.8
4710Madeleine AndrzejakBerkley87.0
489Kaelin HughesLivonia Stevenson86.4
4910Rose PebblesNovi86.0
5012Rachel LeeNovi81.1

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: With either Salem or Canton as the third team, the projection remains the same – 15th.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
2Livonia Churchill74781023263437
4Detroit Catholic Central12514162732363943
7Detroit U-D Jesuit192
8Ann Arbor Huron207
9Livonia Stevenson250
11Livonia Franklin319
13Oak Park421
14Detroit Cass Tech457
15Detroit Renaissance495
16Westland John Glenn501

Ranked Teams: Northville (3), Livonia Churchill (12), Plymouth (18), Detroit Catholic Central (25)

111Sean ByrnesPlymouth198.2
210Brendan HergerNorthville197.3
312Luke NelsonSalem197.1
49Ethan PowellNorthville195.2
511Brady HeronNorthville193.1
611Griffin ConwayNovi192.4
711Seth PiangaLivonia Churchill192.1
812Owen SwisherLivonia Churchill192.0
912Andrew LaeschSalem187.7
1012Shawn JulietteLivonia Churchill186.9
1111Alex BobakPlymouth186.3
1211Brock MalaikalNorthville186.2
1311Brandon LattaNorthville186.1
1411Matthew AtkinsonDetroit Catholic Central185.9
1511Elliot CareySalem185.2
1612Brett LeidalDetroit Catholic Central184.7
1711Nathan RidderingNovi184.7
1811Tyler GaylordPlymouth184.6
1912Luke DrozLivonia Stevenson183.7
2012Noah EckenrothNorthville181.4
2111Matthew ShortBerkley180.7
229Logan MullanDetroit U-D Jesuit180.3
2312Thomas AveyLivonia Churchill180.2
2412Brian McCallumNorthville179.6
2512Jimmy SchaferNovi179.2
2612Alan CorpLivonia Churchill178.8
2711Miles BuckleyDetroit Catholic Central177.9
2812Alec KoscielniakDetroit U-D Jesuit177.7
2912Matthew DowlingAnn Arbor Huron177.6
3011Reuben PhilipLivonia Stevenson177.2
3112Noah SegerstromNovi177.2
3211Michael EhresmanDetroit Catholic Central176.3
339Jack ChadwickPlymouth176.1
3411Caden MorcheLivonia Churchill175.7
3512Justin TrujilloLivonia Franklin174.6
3611Josh LassalineDetroit Catholic Central173.5
3712Tomas PeraltaLivonia Churchill173.4
3812Lev NakamuraAnn Arbor Huron173.3
3911Jack KellyDetroit Catholic Central171.8
4010Lucas WeintraubAnn Arbor Huron171.6
4110Anirudh KrishnanPlymouth171.5
4211Adam BigelowAnn Arbor Huron171.1
4312Joshua AlevaDetroit Catholic Central170.8
4411Noah KnutsenPlymouth170.7
4510Alvin StantonDetroit U-D Jesuit170.4
4612Russell RobersonSalem169.7
4711Owen DorweilerDetroit U-D Jesuit169.3
4812Kevin PersonOak Park168.3
4911Jackson TromblyPlymouth166.7
5012Danny MillerDetroit U-D Jesuit166.4

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 17th.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net


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