2021 Ratings: Hudson Mills Regional (27, 6)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Region 27 Preview
Region 6 Preview

27 Girls Adjustment: -11
6 Girls Adjustment: -17
27 Boys Adjustment:
6 Boys Adjustment: -15

People have been clamoring for me to rate different races or divisions on the same course, same day.  I agree with this notion as the course can change and so can the weather conditions.  It does produce a bit more variability in ratings when you’re working with a smaller sample, but I feel it’s applicable for regionals this year.  And since I have the time to do so, I’ll do so here.  Some don’t make as much sense, but you have to understand there’s a range of error with each listing.  The smaller the race, the higher that range.  You’ll see that here, but I believe the change throughout the day will make sense.


Samantha Coots, Clinton: Three consecutive Top 10’s in championship season for Sam.  6th in Lenawee County, 4th at LCAA, and 5th here. 

Aliya Kurian, Plymouth: With the way that Aliya (and her fellow teammates) have run in the past few weeks, Plymouth becomes a Top 5 contender.  She had been in the high-19’s for much of the season but has kicked it up a notch, hitting 19:30’s the past two weeks. 

The Entire Erie-Mason Boys Team: I’m still in disbelief.  Really not much to say here other than everyone performed better than expected.  We’re here for all the upsets.  I will cover this more in detail in the regional recap.

Luke Nelson, Salem: It’s been a fairytale year for Luke, one of great improvement from 2020.  For much of last year, Luke languished above 17:00.  In 2021, he’s consistently been in the 16’s and even lower, twice breaking 16:00.  His regional race wasn’t as quick, but on Saturday, watch to see if he can channel the form he found at Rambling Rock and KLAA.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 5/6 Boys, 5/6 Girls; 63/72 Boys Overall, 62/72 Girls Overall
Athletic: 5/6 Boys, 4/6 Girls; 63/72 Boys Overall, 60/72 Girls Overall

12Rylee Tolson18:25.9Stockbridge155.0
9Eliza Bush18:54.5Ypsilanti Arbor Prep…145.5
12Gianna Hoving19:36.2Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri…131.6
11Allie Koch20:44.6Manchester108.8
10Samantha Coots20:53.3Clinton105.9
10Cylee Elkins20:54.9Clinton105.4
12Brooklyn Rochow21:07.4Stockbridge101.2
12Marian Avila21:10.7Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri…100.1
9Abby Lechy21:16.6Monroe St. Mary CC98.1
11Mari Cueto21:23.6Blissfield95.8
10Samantha LaFountain21:27.1Monroe St. Mary CC94.6
11Gianna-Marie Schub…21:31.9Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri…93.0
10Erin Stuk21:33.9Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri…92.4
9Alex Wickenheiser21:35.1Monroe St. Mary CC92.0
9Bailey Meiring21:35.9Erie Mason91.7
10Allison Bowles21:39.8Clinton90.4
12Tessa Rigel21:56.7Ida84.8
12McKenna Marsh21:59.9Manchester83.7
9Claire Lisker22:05.6Monroe St. Mary CC81.8
10Anika Bery22:08.0Ann Arbor Greenhills81.0
9Alexa Daniels22:10.7Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri…80.1
10June Miller22:15.3Blissfield78.6
9Anna Ransom22:16.4Stockbridge78.2
12Kaitelyn Walker22:26.9Stockbridge74.7
9Clare Flanagan22:45.4Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri…68.5
10Katelyn Bydlowski22:46.0Ida68.3
9Sarah King22:47.7Clinton67.8
12Emma Mandelka22:56.2Ida64.9
12Sonya Zacharek22:59.7Ann Arbor Greenhills63.8
10Ava Kittendorf23:00.8Ann Arbor Greenhills63.4
9Zoey Sierer23:05.9Clinton61.7
10Maureen Smith23:16.9Monroe St. Mary CC58.0
10Lydia Bennett23:18.3Manchester57.6
10Macy Carlton23:19.3Monroe St. Mary CC57.2
10Cailynne Flint23:42.9Monroe St. Mary CC49.4
10Savannah Ricketts23:43.9Charyl Stockwell Aca…49.0
10Meghan Somerville23:50.3Manchester46.9
10Gianna Turek23:53.8Manchester45.7
10Ella Caplea23:55.9Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri…45.0
12Simrin Sahota23:59.8Ann Arbor Greenhills43.7
10Emma Shankland24:04.7Clinton42.1
12Sonia Garcia24:13.6Erie Mason39.1
11Meezan Hamzavi24:16.6Ann Arbor Greenhills38.1
12Sarah Robinson24:28.4Ann Arbor Greenhills34.2
10Paige Shankland24:30.2Clinton33.6
10Ashlyn Hill24:47.2Adrian Madison27.9
11Emily Bella24:57.0Blissfield24.7
9Mikaela Graves25:09.9Erie Mason20.4
12Georgie Branch25:10.1Ann Arbor Greenhills20.3
9Elizabeth Lambert25:11.0Erie Mason20.0
9Megan Butz25:29.2Ottawa Lake-Whiteford13.9
11Cheyenne Crouch25:38.5Erie Mason10.8
10Andrea Borowy25:47.0Stockbridge8.0
12Sidney Gipe25:48.6Stockbridge7.5
10Annabelle Gapp26:04.4Ottawa Lake-Whiteford2.2

12Jennie Line18:35.0Northville154.0
12Lauren Kiley18:52.1Plymouth148.3
12Sarah Coyne19:21.3Plymouth138.6
11Isabell Kulick19:24.0Salem137.7
10Ella Christensen19:32.6Northville134.8
10Aliya Kurian19:34.2Plymouth134.3
9Lucinda Paliani19:36.8Ann Arbor Huron133.4
10Kylee King19:39.3Oak Park132.6
11Cara Newman19:58.6Canton126.1
11Anjali Kidambi19:59.5Novi125.8
12Thea Schley20:17.9Canton119.7
12Gina Couyoumjian20:20.6Northville118.8
12Elizabeth Dancey20:21.2Salem118.6
10Layla Krayem20:27.5Livonia Stevenson116.5
10Lily Hetzel20:30.6Salem115.5
9Lauren Bickerdt20:32.5Detroit Renaissance114.8
9Elaina Braunscheidel20:35.3Livonia Stevenson113.9
9Rosie Gregory20:35.9Northville113.7
9Abigail Short20:36.6Berkley113.5
10Sonya Shelgikar20:42.3Ann Arbor Huron111.6
10Claudia Swenson20:42.5Plymouth111.5
12Megan Olson20:42.6Plymouth111.5
12Whitney Ricks20:42.8Livonia Churchill111.4
9Rosa Brody20:45.0Canton110.7
10Nora Schley20:46.2Canton110.3
12Allison Stowe20:47.0Salem110.0
9Maya Labonte20:49.7Northville109.1
10Alexis Pickerel21:00.8Canton105.4
9Ava Peters21:04.3Livonia Franklin104.2
10Lillianna Gumber21:07.6Salem103.1
11Jasmine Beltrame21:12.4Northville101.5
12Ava Gatto21:16.2Canton100.3
11Abigail German21:18.0Novi99.7
11Emonie Bonner21:18.8Livonia Franklin99.4
12Sasha Fox21:26.7Plymouth96.8
11Sanya Ahmed21:37.6Canton93.1
11McKenzie Perez21:40.1Livonia Churchill92.3
9Kaelin Hughes21:46.5Livonia Stevenson90.2
12Iris Ding21:47.8Salem89.7
9Kendra Bogan21:52.3Ann Arbor Huron88.2
12Jayashree Sundaram21:53.7Novi87.8
12Lily Bourgeois21:58.1Livonia Churchill86.3
12Ava Hughes22:05.2Salem83.9
10Rose Pebbles22:06.7Novi83.4
12Rachel Lee22:08.4Novi82.9
11Emiliya Ramazanova22:09.0Livonia Franklin82.7
9Brooklyn Hannah22:15.5Livonia Franklin80.5
11Ella Horn22:16.8Plymouth80.1
9Jaya Shah22:18.6Ann Arbor Huron79.5
10Chesney Rudy22:25.0Livonia Churchill77.3
11Tessa Long22:25.6Novi77.1
10Emma BeBeau22:26.2Livonia Stevenson76.9
10Sarah Conley22:37.7Ann Arbor Huron73.1
10Amirah Humphries22:37.8Detroit Cass Tech73.1
11Emily Ma22:38.8Ann Arbor Huron72.7
10Madeleine Andrzejak22:42.3Berkley71.6
10Julia Spielman22:43.9Livonia Churchill71.0
12Allyson Smolarek22:44.7Novi70.8
11Katherine Sullivan22:55.1Livonia Stevenson67.3
11Mia Solomon23:00.5Ann Arbor Huron65.5
9Sunnie Fabian23:01.7Livonia Franklin65.1
11Leah Kuhn23:20.1Livonia Franklin59.0
11Rebecca Rohmfeld23:31.6Livonia Churchill55.1
12Amber Evancho23:45.1Livonia Franklin50.6
10Alena Enerson23:49.4Berkley49.2
10Rachel Andree23:49.6Livonia Stevenson49.1
9Paris Williams24:15.6Detroit Cass Tech40.5
9Ziomarea Lewis24:19.0Detroit Cass Tech39.3
9Alexandra Capauno24:22.9Berkley38.0
10Lilly Tuite24:57.1Berkley26.6
10Aliyah Coleman25:15.0Detroit Cass Tech20.7
12Emily Lelli25:21.0Berkley18.7
11Hope Smolka25:22.6Livonia Churchill18.1
9Ella Pochron25:33.9Berkley14.4
10Zion Lewis25:55.2Detroit Renaissance7.3
10Maya Anderson25:55.4Detroit Cass Tech7.2

11Jackson Ansel17:11.8Erie Mason179.4
10Simon VanderVlucht17:12.3Monroe St. Mary CC179.2
11Micah Bolton17:14.5Stockbridge178.5
10Sunishthh Singh17:19.4Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri…176.9
12Dalton Satkowiak17:24.6Stockbridge175.1
11Collin Cook17:29.9Stockbridge173.4
11Caiden Kippnick17:34.7Manchester171.8
11Anthony Pucillo17:41.5Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri…169.5
10Keegan Masters17:44.2Ottawa Lake-Whiteford168.6
12Gabe Nelson17:45.9Clinton168.0
12Jacob Ansel17:47.6Erie Mason167.5
12Griffin Harmer17:53.6Ida165.5
12Ethan Cuschieri17:54.8Erie Mason165.1
12Seth Beerens17:56.3Manchester164.6
10Dylan Tengler18:05.5Ida161.5
11Zack Gillies18:14.3Clinton158.6
11Nathan Kippnick18:14.3Manchester158.6
12Jack Palmer18:18.5Monroe St. Mary CC157.2
12Wesley Buonerba18:20.1Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri…156.6
12Henry Barron18:20.8Monroe St. Mary CC156.4
12Preston Mackenzie18:22.5Manchester155.8
12Eric Neff18:23.2Clinton155.6
10Luke Bounerba18:24.1Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri…155.3
12Gabe Iott18:26.6Monroe St. Mary CC154.5
10Lucas Goodman18:28.2Clinton153.9
12Stephen Wojtanowski18:36.4Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri…151.2
12Matthew Urbanczyk18:39.8Clinton150.1
11Elliott Rodgers18:41.3Ottawa Lake-Whiteford149.6
12Luke Murphy18:42.4Ottawa Lake-Whiteford149.2
9Austin Sulier18:49.2Erie Mason146.9
11Luke Foster18:56.6Monroe St. Mary CC144.5
12Brendan Wright18:58.9Stockbridge143.7
10Collin Parent18:59.5Erie Mason143.5
11James Benz19:00.9Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri…143.0
11Henry Frederick19:02.3Adrian Madison142.6
9Parker Campbell19:02.5Erie Mason142.5
11Caden Arntz19:04.3Clinton141.9
10Ethan Wright19:07.9Stockbridge140.7
12Ben Miller19:08.1Blissfield140.6
11Jamari Williams19:09.1Adrian Madison140.3
11Carter Grof19:16.1Adrian Madison138.0
12Ryan Doty19:17.0Clinton137.7
10Jacob Smith19:23.3Monroe St. Mary CC135.6
12Ben Chapman19:28.1Stockbridge134.0
12Cole Crouch19:31.0Ottawa Lake-Whiteford133.0
11Logan Kippnick19:32.3Manchester132.6
12Peace Little19:35.1Dearborn Advanced Te…131.6
10Lincoln Cha19:42.0Ann Arbor Greenhills129.3
12Aidan Wright19:44.4Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri…128.5
10Zach Kahn19:46.1Ottawa Lake-Whiteford128.0
10Sebastian Beskow19:46.7Charyl Stockwell Aca…127.8
10Anthony Urbaniak19:48.3Charyl Stockwell Aca…127.2
9Kevin Roberts20:05.2Ypsilanti Arbor Prep…121.6
9Evan Vore20:08.4Blissfield120.5
10Jack Coluccy20:09.9Manchester120.0
12Joseph Braun20:11.3Charyl Stockwell Aca…119.6
12Ryan Oberle20:15.0Ottawa Lake-Whiteford118.3
11Ryan Joyce20:17.0Erie Mason117.7
12Michael Thompson20:20.8Monroe St. Mary CC116.4
10Will Dykstra20:21.4Manchester116.2
11James Roth20:23.6Charyl Stockwell Aca…115.5
11Ray Shumaker20:33.4Charyl Stockwell Aca…112.2
10Kyle Tomasik20:33.4Charyl Stockwell Aca…112.2
12Brandon Howlett20:44.4Stockbridge108.5
12Nick Oberle20:59.3Ottawa Lake-Whiteford103.6
9Mason Stranahan21:00.2Ann Arbor Greenhills103.3
10Kyle Boucher21:04.6Ypsilanti Arbor Prep…101.8
12Gabriel Shouse21:06.6Charyl Stockwell Aca…101.1
12Jayden Williams21:09.0Dearborn Advanced Te…100.3
12Austin Rodlund21:18.0Adrian Madison97.3
11Paul Prokhorov21:31.0Ann Arbor Greenhills93.0
9Aviere Jiminez21:51.3Ypsilanti Arbor Prep…86.2
10Jordan Cross21:57.9Dearborn Advanced Te…84.0
11Justin Mickey22:05.2Canton Preparatory81.6
12Brian Porcel22:10.9Taylor Preparatory79.7
11Savion Gray22:12.0Canton Preparatory79.3
11Brendan Smith22:14.1Ypsilanti Arbor Prep…78.6
9Howei Ding22:40.4Ann Arbor Greenhills69.9
10Landon Wolfenbarger22:43.5Ida68.8
10Nate Gajar22:51.6Ann Arbor Greenhills66.1
10Michael Johnson22:52.0Canton Preparatory66.0
12Nathaniel Viera23:01.6Hope Of Detroit62.8
11Delmarco Gantz23:01.7Detroit Voyageur62.8
12Nick Kuhn23:03.8Ida62.1
10Joseph Yoon23:11.4Ann Arbor Greenhills59.5
11Omar Facundo23:18.8Hope Of Detroit57.1
9Josh Harris23:20.9Blissfield56.4
11Milahn Jarrett23:25.4Detroit Voyageur54.9
9Jawaune Spencer23:28.6Taylor Preparatory53.8
10Luke Small23:32.9Ida52.4
10Qurii Darden23:38.7Detroit Voyageur50.4
9Dimaunye Smith23:40.7Detroit Voyageur49.8
12Ethan Adamski23:46.1Adrian Madison48.0
9Geo Woodside23:52.9Ann Arbor Greenhills45.7
10Jacob Strine-Karcher23:56.0Ypsilanti Arbor Prep…44.7
12Steven Knight24:00.1Hope Of Detroit43.3
11Yannis Whitehead24:13.5Hope Of Detroit38.8
9Kalil Minor24:25.5Detroit Collegiate P…34.8
10Kel’sey Horton24:27.4Taylor Preparatory34.2
10Brandon Watts24:41.6Hope Of Detroit29.5
12Antonio Johnson25:16.8Taylor Preparatory17.7
11Salman Chouman25:22.0Canton Preparatory16.0
10Julius Ceballos26:01.3Hope Of Detroit2.9

11Sean Byrnes16:18.2Plymouth198.9
10Brendan Herger16:23.7Northville197.1
9Ethan Powell16:24.8Northville196.7
11Seth Pianga16:29.1Livonia Churchill195.3
12Luke Droz16:35.5Livonia Stevenson193.2
11Brady Heron16:37.1Northville192.6
12Brett Leidal16:40.1Detroit Catholic Cen…191.6
12Luke Nelson16:42.8Salem190.7
11Matthew Atkinson16:50.8Detroit Catholic Cen…188.1
11Brandon Latta16:51.2Northville187.9
12Shawn Juliette16:53.6Livonia Churchill187.1
11Tyler Gaylord16:56.3Plymouth186.2
11Alex Bobak16:57.1Plymouth186.0
12Owen Swisher16:57.5Livonia Churchill185.8
11Griffin Conway16:57.6Novi185.8
11Elliot Carey16:58.2Salem185.6
11Matthew Short16:59.8Berkley185.1
11Brock Malaikal17:00.6Northville184.8
12Brian McCallum17:01.7Northville184.4
9Logan Mullan17:03.0Detroit U-D Jesuit184.0
12Noah Eckenroth17:11.0Northville181.3
11Miles Buckley17:13.9Detroit Catholic Cen…180.4
12Thomas Avey17:14.4Livonia Churchill180.2
12Noah Segerstrom17:16.8Novi179.4
11Reuben Philip17:18.1Livonia Stevenson179.0
11Michael Ehresman17:19.8Detroit Catholic Cen…178.4
12Mihir Gupta17:22.1Novi177.6
12Lev Nakamura17:23.2Ann Arbor Huron177.3
12Joshua Aleva17:23.9Detroit Catholic Cen…177.0
11Noah Knutsen17:26.6Plymouth176.1
12Jimmy Schafer17:26.8Novi176.1
10Ian Lewis17:27.8Livonia Churchill175.7
11Jack Leyden17:28.1Salem175.6
11Jack Kelly17:29.4Detroit Catholic Cen…175.2
10Lucas Weintraub17:29.9Ann Arbor Huron175.0
9Jack Chadwick17:34.9Plymouth173.4
12Alan Corp17:37.0Livonia Churchill172.7
11Adam Bigelow17:40.3Ann Arbor Huron171.6
11Josh Lassaline17:43.3Detroit Catholic Cen…170.6
11Caden Morche17:44.3Livonia Churchill170.2
12Andrew Laesch17:46.5Salem169.5
12Alec Koscielniak17:47.4Detroit U-D Jesuit169.2
12Justin Trujillo17:50.2Livonia Franklin168.3
9Adam Dicken17:52.0Canton167.7
12Kevin Person17:55.2Oak Park166.6
11George Householder17:57.2Livonia Franklin165.9
11Nathan Clark17:58.8Canton165.4
9Walker Brose17:58.8Ann Arbor Huron165.4
12Luke Bevington18:04.3Canton163.6
12Kyle Quint18:04.7Salem163.4
12Noah Mualem18:05.6Detroit U-D Jesuit163.1
11Ryland Hughes18:06.1Livonia Stevenson163.0
12Russell Roberson18:07.2Salem162.6
12Matthew Dowling18:08.9Ann Arbor Huron162.0
10Oliver Moss18:09.2Berkley161.9
11Owen Dorweiler18:11.1Detroit U-D Jesuit161.3
11Nathan Riddering18:12.3Novi160.9
11Ben Gnatek18:13.7Novi160.4
11Jackson Trombly18:14.7Plymouth160.1
12Joey Nunez18:16.8Westland John Glenn159.4
12Danny Miller18:17.0Detroit U-D Jesuit159.3
9Clark Madden18:19.7Canton158.4
12Jimmy Oberman18:20.4Livonia Franklin158.2
10Anirudh Krishnan18:22.5Plymouth157.5
11Aidan Behmer18:24.0Ann Arbor Huron157.0
10Declan Foley18:25.6Detroit U-D Jesuit156.5
10Sam Peters18:27.0Canton156.0
12Seth Wood18:30.7Novi154.8
11Max Farnsworth18:31.1Canton154.6
12Josiah Graddick18:32.6Detroit U-D Jesuit154.1
12Blake Hallisy18:32.8Livonia Franklin154.1
12Anderson Gattis18:38.3Livonia Stevenson152.2
12Andrew Kasper18:39.9Livonia Stevenson151.7
9Chase McDougall18:45.1Livonia Stevenson150.0
11Andrew Richard18:46.6Livonia Franklin149.5
10Henry Beard18:47.4Ann Arbor Huron149.2
10Paul Quint18:48.5Salem148.8
11Aidan McLaughlin18:51.1Livonia Franklin148.0
12Max Mustaine18:51.7Canton147.8
10Alex Eplin18:57.3Livonia Stevenson145.9
9Jack Saltsman19:01.9Berkley144.4
10Kadyn Rodgers19:07.3Livonia Franklin142.6
10Mohamed Erreghaoui19:34.2Berkley133.6
11Oliver Wisniewski20:19.3Berkley118.6
11Robert Belf20:30.0Berkley115.0
9Ethan Shroat20:55.6Westland John Glenn106.5
11Hunter Jackson20:56.4Detroit Renaissance106.2
12Fred George III20:58.4Oak Park105.5
10Jaylen Ellis21:01.4Detroit Renaissance104.5
10Noah Pierson21:01.5Detroit Renaissance104.5
10Quinn O’Shea21:06.8Berkley102.7
10Jordan Redd21:13.9Detroit Renaissance100.4
11Cameron Reed21:38.0Ferndale92.3
9Brandon Flint21:38.0Detroit Renaissance92.3
11Tyre Phillips21:47.2Detroit Renaissance89.3
10Trenton Ruth22:08.8Ferndale82.1
9Jaylen Long22:10.7Detroit Renaissance81.4
10Matthew Collins23:10.9Detroit Cass Tech61.4
11Landon Balko23:13.7Westland John Glenn60.4
12Jason Drake23:31.2Ferndale54.6
12Jalen Stanton23:31.5Detroit Cass Tech54.5
12Christian Hairston23:58.0Detroit Cass Tech45.7
11Travon Cooper23:58.1Detroit Cass Tech45.6
10Ethan Dorsett23:58.2Detroit Cass Tech45.6
10Jacoby Jackson24:39.8Ferndale31.7
12Nate Teague25:01.3Westland John Glenn24.6
12Treyvon Lewis25:18.0Ferndale19.0
10Kaden Houston25:26.3Ferndale16.2
Kendall Mays25:34.8Ferndale13.4

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