50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #30

50 Tickets

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Regional Previews

  • Not sure if you’ve heard, but Hart has had a somewhat successful cross program over the past few years
  • Audrianna has been a major help and has stepped up big at the State level
  • She’s been either the 2nd or 3rd girl on their last three State title squads, and looks to be in place to do that again
  • On any other team, she’d be the standout top runner, as she’s broken 19:00 many times, and even won Region 20 in 2019
  • On the track as a freshman, she was able to show some 800m prowess and that continued this past spring, as she equaled her 7th place finish in 2019
  • And lowered her personal best from 2:21 to 2:18

  • His MMOC race tells it all – he can hang with the big dogs
  • Normally you don’t have a 5k time and it’s difficult to assess middle school comparisons as I feel there’s an even greater gap between high achievers and the rest of the field
  • A 16:19 there, racing alongside the likes of Jacob Harberts, Ryan O’Rourke, Seth Norder, runners that will and have been in the mix
  • Kilian backed it up on the track as well, attaining victory in all his middle school races, and running a respectable 9:57 while not being challenged (my guess is he had a ~9:40 in him, just judging by similar times from the athletes he competed against in that 5k)
  • As far as middle school cross ratings go, his closest comparison from the past two years is: Hunter Jones. 


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