Region 32 Preview

Region 32, presented by Kalamazoo Christian (with a hint of Presley Allen).

Where: Portage West MS, Portage

The Course: Once again, a fairly fair course. Got a little grief a few weeks ago for rating it a bit slow even though it ran faster than previous years. Minor hill, wide sweeping turns, and about as efficient a meet management you’ll find.

What to Watch For: Can Kalamazoo Christian score less than 50 points combined?

How much of a gap between Presley Allen and the next girl? She’s had no trouble moving up to the 5k and moving up to stiffer competition.

Who nabs the third spot for the girls? It’s the age old battle of the pack vs. the lead runners.




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Kalamazoo Christian21234571213
2Battle Creek St. Philip62691015223136
5White Pigeon126

Ranked Teams: Kalamazoo Christian (2), Battle Creek St. Philip (23)

19Presley AllenMendon143.6
29Alaina KloosterKalamazoo Christian98.6
311Dani VanLenteTekonsha94.8
411Aubrey HerderKalamazoo Christian94.5
511Annika SytsmaKalamazoo Christian90.9
611Sydney Van EsKalamazoo Hackett88.8
712Lauren AndersonCassopolis Ross Beatty83.1
811Hope ZichtermanKalamazoo Christian78.9
912Therese CamposBattle Creek St. Philip77.9
1011Rachel AllabaughKalamazoo Christian77.6
1112Amber HostetlerMendon77.5
1210Macey BurgessColon72.8
1312Emma ShugarsBattle Creek St. Philip69.8
1410Mimi HibbardBattle Creek St. Philip64.7
1510Addie CurtisMarcellus62.1
169Lucy BrayKalamazoo Christian55.0
1712Claire PschigodaKalamazoo Christian49.7
1812Mckenzie MillerAthens44.6
1912Azealia LaflerColon43.9
2012Merle MunteferingMarcellus40.7
2112Alex KerstenBattle Creek St. Philip36.0
2211Lauren SchabesMendon32.1
2311Breanna FranksDecatur28.3
2410Alexae HallDecatur21.2
2510Clare FloryMarcellus14.7
269Rachel SchelstraeteWhite Pigeon8.5
2712Hayley StrawserWhite Pigeon7.5
289Lena MinerHeritage Christian Academy5.0

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 16th or 17th depending on who makes it between Marcellus or Mendon.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1Kalamazoo Christian241245121518
2Battle Creek St. Philip62371416222530
3Eau Claire88691129333540
4Kalamazoo Hackett1038132327323839
7White Pigeon149

Ranked Teams: Kalamazoo Christian (5)

112Isaac BosKalamazoo Christian178.3
211Isaac BogardKalamazoo Christian168.6
310Luke SpragueBattle Creek St. Philip161.5
411Nick MitchellKalamazoo Christian155.3
512Marco BarronTekonsha148.6
69James VanderDussenKalamazoo Christian144.1
711Edward LopezEau Claire137.6
810Max ShugarsBattle Creek St. Philip134.4
910Gavin SehyKalamazoo Hackett134.1
1011Tucker LaflerColon131.9
1112Adam BlankenshipEau Claire131.6
129Dart AveryDecatur130.7
139Ryan BlankenshipEau Claire128.8
1411Dawson LuteKalamazoo Christian128.7
1512Mitchell EastmanKalamazoo Hackett127.6
1610Ryan CasterlineBattle Creek St. Philip126.8
179Zack MitchellKalamazoo Christian125.0
1812Jacob ThomeBattle Creek St. Philip123.5
1910Ryan DehaanClimax-Scotts119.8
2012Andrew ConferDecatur110.4
2111Cole VanderDussenKalamazoo Christian109.7
2211Jaren WaldschmidtCassopolis Ross Beatty109.2
2312Stephen SmithTekonsha107.3
2412Elijah FenstermakerHeritage Christian Academy103.8
259Ben IobeMendon95.6
269Landon VanwormerMendon93.0
2712Aiden CrooksMendon92.7
289Jerome BastianBattle Creek St. Philip90.9
2910Sean PierucciKalamazoo Hackett84.9
309Chandler LaflerColon80.0
319Quinton ToneMarcellus76.8
329Jack WilliamsWhite Pigeon69.5
3311Jacob BowerColon67.4
3411Josh JacksonMarcellus62.4
359Brodie DaamHeritage Christian Academy62.0
3612Colton AndrewsBellevue61.1
3710Emile BastianBattle Creek St. Philip58.5
3812Alex MorgensaiTekonsha57.3
3912Preston DelaryeWhite Pigeon51.1
4010Ezekiel FenstermakerHeritage Christian Academy49.3
419Julian BarryKalamazoo Hackett48.5
429Zeb LenexCassopolis Ross Beatty47.8
439Addison StantonAthens47.6
4411Cole JacksonWhite Pigeon47.1
4510Ezekiel FenstermakeHeritage Christian Academy45.7
4612Ben SweglesTekonsha42.2
479Brody SeverinEau Claire39.1
4812Galen StahlCassopolis Ross Beatty37.0
499Owen NofsBattle Creek St. Philip33.1
5010Blake StuartMendon31.4

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 20th.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net



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