Region 2 Preview

Is there a team more on the rise than Saginaw Heritage? It certainly appears that the Hawks are peaking at the right time.

Where: Delta College, University Center MI

The Course: Flat and usually fast.  Earlier in the week, I had heard that they had to alter the course due to standing water. 

Due to time constraints, omitting the “What to Watch For” section.  If you’ve followed JFT, me, or are just a fan of the sport, you should have a good idea. 😊




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Traverse City Central3814911132425
2Bay City Western78681215374245
3H.H. Dow105572831343639
4Saginaw Heritage11317192022355659
5Traverse City West1283143238414850
8Mt. Pleasant208
12Bay City Central369
13Swartz Creek387
14Saginaw Arthur Hill459

Ranked Teams: Traverse City Central (4), Bay City Western (12)

112Julia FlynnTraverse City Central177.2
212Madi SzymanskiAlpena144.8
310Ava KingTraverse City West143.3
410Alexis BallTraverse City Central142.3
510Katie WatkinsH.H. Dow140.4
69Isabelle BeckerBay City Western139.4
79Sydney RobertsH.H. Dow137.1
812Marin StevensBay City Western135.8
910Ella KirkwoodTraverse City Central135.0
1012Malarie PinwarMt. Pleasant134.6
119Ellie SchenkelbergerTraverse City Central129.1
1211Ambria NagelBay City Western125.3
1311Kathleen VenhuizenTraverse City Central123.9
1412Elliott SmithTraverse City West122.6
1511Erica SlocumBay City Western118.7
1610Paige McArdleDavison118.7
1710McKinley BerrySaginaw Heritage115.4
1812Avery WilsonDavison113.4
1911Molly BasilSaginaw Heritage113.3
209Emily HonemanSaginaw Heritage112.5
2111Rachel MeccaMidland111.7
2211Abby BuchalskiSaginaw Heritage109.8
2310Emma DickinsAlpena108.9
2411Lola ReimersTraverse City Central108.7
2512Lauren MayTraverse City Central102.9
2611Cariss SparksFlushing101.9
2712Alice RobersonMt. Pleasant99.3
2811Norah AllingtonH.H. Dow98.6
299Maryann PenningtonDavison98.6
3010Grace RiddleMidland98.3
3112Mallory MatthewsH.H. Dow97.5
3212Lexi HodgesTraverse City West97.3
3312Riley ShaughnessyFlushing96.6
3410Sydney LambertH.H. Dow95.9
3510Samantha SmithSaginaw Heritage95.8
3612Tristan LuickH.H. Dow95.5
3712Kylie FredenburgBay City Western94.8
3811Ella ThomasTraverse City West94.1
399Ivy BeallH.H. Dow93.5
4010Macy TackaburyLapeer91.4
4110Grace MoeggenborgTraverse City West89.6
4211Elizabeth WardBay City Western88.5
439Kaelyn HeathAlpena85.8
4411Chloe ZiemelisFlushing85.5
4511Emma RajewskiBay City Western85.1
4612Anna AlexanderSwartz Creek83.8
4710Kati McLinchaFlushing83.4
489Alyssa FoucheyTraverse City West82.4
4912Myah NorthropMt. Pleasant81.8
5012Marguerite ChurchTraverse City West81.6

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 17th.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1Traverse City Central57281014233045
3Saginaw Heritage11317192125314854
4Traverse City West1195111333576264
9H.H. Dow204
10Bay City Western219
11Mt. Pleasant255
12Flint Carman-Ainsworth367
13Swartz Creek422
14Bay City Central422
15Saginaw Arthur Hill476

Ranked Teams: Traverse City Central (5), Davison (24)

112Jeremy WilliamsLapeer212.6
212Luke VenhuizenTraverse City Central211.8
312Matthew CrowleyMidland205.3
412Brady McArdleDavison202.5
511Jonah HochstetlerTraverse City West200.2
612Blake ChipmanFlushing198.4
712Michael WilliamsLapeer197.7
811Micah BauerTraverse City Central197.1
912Kenny MintoDavison197.1
1011Joe MuhaTraverse City Central193.0
1112Isaac StoneTraverse City West191.8
1212Daniel BergMidland189.1
1310Willem DeGoodTraverse City West186.7
1411Jett ReimersTraverse City Central185.3
1512Landon MarsMt. Pleasant184.3
1610Iain ForrestDavison184.0
1711Gabriel TrevinoSaginaw Heritage184.0
1812Hayden AllenAlpena182.7
1911Theodore LangeSaginaw Heritage180.0
2011Zachariah ShealyMidland177.6
2112Logan SchiebnerSaginaw Heritage177.5
2211Elijah AllenAlpena176.6
2312Will PhillipsTraverse City Central176.4
2412Jeffrey SteckerBay City Western173.6
2510Kenny LewisSaginaw Heritage173.4
2611Hunter HitzelbergerAlpena173.2
2712Ethan MeehleH.H. Dow171.6
2810Colin MacGregorH.H. Dow169.3
2911Connor MartinLapeer169.2
3010Alex DurocherTraverse City Central168.9
3112Tyler BerrySaginaw Heritage168.9
3210Noah SelvarajBay City Western168.8
3312Carter DeanTraverse City West168.5
3412Eli DawsonMt. Pleasant168.2
3512Jacob KochanskiAlpena166.9
3610Owen FoltzFlushing166.9
3711Ben BucciMidland166.8
3812Chase BakerDavison166.6
3912Brady CorkinsDavison166.6
4011Ben ScottH.H. Dow165.6
4112Parker AustinDavison165.1
4210Drew TunnicliffFlushing164.9
4312Anden RobertsonBay City Western164.7
4411Jackson BaeseLapeer163.6
4510Zack TruszkowskiTraverse City Central163.1
4612Eliezer MaldonadoH.H. Dow162.6
4712Alex WickhamFlint Carman-Ainsworth162.3
4810Jack LaurainSaginaw Heritage161.8
4912Braeden TunnicliffFlushing161.1
5012Ethan GruenbergDavison161.0

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: Many teams in contention for that third spot.  Get in the top 15.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net


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