2021 Ratings: Algonac Regional (26, 17)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Region 26 Preview
Region 17 Preview

26 Girls Adjustment: -2
17 Girls Adjustment: -15
26 Boys Adjustment:
17 Boys Adjustment: -13

People have been clamoring for me to rate different races or divisions on the same course, same day.  I agree with this notion as the course can change and so can the weather conditions.  It does produce a bit more variability in ratings when you’re working with a smaller sample, but I feel it’s applicable for regionals this year.  And since I have the time to do so, I’ll do so here.  Some don’t make as much sense, but you have to understand there’s a range of error with each listing.  The smaller the race, the higher that range.  You’ll see that here, but I believe the change throughout the day will make sense.


Emilia Bronk, University Liggett: Little comeback year here for Emilia.  After competing at MIS both as a freshman and sophomore, she finished one race last year – a 28:33 opener.  She’s finished a full season in her senior year, is going back to Brooklyn, and ran a season best in her regional race. 

Brooklyn Khon, Armada: It’s been dramatic drop after dramatic drop for Brooklyn.  At Macomb County (not necessarily an easy course), she threw down a massive PB of 20:38, followed up by a 20:08 at BWAC, and then a 19:47 in victory here.    

Bishop Foley’s Top 4 Boys: Love their pack of Four M’s.  McGlinchey, Munk, Mader, and Maynard, if they can work together, are capable of playing spoiler for many teams on Saturday.

Blake Ferguson, Yale: Blake must love this Algonac course.  He ran his personal best here in earlier in the year at the Muskrat Classic, then ran his best performance of the championship season on Saturday.  The Bulldogs have a formidable top 4 with Blake, Campbell, Kriesch, and Pardo-Keegan.  Their freshman, Ted Rutkofske, had a solid race last weekend as well. 

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 6/6 Boys, 5/6 Girls; 69/78 Boys Overall, 67/78 Girls Overall
Athletic: 6/6 Boys, 5/6 Girls; 69/78 Boys Overall, 65/78 Girls Overall

12Claire Thomson20:36.6Clawson108.5
11Penelope Griffioen20:42.4University Liggett106.5
9Kerith Short21:07.0University Liggett98.3
12Abbey Lodato21:48.2Clawson84.6
12Catie Dusenberry22:08.3Algonac77.9
12Molly Kline22:23.2Almont72.9
12Emilia Bronk22:42.2University Liggett66.6
12Kathryn Podolan22:49.7Madison Heights Bish…64.1
10Kelsey Beckett22:52.0University Liggett63.3
10Carmellina Biafora23:19.7Madison Heights Bish…54.1
9Josephine Malysz23:28.1Madison Heights Bish…51.3
10Julia Serra23:31.4Madison Heights Bish…50.2
10Ayla DeLaurier23:31.5Almont50.2
9Fiona Sierens23:58.6University Liggett41.1
9Haylee Byerly24:10.9Algonac37.0
11Emily Mandziuk24:35.2Madison Heights Bish…28.9
10Lovelyn Ketepa24:40.7Clawson27.1
9Savanna Siewert25:09.1Almont17.6
10Montserrat Coronel25:12.3Almont16.6
11Courtney Carlson25:21.9Memphis13.4

9Brooklyn Khon19:47.8Armada129.1
10Brianna Albers20:19.1Richmond118.6
9Eva Thompson20:20.4Croswell-Lexington118.2
12Grace Zdankiewicz20:23.8Warren Regina117.1
11Anne May20:34.3Macomb Lutheran North113.6
11Ava Pergitone20:38.3St. Clair112.2
12Elizabeth Sliman20:42.2Imlay City110.9
10Kennedy Roskopp20:49.9Warren Regina108.4
12Reese Powers20:52.1Marysville107.6
11Olivia Ebel20:53.4Macomb Lutheran North107.2
9Lillian Rutallie20:57.2Marysville105.9
11Jenna Denver20:59.0Imlay City105.3
12Hannah Fisher21:08.0Marysville102.3
10Morgan Newton21:10.3Croswell-Lexington101.6
10Darrah Mackenzie21:11.4Armada101.2
10Casidhe Flesher21:12.9Marine City100.7
9Allie Komarowski21:17.1St. Clair99.3
12Jessica Jarski21:27.0Warren Regina96.0
9Natalie Lentine21:37.3Warren Regina92.6
11Katelynn Jalosky21:46.1St. Clair89.6
10Abagayle Barkley21:48.7Croswell-Lexington88.8
12Mary Kaminski21:51.9Imlay City87.7
12Samantha Brown21:57.3Warren Regina85.9
9Elizabeth Ambroggio22:00.3Warren Regina84.9
12Abby Baczewski22:01.3Richmond84.6
9Brynn Hurley22:09.6Croswell-Lexington81.8
11Aubrey Connelly22:10.5Croswell-Lexington81.5
10Gabby Fernandez22:14.0Warren Regina80.3
10Laela Bhatti22:15.0Imlay City80.0
11Kaylen Walker22:26.8St. Clair76.1
11Riley DenUyl22:30.6Marysville74.8
10Madison O’Connor22:37.1Croswell-Lexington72.6
10Ella Deshon22:44.2Marysville70.3
10Kelsey Pendry22:47.2Richmond69.3
10Taylor Helton22:55.7St. Clair66.4
10Trista Card22:59.1St. Clair65.3
10Ava Baltierra23:22.7Armada57.4
10Lilly Griskie23:24.2Macomb Lutheran North56.9
11Ava Zobay23:31.4Armada54.5
11Molly Wiegand23:34.6St. Clair53.5
12Dylann Fair23:36.5Marysville52.8
12Lauren Wilson23:38.3Marysville52.2
12Elizabeth Baldwin23:43.6Croswell-Lexington50.5
12Ainsley Colman23:44.2Marine City50.3
9Ashlyn Upton23:45.2Armada49.9
10Emma Erdmann23:45.6Marine City49.8
11Kaitlyn Weiss23:46.5Macomb Lutheran North49.5
10Brooklyn Shutko23:51.5Yale47.8
11Victoria Keller24:04.1Richmond43.6
9Isabella LaPerriere24:06.2Macomb Lutheran North42.9
12Makenna Morse24:08.4Marine City42.2
9Emma Terhune24:11.1Marine City41.3
9Sidney James24:14.3Richmond40.2
10Bianca Cicchetti24:25.6Macomb Lutheran North36.5
10Breanna Feys24:25.8Armada36.4
9Lauryn Donahue24:31.3Imlay City34.6
9Charlotte O’Brien24:31.7Imlay City34.4
9Ang Ross24:50.2Imlay City28.3
11Madelyn Fowler24:53.0Yale27.3
10Audrey Tolan24:56.0Yale26.3
10Sydney Upton24:58.8Armada25.4
9Danica McGranahan25:18.3Yale18.9
10Jillian Probst25:40.5Macomb Lutheran North11.5
9Lauren Fowler25:52.2Yale7.6
12Kersten Golan26:03.6Marine City3.8

12Jay Maynard18:08.6Madison Heights Bish…160.1
11Max Mader18:13.7Madison Heights Bish…158.4
12Zander Munk18:17.6Madison Heights Bish…157.1
12Brendan McGlinchey18:23.8Madison Heights Bish…155.1
12Jacob Whitton18:46.1University Liggett147.6
9Michael Darlington19:00.5University Liggett142.8
11Reed Schuster19:21.9Memphis135.7
11Steven Butler19:36.1Almont131.0
12Garrett Flynn19:48.3University Liggett126.9
12Evan Provenzano19:51.6University Liggett125.8
10Dylan Werner19:56.7Memphis124.1
11Dylan Boughner20:09.2Memphis119.9
12Dominic Pirrone20:10.4Almont119.5
12Joseph Harrell20:25.3Madison Heights Bish…114.6
11Taylor Angus20:33.6New Haven111.8
9Nathan Salazar20:55.7Madison Heights Bish…104.4
12Allen Crowe21:05.7Algonac101.1
11Donovan Schuster21:37.4Memphis90.5
9Donald Rowlands21:46.8University Liggett87.4
11James Whitten21:53.3Memphis85.2
12Thomas Dyer21:59.1Almont83.3
9Gavin Campbell22:04.0Almont81.7
9Jackson Fetter22:17.1University Liggett77.3
9Ethan Douglas22:20.0Almont76.3
10Griffin Melrose22:35.9Algonac71.0
11Devon Darnell22:44.2Detroit Loyola68.3
11Hunter Byerly22:54.4Algonac64.9
11Gabe Stevens23:06.9Clawson60.7
11Donovan Gordon23:13.6Detroit Loyola58.5
11Kobie Rummin23:21.5Detroit Loyola55.8
9Cole Wyckoff23:21.7Clawson55.8
11Gordon Bridwell23:30.1Madison Heights Bish…53.0
9Caden Jones23:33.3Clawson51.9
11Alex Heiden23:50.3Almont46.2
11Wade Szydlowski24:11.0Almont39.3
11Trevor Oliver24:30.8Detroit Loyola32.7
11Amare Stevens24:32.3Detroit Loyola32.2
9Charles Berger24:34.3University Liggett31.6
11Victor Robinson25:19.1Detroit Loyola16.6
12Noah Sanders25:53.7University Liggett5.1
12Seth Girtman25:56.3Algonac4.2

11Camden Khon17:08.4Armada181.5
11Carter Boullard17:13.4St. Clair179.9
11Lukas Kriesch17:15.1Yale179.3
12Sam Vitale17:16.6St. Clair178.8
12Cole Cunningham17:29.0St. Clair174.7
10Acer Campbell17:31.0Yale174.0
10Blake Ferguson17:32.0Yale173.7
11David Harris17:32.0St. Clair173.7
12Brock DenUyl17:48.1Marysville168.3
12Ethan McCombs17:55.7Croswell-Lexington165.8
10Giovanni Pardo-Kee…17:57.4Yale165.2
10Dylan Distelrath17:57.7St. Clair165.1
12James Elling18:05.7Croswell-Lexington162.4
10Jamison Snay18:06.1Macomb Lutheran North162.3
11Riley Andrews18:12.7Armada160.1
10Brewer Snay18:13.9Macomb Lutheran North159.7
11Joe Edgemon18:14.4St. Clair159.5
12Nick Knust18:18.2Croswell-Lexington158.3
12Connor Germain18:20.8Richmond157.4
9Ryan Jackins18:23.0Marine City156.7
12Connor Kreger18:23.9St. Clair156.4
10Ryan Delarosa18:51.0Macomb Lutheran North147.3
12Evan Green18:59.0Richmond144.7
9Ted Rutkofske19:04.6Yale142.8
10Elliot Whitney19:06.1Imlay City142.3
9Luke Pastuschyn19:06.7Richmond142.1
11Jack Zagaiski19:08.1Armada141.6
11Andrew Sniesak19:10.2Armada140.9
12Braxton Shutko19:14.1Yale139.6
11Lance Kowalski19:19.6Marysville137.8
10Luke Nawrocki19:24.2Armada136.3
10Alex Robertson19:24.9Marine City136.0
11Anthony Roman19:27.4Macomb Lutheran North135.2
10Brendan Yera19:28.2Richmond134.9
10Jayden Robertson19:31.2Marine City133.9
11Dennis Johnson19:36.3Harper Woods132.2
10Trent Glass19:37.3Marysville131.9
12Dean Aune19:39.4Imlay City131.2
12Tyler Arnold19:39.5Marine City131.2
9Jack McMahon19:40.5Macomb Lutheran North130.8
10Anthony Goatley19:53.9Madison Heights Lamp…126.4
11Colin Westgate19:56.3Macomb Lutheran North125.6
11Griffin Sibilla19:57.0Marysville125.3
9Jackson Rix19:58.9Richmond124.7
9Pete Lutz20:07.7Madison Heights Lamp…121.8
11Aiden Muller20:10.6Richmond120.8
9Kale Kovach20:13.6Yale119.8
12Joseph Bommarito20:14.5Armada119.5
10Tyler Buckland20:17.7Armada118.4
12Ryan Wiley20:18.8Marine City118.1
11Teddy Pozios20:20.9Marysville117.4
10Conner Wildie20:26.7Imlay City115.4
11Dillan Johns20:32.6Madison Heights Lamp…113.5
9Donovan Germain20:38.3Richmond111.6
9Grayson Sutherland20:50.1Macomb Lutheran North107.6
12Eric Durette20:55.7Marine City105.8
11Jacob Blanchard21:16.0Marine City99.0
12De’Monte Hill21:22.5Harper Woods96.8
11Tyler Simpson21:26.4Marysville95.5
12Jeremiah Vega21:57.9Center Line85.0
12Aiden Dahl22:26.0Croswell-Lexington75.7
10Jaden Giles22:28.3Imlay City74.9
9George Teal23:15.9Center Line59.0
9Ezekiel Kustowski23:21.3Imlay City57.2
9Georgio Aramouni23:39.2Madison Heights Lamp…51.3
10Dakota Cooper23:48.6Harper Woods48.1
10Noah Reynolds25:41.7Harper Woods10.4
10Abubakr Ben-Mohamed25:44.1Harper Woods9.6
9Juan Rodriguez25:46.4Hazel Park8.9
11Dorian Currie26:06.6Harper Woods2.1

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