Regional Previews: Division 3, Region 25

Regional Previews

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Top Tens

Where: Delta College. I’m a big map guy. Name an area of the state and I’ve probably been there and my recollection of the Delta College area is FLAT. Once again, another regional that seems to run fast. The 2020 Region in this area was at White Pine and I’m having trouble (read: it’s late and I don’t want to search) finding ratings from 2019.

2020 Boys: Caro, Clare, Reese

2020 Girls: Reese, Clare, Sandusky

Top 25 Boys Teams: St. Louis (Top Ten), Caro (17)

Too 25 Girls Teams: St. Louis (Top Ten), Reese (8), Sandusky (11), Caro (12)

Top 50 Boys (Division 3): Aaron Bowerman (10), Matthew Pattullo (13), Ben March (15), Connor Stefanovsky (19), Nate March (23), Tristan Lovett (25), Erik Kent (31)

Top 50 Girls (Division 3): Mikenna Borie (15), Libby Munderloh (17), Jaiden Dickman (20), Jenna Sweeney (22), Makenzie Kreger (29), Kinsie Jacques (35)


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