2021 Ratings: Delta Regional (25, 2)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Region 25 Preview
Region 2 Preview

25 Girls Adjustment: -24
2 Girls Adjustment: -45
25 Boys Adjustment:
2 Boys Adjustment: -51

People have been clamoring for me to rate different races or divisions on the same course, same day.  I agree with this notion as the course can change and so can the weather conditions.  It does produce a bit more variability in ratings when you’re working with a smaller sample, but I feel it’s applicable for regionals this year.  And since I have the time to do so, I’ll do so here.  Some don’t make as much sense, but you have to understand there’s a range of error with each listing.  The smaller the race, the higher that range.  You’ll see that here, but I believe the change throughout the day will make sense.


Helena Long, Sandusky: It was a rough day out there and Helena was up for the task.  St. Louis and Caro looked to be locks, while Reese was vulnerable, could she break into their pack?  Projected 36th, finished 29th, she was able to do just that.    

Sydney Lambert, H.H. Dow: Sydney has been a consistent runner in her two years with Dow, running in the 20’s, finishing in the Top 25 at Regionals twice.  She was counted on here in an intense battle to stave off Heritage and TC West.  She was projected 31st in the team race, and needed to stay ahead of TCW’s #3 and Heritage’s #5.  She more than performed her duty and Dow survived.    

Jacob Eggerd, Sanford-Meridian: One year of cross country, one enormous impact.  As a senior, this is his first fall with the Sanford-Meridian squad.  He broke into the 18’s at Bluejay and has been there since (or run an equivalent performance).

Jack Laurain, Saginaw Heritage: When I see an upset or unlikely berth, I always look for runners that finished much higher than expected (especially looking for those 5’s).  Jack was Heritage’s 5th runner Saturday, and if he just runs as expected, add 8 points to their score, and TC West goes to State.  But he placed 36th, Heritage wins on the exploits of Raine Webley, and we’ll see the Hawks continue their hot streak this weekend. 

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 6/6 Boys, 5/6 Girls; 75/84 Boys Overall, 72/84 Girls Overall
Athletic: 5/6 Boys, 4/6 Girls; 74/84 Boys Overall, 69/84 Girls Overall

12Mikenna Borie20:21.4St. Louis120.9
12Libby Munderloh20:21.5St. Louis120.8
10Kinsie Jacques20:26.7Pinconning119.1
9Makenzie Kreger20:34.9Sandusky116.4
10Jenna Sweeney20:47.2Reese112.3
10Jaiden Dickman20:58.3St. Louis108.6
10Paige Herron21:06.1Caro106.0
11Ashley Shindorf21:18.1Vassar102.0
12Aubrey Putman21:25.2Reese99.6
12Sela Delgado21:32.1St. Louis97.3
9Kaya Vrable21:35.3Caro96.2
10Rachael Walch21:40.3Caro94.6
11Allysen Jansen21:44.2Sandusky93.3
12Trinity Kolka21:48.9Sanford-Meridian91.7
9Maddie Huysentruyt21:55.6Sandusky89.5
11Lauren Brawt22:00.6Sanford-Meridian87.8
11Elizabeth Smith22:05.5Sanford-Meridian86.2
12Allison Galsterer22:16.0Reese82.7
10Tessa Wohlschlegel22:16.9Beaverton82.4
12Brooke Sweeney22:24.5Reese79.8
12Taylor Hopkins22:29.8Sanford-Meridian78.1
12Kelcee VanBuskirk22:30.8Caro77.7
9Kyra Beemer22:32.1Brown City77.3
10Claire Neumann22:35.4Saginaw Valley Luthe…76.2
10Alexa Long22:39.8Caro74.7
10Diana Cortes22:40.9Cass City74.4
9Chelsea Roach22:43.8Cass City73.4
12Allison Sowatsky22:51.5Saginaw Valley Luthe…70.8
10Helena Long22:54.6Sandusky69.8
11Brookelynn Jansen23:12.4Sandusky63.9
11Payton Kuhn23:16.1St. Louis62.6
11Jenna Abell23:20.3St. Louis61.2
12Thea Doud23:22.8Sanford-Meridian60.4
11Maddee Ball23:31.5Caro57.5
10Monika Borie23:43.7St. Louis53.4
12Karli Kreger23:44.3Sandusky53.2
12Maya Viers23:45.1Pigeon-Laker53.0
9Emma Samborn23:55.3Saginaw Valley Luthe…49.6
12Sarah Gray23:57.3Reese48.9
12Grace Brown24:03.8Reese46.7
9Halen McLaughlin24:12.8Sanford-Meridian43.7
10Trista Smerdon24:30.3Pinconning37.9
10Alexandria Kanthe24:34.8Pinconning36.4
10Ariel Holstein25:00.6Pinconning27.8
12Erin McArdle25:10.1Pigeon-Laker24.6
10Frieda Schendel25:17.8Pinconning22.1
11Emma Kociba25:24.1Bad Axe20.0
12Kara Cummings25:27.6Bad Axe18.8
11Cara Eschmann26:04.6Saginaw Valley Luthe…6.5
10Kyrie Rames26:11.3Hemlock4.2
10Faith Hooper26:18.8Pigeon-Laker1.7
10Madison Long26:21.1Sandusky1.0

12Julia Flynn18:17.9TC Central (Traverse…169.0
12Madi Szymanski19:31.7Alpena144.4
10Ava King19:42.9TC West (Traverse Ci…140.7
9Isabelle Becker19:52.0Bay City Western137.7
10Katie Watkins20:02.1H.H. Dow134.3
12Malarie Pinwar20:05.8Mt. Pleasant133.1
12Marin Stevens20:18.5Bay City Western128.9
10Alexis Ball20:21.3TC Central (Traverse…127.9
9Sydney Roberts20:23.0H.H. Dow127.3
9Ellie Schenkelberger20:24.7TC Central (Traverse…126.8
10Ella Kirkwood20:28.0TC Central (Traverse…125.7
12Elliott Smith20:34.7TC West (Traverse Ci…123.4
11Abby Buchalski20:43.0Saginaw Heritage120.7
11Kathleen Venhuizen20:43.0TC Central (Traverse…120.7
10Emma Dickins20:44.2Alpena120.3
11Molly Basil20:47.3Saginaw Heritage119.2
11Ambria Nagel20:54.0Bay City Western117.0
11Erica Slocum20:54.2Bay City Western116.9
10McKinley Berry20:58.9Saginaw Heritage115.4
9Emily Honeman21:10.7Saginaw Heritage111.4
10Paige McArdle21:12.3Davison110.9
11Lola Reimers21:14.3TC Central (Traverse…110.2
10Sydney Lambert21:25.9H.H. Dow106.4
9Kaelyn Heath21:36.5Alpena102.8
12Avery Wilson21:40.1Davison101.6
10Grace Riddle21:43.5Midland100.5
9Maryann Pennington21:46.4Davison99.5
9Ivy Beall21:47.3H.H. Dow99.3
11Emma Rajewski21:49.7Bay City Western98.4
12Kylie Fredenburg21:51.6Bay City Western97.8
9Addalyn Warren21:51.8Lapeer97.7
11Cariss Sparks21:53.3Flushing97.2
12Lexi Hodges21:55.0TC West (Traverse Ci…96.7
12Mallory Matthews21:59.2H.H. Dow95.3
10Keira Schiebner22:08.1Saginaw Heritage92.3
12Alice Roberson22:10.6Mt. Pleasant91.5
10Samantha Zolnierek22:10.7Alpena91.4
11Chloe Ziemelis22:10.8Flushing91.4
11Elizabeth Ward22:15.5Bay City Western89.8
12Riley Shaughnessy22:17.1Flushing89.3
11Norah Allington22:18.7H.H. Dow88.8
10Kati McLincha22:23.7Flushing87.1
11Ella Thomas22:27.0TC West (Traverse Ci…86.0
10Samantha Smith22:31.0Saginaw Heritage84.7
9Gabrielle Edenburn22:34.0TC West (Traverse Ci…83.7
12Kylee Brush22:34.6Saginaw Heritage83.5
10Grace Moeggenborg22:35.5TC West (Traverse Ci…83.2
9Alyssa Fouchey22:36.8TC West (Traverse Ci…82.7
9Allison Nussear22:39.0H.H. Dow82.0
9Lily Polega22:40.0Flushing81.7
10Olivia Hyatt22:40.5Davison81.5
11Rachel Mecca22:40.7Midland81.4
12Lauren McGuirk22:48.6Midland78.8
12Lauren May22:53.5TC Central (Traverse…77.2
12Kylie Kapraun23:00.4Flushing74.9
10Brooke Lemos23:01.8Davison74.4
9Avery Shepard23:12.7Midland70.8
11Abby Carroll23:17.6Midland69.1
11Olivia Kain23:25.2Bay City Central66.6
12Ava Arnes23:28.1Davison65.6
10Sofia Berlanga23:36.0Midland63.0
11Megan Essenmacher23:37.1Lapeer62.6
11Rachel Ballman23:47.8Lapeer59.1
12Zoe Ruiz23:52.7Bay City Central57.4
9Amelia Roznowski23:57.2Alpena55.9
12Myah Northrop23:58.9Mt. Pleasant55.4
10Emersen Groulx24:01.3Flushing54.6
10Gabriella Mezei24:05.2Mt. Pleasant53.3
10Alison Borowski24:11.6Alpena51.1
11Reign Richmond24:15.1Flint Carman-Ainsworth50.0
9Mackenzie Alexander24:20.9Lapeer48.0
10Cailyn Burrone24:24.3Alpena46.9
10Katy Zimmer24:26.2Mt. Pleasant46.3
10Selma Ruiz24:40.1Bay City Central41.6
12Morgan Lange24:43.1Lapeer40.6
10Summer Terpstra24:51.3Mt. Pleasant37.9
9Olivia Gartrell24:54.6Davison36.8
9Lily McCreedy25:13.0Lapeer30.7
12Grace Carney25:37.5Swartz Creek22.5
11Abigail Willyerd26:18.2Swartz Creek8.9

12Aaron Bowerman17:49.7St. Louis177.1
12Nate March17:56.3St. Louis174.9
10Ben March17:56.5St. Louis174.8
11Connor Stefanovsky18:03.4Caro172.5
10Matthew Pattullo18:09.5Caro170.5
12Tristan Lovett18:26.6Caro164.8
9Landon Pestrue18:29.1St. Louis164.0
9Colin Kuhn18:31.8St. Louis163.1
11Jonah Shephard18:40.3Sanford-Meridian160.2
11Dylan Marr18:52.5St. Louis156.2
11Thomas Zacharko19:01.0St. Louis153.3
12Jacob Eggerd19:02.9Sanford-Meridian152.7
12Erik Kent19:09.0Bad Axe150.7
12Wilbert Haines19:23.2Reese145.9
10Ethan Wetzel19:27.3Sanford-Meridian144.6
12Tyler Miller19:27.5Caro144.5
11Wynn Blake19:37.0Brown City141.3
10Elliot Noyes19:44.8Sanford-Meridian138.7
12Nicholas Clarent19:48.4Bad Axe137.5
9Drew LaFave19:49.5Sanford-Meridian137.2
12Alexander Smith19:51.8Pigeon-Laker136.4
11Devin Dudley19:52.1Brown City136.3
11Wyatt Wojdula19:52.2Reese136.3
10Tayler Morand19:53.2Pinconning135.9
11Taj Spencer20:00.2Beaverton133.6
12Vaughn Severance20:00.7Cass City133.4
12Isaak Wurdock-Swift20:00.9Reese133.4
9Jacob Moore20:03.5Caro132.5
12Adam Fisch20:07.0Caro131.3
12Josh R Smith20:16.4Sandusky128.2
12Tyrese Beedle20:30.8Caro123.4
10Nicholas Tallman20:32.2Vassar122.9
12Gavin Dueweke20:32.2Brown City122.9
10Ethan Workman20:39.5Brown City120.5
10Mathew Johnston20:41.2Hemlock119.9
9Cade Truemner20:41.9Pigeon-Laker119.7
9Dominic Putman20:51.6Reese116.5
9Phineas Houghtaling20:53.5Reese115.8
11Brandon Kohler20:54.1Brown City115.7
9Payton Corrigan20:55.7Beaverton115.1
11Cooper Shores20:57.9Reese114.4
10Caleb Geiger21:08.1Bad Axe111.0
9Nathaniel Seney21:25.4Reese105.2
9Joshua Smith21:32.7Sandusky102.8
11Gavin Girard21:35.8Saginaw Valley Luthe…101.7
10Ty Johnson21:49.2Otisville LakeVille97.3
10Zach LaMont21:58.1Saginaw Valley Luthe…94.3
10Jack Turner22:00.2Pigeon-Laker93.6
11Dennis Schaffer22:04.5Hemlock92.2
9David Simons22:15.0Sanford-Meridian88.7
11Devin Smith22:20.3Brown City86.9
12Brandon Rude22:24.1Millington85.6
12Damon Boyer22:29.0Sanford-Meridian84.0
10Cody Bannick22:34.8Bad Axe82.1
10David Hensler22:49.0Hemlock77.3
10Ethan Schmidt22:53.7Saginaw Valley Luthe…75.8
9Jake Rodammer23:02.9Millington72.7
10Konnor Olson23:07.3Pigeon-Laker71.2
12Alden Rodammer23:14.3Millington68.9
9RJ Dickie23:16.6Vassar68.1
12Jake Atwood23:43.2Vassar59.3
10Alec Briggs23:43.5Hemlock59.2
9Bryce Reinke23:56.9Sandusky54.7
9Ayden Champane24:05.1Bad Axe52.0
11Hayden Rondy24:05.7Hemlock51.8
12Joshua Hecht24:12.8Saginaw Valley Luthe…49.4
12Donovan Fitting24:18.3Saginaw Valley Luthe…47.6
9Tyler Rude24:18.6Millington47.5
9Brady Peterson24:46.6Otisville LakeVille38.1
12Alex Hopper25:16.4Cass City28.2
9Tanner Wesener25:24.4Hemlock25.5
11Nathan Scherzer25:26.8Hemlock24.7
11Bryan Schwarz25:28.7Saginaw Valley Luthe…24.1
10Ethan Hall26:02.2Cass City12.9
9Kevin Spudowski26:17.0Brown City8.0
10Landen McArdle26:35.5Sandusky1.8

12Luke Venhuizen16:20.7TC Central (Traverse…210.1
12Jeremy Williams16:37.9Lapeer204.4
12Matthew Crowley16:44.8Midland202.1
12Brady McArdle16:51.9Davison199.7
12Kenny Minto16:54.5Davison198.8
11Joe Muha16:58.5TC Central (Traverse…197.5
11Jonah Hochstetler17:04.2TC West (Traverse Ci…195.6
12Blake Chipman17:19.5Flushing190.5
12Michael Williams17:20.8Lapeer190.1
12Landon Mars17:21.4Mt. Pleasant189.9
11Micah Bauer17:23.5TC Central (Traverse…189.2
12Hayden Allen17:24.5Alpena188.8
12Daniel Berg17:31.2Midland186.6
10Kenny Lewis17:31.9Saginaw Heritage186.4
10Willem DeGood17:34.3TC West (Traverse Ci…185.6
12Isaac Stone17:35.2TC West (Traverse Ci…185.3
11Elijah Allen17:37.7Alpena184.4
11Gabriel Trevino17:40.7Saginaw Heritage183.4
10Iain Forrest17:44.0Davison182.3
11Jett Reimers17:47.0TC Central (Traverse…181.3
11Theodore Lange17:53.9Saginaw Heritage179.0
11Hunter Hitzelberger17:56.3Alpena178.2
12Will Phillips17:58.9TC Central (Traverse…177.4
10Noah Selvaraj18:04.1Bay City Western175.6
12Logan Schiebner18:04.4Saginaw Heritage175.5
12Carter Dean18:07.5TC West (Traverse Ci…174.5
12Zachariah Shealy18:07.5Midland174.5
10Zack Truszkowski18:10.5TC Central (Traverse…173.5
11Jackson Baese18:15.8Lapeer171.7
12Ethan Meehle18:18.7H.H. Dow170.8
12Brady Corkins18:22.4Davison169.5
11Connor Martin18:23.0Lapeer169.3
10Colin MacGregor18:24.0H.H. Dow169.0
12Parker Austin18:24.2Davison168.9
9Quinn Kelly18:24.9Alpena168.7
10Jack Laurain18:25.1Saginaw Heritage168.6
10Owen Foltz18:27.0Flushing168.0
12Alex Wickham18:27.8Flint Carman-Ainsworth167.7
12Jeffrey Stecker18:28.2Bay City Western167.6
11Caleb Brown18:32.1Midland166.3
12Chase Baker18:35.4Davison165.2
9James Latstetter18:39.9Flushing163.7
12Anden Robertson18:44.9Bay City Western162.0
11Raine Webley18:46.2Saginaw Heritage161.6
12Eli Dawson18:47.9Mt. Pleasant161.0
11Daniel Ebel18:57.6Bay City Western157.8
10Alex Durocher18:58.0TC Central (Traverse…157.7
11Ian Becker18:58.3Bay City Western157.6
12Zach Musgrave18:59.8Lapeer157.1
10Sam King18:59.8TC West (Traverse Ci…157.1
11Cameron Young19:01.4Alpena156.5
12Christopher Pike19:02.3Saginaw Heritage156.2
11Ben Bucci19:03.1Midland156.0
10Logan Northrup19:04.6Mt. Pleasant155.5
12Ethan Gruenberg19:04.6Davison155.5
10Ben Habers19:05.5TC West (Traverse Ci…155.2
9Kenan Knight19:17.6Alpena151.1
12Jacob Kochanski19:22.8Alpena149.4
12Ethan Labombard19:26.1Flushing148.3
12Eliezer Maldonado19:31.0H.H. Dow146.7
10Sebastian Maldonado19:36.4H.H. Dow144.9
11Jack Roy19:37.7Flint Carman-Ainsworth144.4
10Christian Leachman19:39.3TC West (Traverse Ci…143.9
10Lucas Berg19:53.0Midland139.3
11Ben Scott19:56.2H.H. Dow138.3
11Hunter Seifferly19:56.6Bay City Central138.1
11Hoyt Smith19:57.3Bay City Western137.9
12River Penn19:59.5H.H. Dow137.2
12Joey Pelletier20:00.0Midland137.0
10Drew Tunnicliff20:09.0Flushing134.0
12Kevin Zimmer20:10.1Mt. Pleasant133.6
12Matthew Gosselin20:12.8Bay City Western132.7
11John Latstetter20:16.4Flushing131.5
9Carter Poniatowski20:18.7Lapeer130.8
10Brenden Compaore20:34.6Flint Carman-Ainsworth125.5
10Gavin Smith20:52.9Swartz Creek119.4
10Kyle Stephenson20:53.4Mt. Pleasant119.2
9Kale Reid20:57.5Mt. Pleasant117.8
12Braeden Tunnicliff21:00.7Flushing116.8
12Paul Nadrowski21:05.1Lapeer115.3
12Vincent Cook21:05.1Flint Carman-Ainsworth115.3
10Kaline Majestic21:18.3Swartz Creek110.9
12Nick Malish21:21.7Mt. Pleasant109.8
11Kevin Parkinson21:38.1Swartz Creek104.3
10Ryan Castaneda21:41.8Bay City Central103.1
9Sam Machado21:55.9Swartz Creek98.4
11Ethan Zinkweg22:19.9H.H. Dow90.4
11Chalmer Young22:39.7Bay City Central83.8
11Leland Petelka23:34.4Saginaw Arthur Hill65.5
9Karter Adkins24:06.1Swartz Creek55.0
11Brannon Roose24:25.8Saginaw Arthur Hill48.4
12Andres Flores24:25.8Saginaw Arthur Hill48.4
11Lawrence Taylor24:32.6Flint Carman-Ainsworth46.1
9Nicholas Luna24:54.4Bay City Central38.9
10Jaxon Zavala25:23.0Bay City Central29.3
12Jonathan Bedell25:28.9Swartz Creek27.4
12Gabe Howald25:53.5Saginaw Arthur Hill19.2
12Levi Asiala26:06.4Saginaw Arthur Hill14.9

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