Region 25 Preview

It’s the St. Louis vs. Caro show. Aaron Bowerman vs. his Fan Club. Plus an extremely competitive girls team race.

Where: Delta College, University Center MI

The Course: Flat and usually fast.  Earlier in the week, I had heard that they had to alter the course due to standing water. 

Due to time constraints, omitting the “What to Watch For” section.  If you’ve followed JFT, me, or are just a fan of the sport, you should have a good idea. 😊




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1St. Louis5112519242729
7Saginaw Valley Lutheran194
8Cass City210
11Bad Axe289

Ranked Teams: St. Louis (8), Caro (11), Reese (13), Sandusky (17), Sanford-Meridian (18)

112Libby MunderlohSt. Louis125.3
212Mikenna BorieSt. Louis122.7
39Makenzie KregerSandusky122.1
410Kinsie JacquesPinconning118.2
510Jaiden DickmanSt. Louis116.7
610Jenna SweeneyReese107.3
711Lauren BrawtSanford-Meridian103.4
810Paige HerronCaro100.9
910Claire NeumannSaginaw Valley Lutheran100.3
1011Allysen JansenSandusky96.6
119Maddie HuysentruytSandusky96.1
1210Faith SwenorCaro95.6
1310Rachael WalchCaro95.3
1412Taylor HopkinsSanford-Meridian93.8
159Kaya VrableCaro93.5
1611Ashley ShindorfVassar92.6
1712Aubrey PutmanReese91.0
1812Allison GalstererReese89.3
1911Elizabeth SmithSanford-Meridian88.6
2012Sela DelgadoSt. Louis87.7
2112Trinity KolkaSanford-Meridian83.6
2212Brooke SweeneyReese81.3
2310Tessa WohlschlegelBeaverton78.9
2410Alexa LongCaro77.6
2510Diana CortesCass City77.2
2610Monika BorieSt. Louis74.2
2711Ellymae McCoyReese72.9
289Kyra BeemerBrown City72.3
299Isabella CurryHemlock72.0
3011Jenna AbellSt. Louis70.5
319Chelsea RoachCass City70.1
329Abby DiceSt. Louis69.4
3312Allison SowatskySaginaw Valley Lutheran69.2
3412Maya ViersPigeon-Laker67.3
3512Kelcee VanBuskirkCaro65.0
3610Helena LongSandusky63.5
3712Sarah GrayReese60.7
3811Maddee BallCaro59.9
3911Brookelynn JansenSandusky59.5
4012Karli KregerSandusky59.0
4112Erin McArdlePigeon-Laker55.9
4212Thea DoudSanford-Meridian54.0
4312Grace BrownReese50.1
449Halen McLaughlinSanford-Meridian40.5
4510Ariel HolsteinPinconning40.4
469Emma SambornSaginaw Valley Lutheran34.5
4710Madison LongSandusky28.0
4811Emma KocibaBad Axe27.2
4910Frieda SchendelPinconning24.8
5012Madison WareCass City22.9

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1St. Louis22124781112
5Brown City142
6Bad Axe197
9Saginaw Valley Lutheran258
10Cass City269
13Otisville LakeVille296

Ranked Teams: St. Louis (2), Caro (18)

110Ben MarchSt. Louis183.5
212Aaron BowermanSt. Louis181.3
311Connor StefanovskyCaro178.0
412Nate MarchSt. Louis177.1
510Matthew PattulloCaro174.7
612Erik KentBad Axe166.0
711Dylan MarrSt. Louis165.9
811Thomas ZacharkoSt. Louis159.7
911Jonah ShephardSanford-Meridian159.3
1012Tristan LovettCaro157.1
119Landon PestrueSt. Louis157.0
129Colin KuhnSt. Louis153.5
1312Vaughn SeveranceCass City146.2
1412Wilbert HainesReese146.2
1510Ethan WetzelSanford-Meridian142.6
1611Wynn BlakeBrown City141.9
179Cade TruemnerPigeon-Laker141.7
1812Jacob EggerdSanford-Meridian141.1
1912Tyrese BeedleCaro140.9
2012Josh R SmithSandusky139.9
2111Wyatt WojdulaReese139.6
2212Isaak Wurdock-SwiftReese139.0
2310Elliot NoyesSanford-Meridian137.9
2412Alexander SmithPigeon-Laker136.1
2512Adam FischCaro133.7
2612Tyler MillerCaro133.1
2711Devin DudleyBrown City131.5
2812Nicholas ClarentBad Axe131.2
2910Brody DavisHemlock129.5
3011Taj SpencerBeaverton128.3
3110Nicholas TallmanVassar124.1
3210Tayler MorandPinconning124.1
3312Gavin DuewekeBrown City123.7
3410Ethan WorkmanBrown City122.7
3511Cooper ShoresReese122.4
369Drew LaFaveSanford-Meridian122.0
3710Jack TurnerPigeon-Laker120.9
3812Brandon RudeMillington119.5
399Jacob MooreCaro119.2
409Dominic PutmanReese117.9
4110Mathew JohnstonHemlock116.8
4211Brandon KohlerBrown City112.3
4310Caleb GeigerBad Axe110.3
449Phineas HoughtalingReese105.0
459Nathaniel SeneyReese102.7
469Bryce ReinkeSandusky99.7
479Joshua SmithSandusky97.3
489Payton CorriganBeaverton95.7
4910Zach LaMontSaginaw Valley Lutheran94.0
509Aiden SmithOtisville LakeVille90.7

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 21st.  Caro and St. Louis dominate the upper reaches of this region.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net

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