2021 Ratings: Chandler Park Regional (36, 8)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Region 36 Preview
Region 8 Preview

36 Girls Adjustment: -16
8 Girls Adjustment: +2
36 Boys Adjustment: -35
8 Boys Adjustment: -24

People have been clamoring for me to rate different races or divisions on the same course, same day.  I agree with this notion as the course can change and so can the weather conditions.  It does produce a bit more variability in ratings when you’re working with a smaller sample, but I feel it’s applicable for regionals this year.  And since I have the time to do so, I’ll do so here.  Some don’t make as much sense, but you have to understand there’s a range of error with each listing.  The smaller the race, the higher that range.  You’ll see that here, but I believe the change throughout the day will make sense.


Julia Troxell, Rochester Hills Lutheran NW: Tough to PR on a tough day, but Julia did just that.  Her 22:35 was a tiny improvement over her 22:36 at Portage, but we know the conditions were much worse.  Lutheran Northwest is cruising into Brooklyn and capable of doing big things.

Jackson Pichan, Lutheran Westland: Jackson has picked it up as the season went on and his rise has resulted in Lutheran Westland’s upset bid into the State Meet.  Throughout the early part of the season, he was their 3rd runner, Friday he was their #2.  Projected 18th, finished 12th.

Charlotte Gullion, Troy: Progress isn’t linear and Charlotte’s season hasn’t gone the way her first two went.  But you run at enough State Meets and Regionals and you know what to do.  Her last two meets, Charlotte has seemed to find something, running in the low-20’s when that didn’t look possible in early October.

Carson Dych, Warren Cousino: Royal Oak, Troy, Grosse Pointe South (or North, not their year) are always making it from this region, but we like the other guys!  Carson ran his season best on Friday to finish 9th.  Pretty good for a guy who was 47th in Macomb County. 

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 5/6 Boys, 5/6  Girls; 16/18 Boys Overall, 16/18 Girls OverallAthletic: 6/6 Boys, 6/6 Girls; 17/18 Boys Overall, 16/18 Girls Overall

11Mackenzie Lemke20:15.2Rochester Hills Luth…120.3
11Erika Van Loton20:17.0Huron Valley Lutheran119.7
10Ava Teed20:28.0Allen Park Cabrini116.0
9Eliza Keith20:38.1Auburn Hills Oakland…112.6
9Natalie Gibbs21:34.2Birmingham Roeper93.9
12Lily Heath21:38.7Allen Park Cabrini92.4
11Madeleine Barge21:45.3Rochester Hills Luth…90.2
11Helana Napiorkowski21:49.5Austin Catholic88.8
10Leah Zarrilli21:56.1Auburn Hills Oakland…86.6
10Abby Rice22:04.6Rochester Hills Luth…83.8
11Michaela Kurth22:05.8Lutheran HS Westland83.4
11Natalie Malczyk22:20.5Huron Valley Lutheran78.5
12Genna Schomaker22:22.0Rochester Hills Luth…78.0
9Tess Tillman22:28.2Royal Oak Shrine75.9
11Julia Troxell22:35.2Rochester Hills Luth…73.6
9Isobel Malcolm22:36.3Royal Oak Shrine73.2
11Alyse Felix22:37.3Clarkston Everest Co…72.9
10Nicole Teed22:48.5Allen Park Cabrini69.2
9Annaliese Losey22:50.5Royal Oak Shrine68.5
12Ella Nowc22:55.0Allen Park Cabrini67.0
10Karis Keith22:55.4Auburn Hills Oakland…66.9
9Rose Losey22:59.7Royal Oak Shrine65.4
12Avery Herrgott23:03.9Clarkston Everest Co…64.0
12Isabelle Burg23:08.8Acad Of The Sacred H…62.4
11Caroline Cross23:11.1Clarkston Everest Co…61.6
12Claire Plaskey23:21.9Royal Oak Shrine58.0
9Erica Walker23:30.1Clarkston Everest Co…55.3
10Eve Herrgott23:35.8Clarkston Everest Co…53.4
10Kendall Zaliwski23:36.3Rochester Hills Luth…53.2
12Alexis Donnan23:38.5Southfield Christian52.5
10Grace Ligon23:43.7Southfield Christian50.8
11Emma Burrell23:44.3Rochester Hills Luth…50.6
12Clara Losey23:46.7Royal Oak Shrine49.8
12Claire Rau23:47.8Auburn Hills Oakland…49.4
9Olivia Leahy23:52.8Clarkston Everest Co…47.7
12Audra Hoeft23:52.8Lutheran HS Westland47.7
12Charlotte Carozza23:54.5Acad Of The Sacred H…47.2
12Lindsay Grohs24:08.8Royal Oak Shrine42.4
11Stephanie Suran24:32.5Clarkston Everest Co…34.5
9Sofia Salinas24:44.9Birmingham Roeper30.4
10Leah Kroge25:18.2Auburn Hills Oakland…19.3
12Carly Ervin25:28.2Southfield Christian15.9
12Naomi Foley25:50.8Huron Valley Lutheran8.4
10Mckinnis Ramirez25:59.1Plymouth Christian A…5.6
12Amy Gammon26:15.2Auburn Hills Oakland…0.3

11Alex Meszaros18:02.6Riverview Gabriel Ri…170.8
12Jonah Cerone18:09.3Royal Oak Shrine168.6
11Christopher Russel…18:23.9Allen Park Cabrini163.7
9Tom Shafer18:28.6Lutheran HS Westland162.1
12Ethan McFarland18:42.2Auburn Hills Oakland…157.6
10Tyler Lenn18:48.8Marine City Cardinal…155.4
10TJ Donnan19:14.3Southfield Christian146.9
12John Borowicz19:20.4Riverview Gabriel Ri…144.9
12Joseph Bontrager19:22.4Royal Oak Shrine144.2
12Spencer Mistele19:22.7Plymouth Christian A…144.1
11Kye Jackson19:24.0Royal Oak Shrine143.7
12Jackson Pichan19:24.2Lutheran HS Westland143.6
11Johnny Benko19:24.7Riverview Gabriel Ri…143.4
11Matthew Zammit Jr.19:33.3Marine City Cardinal…140.6
10Luke Douglas19:37.5Auburn Hills Oakland…139.2
12Jake Massucci19:37.7Royal Oak Shrine139.1
10Isaac Zammit19:39.8Marine City Cardinal…138.4
11Adam Moore19:40.6Plymouth Christian A…138.1
12Parker Heggie19:47.2Riverview Gabriel Ri…135.9
11Brayden McKay19:55.2Allen Park Cabrini133.3
10Van Saroukhanian19:58.8Birmingham Roeper132.1
12Peter Laskaris20:01.3Riverview Gabriel Ri…131.2
11Samuel Wenzel20:03.3Austin Catholic130.6
10Max Procissi20:04.9Marine City Cardinal…130.0
11Vincenzo Lewan20:05.6Plymouth Christian A…129.8
12Joey McMahon20:12.1Lutheran HS Westland127.6
10Jeffrey McGuire20:14.4Lutheran HS Westland126.9
12Joey Berro20:15.1Allen Park Cabrini126.6
11Luke Witte20:16.1Lutheran HS Westland126.3
11Josh Passow20:17.0Plymouth Christian A…126.0
11Drew Colton20:22.0Royal Oak Shrine124.3
11Dominic Catallo20:22.3Lutheran HS Westland124.2
11Logan Eiden20:28.0Allen Park Cabrini122.3
12Travis Kurth20:29.4Lutheran HS Westland121.9
12Kevin Wright20:35.1Royal Oak Shrine120.0
12Jonnie Dunne20:41.5Birmingham Roeper117.8
10Octavio Orozco20:43.0Allen Park Cabrini117.3
11Dean Moshier20:49.0Auburn Hills Oakland…115.3
12Ashton Glenn20:52.7Southfield Christian114.1
10Tommy Abazi21:10.6Southfield Christian108.1
12Adam McHaskell21:13.5Mt Clemens107.2
12Brett Coppens21:16.2Austin Catholic106.3
12Bram Wolf21:17.6Allen Park Cabrini105.8
9Ralph Kaleniecki21:24.0Allen Park Cabrini103.7
9Elijah Martinez21:30.0Plymouth Christian A…101.7
11Lucas Gaertner21:36.1Rochester Hills Luth…99.6
9Jack Luzynski21:40.2Marine City Cardinal…98.3
10Austin Ahler21:42.6Rochester Hills Luth…97.5
12Blake Evans21:52.2Mt Clemens94.3
12Tyler Kowalski22:04.3Southfield Christian90.2
11Donald Blakeley22:06.1Marine City Cardinal…89.6
11Lemuel Appling22:07.3Detroit Davis Aerosp…89.2
11Mitchell Graveline22:19.1Royal Oak Shrine85.3
12Ashton Demeulenaere22:19.9Marine City Cardinal…85.0
9Andrew Gerrits22:30.6Birmingham Roeper81.5
12Michael Tuomi22:31.9Rochester Hills Luth…81.0
11Jakob Oetzel22:38.0Huron Valley Lutheran79.0
11Sundiata Simpson22:56.6Detroit Davis Aerosp…72.8
11Gabriel Heath22:58.5Riverview Gabriel Ri…72.2
10Larry Hollowell22:59.0Detroit Frederick Do…72.0
11Hayden Fulford22:59.4Waterford Our Lady o…71.9
12Joshua (Luke) Umph…23:11.0Auburn Hills Oakland…68.0
10Anthony Buford23:38.3Detroit Frederick Do…58.9
10Jack Khoury23:41.8Auburn Hills Oakland…57.7
9Andreas Laskaris23:49.9Riverview Gabriel Ri…55.0
9Hollis Perry23:56.5Birmingham Roeper52.8
10Charles Patterson23:59.7Detroit Davis Aerosp…51.8
12Dominic Luchi24:01.3Waterford Our Lady o…51.2
11Anthony Pizzo24:03.9Austin Catholic50.4
10Charles Howell24:44.4Austin Catholic36.9
9Karl Wegner24:55.1Waterford Our Lady o…33.3
10Marcos Laugh24:57.4Plymouth Christian A…32.5
11David Luhring25:12.8Rochester Hills Luth…27.4
9Michael LaPrise25:30.6Austin Catholic21.5
9Diesel Rodriguez25:48.9Waterford Our Lady o…15.4
9Thomas Brownell26:01.2Auburn Hills Oakland…11.3

12Haley Deighan19:17.1Birmingham Seaholm133.6
11Elaina Rondeau20:16.7Troy113.8
12Lexi Deighan20:19.7Birmingham Seaholm112.8
11Isabelle Fairless20:22.9Royal Oak111.7
10Sarah Barnett20:26.7Royal Oak110.4
11Charlotte Gullion20:26.7Troy110.4
12Emily Plouff20:27.3Fraser110.2
9Grace Grupido20:29.0Fraser109.7
9Madie Miller20:38.5Troy106.5
12Aileen Liu20:42.5Troy105.2
10Talia Sachs20:45.8Birmingham Seaholm104.1
12Samantha Turner20:54.7Birmingham Seaholm101.1
9Shelby Stabile20:57.9Harrison Twp. L’Anse…100.0
11Maisie Konwinski20:58.8Troy99.7
10Allison Giroux21:00.7Troy99.1
12Kate Meinecke21:04.9Royal Oak97.7
9Lillian Deskins21:06.3Grosse Pointe North97.2
9Savannah Spangler21:09.1Grosse Pointe South96.3
10Cecilia Irwin21:16.0Royal Oak94.0
12Maya Hassan21:16.5Beverly Hills Groves93.8
12Kamryn Schell21:32.8Sterling Heights88.4
9Irene Oh21:40.5Troy85.8
10Isabelle Hanna21:42.2Warren Woods Tower85.3
9Luciana Rodriguez21:44.3Fraser84.6
12Marla Berry21:45.3Warren Mott84.2
9Jenna Rivera21:46.4Beverly Hills Groves83.9
10Morgan Deenik21:50.0Grosse Pointe South82.7
12Nicole Merchant21:50.5Birmingham Seaholm82.5
11Anna Holloway22:02.9Fraser78.4
12Jade Burnett22:09.6Sterling Heights Ste…76.1
12Corinne DiFalco22:11.0Royal Oak75.7
10Kloie Roy22:12.3Grosse Pointe South75.2
11Drew Lovell22:14.9Grosse Pointe North74.4
9Mia Boland22:21.2Beverly Hills Groves72.3
11Ava Carr22:23.1Grosse Pointe South71.6
12Becca Koch22:26.0Grosse Pointe South70.7
11Maria Bolanos22:28.1Birmingham Seaholm70.0
11Alexandra Dreffs22:30.1Lakeview St. Clair S…69.3
12Becca Moin22:31.2Grosse Pointe North68.9
10Abby Dombrowski22:32.8Grosse Pointe North68.4
9Adelina Parikh22:37.1Grosse Pointe South67.0
10Emma Dell22:43.7Lakeview St. Clair S…64.8
11Claire Zurowick22:45.3Grosse Pointe South64.2
9Ashlei Anatalio22:46.7Grosse Pointe North63.8
12Shannon McMenamin22:48.9Fraser63.0
11Jane Barnett22:50.3Royal Oak62.6
12Amanda Palmer22:51.5Sterling Heights Ste…62.2
11Taliyah Dawson22:54.1Warren Woods Tower61.3
11Lilian Furman22:54.8Sterling Heights61.1
9Gabrielle Miller22:57.7Fraser60.1
11Erin Snyder22:57.7Royal Oak60.1
10Kayla Gorman23:05.2Lakeview St. Clair S…57.6
11Sophia Dragich23:15.3Grosse Pointe North54.2
11Tariyah Dawson23:35.3Warren Woods Tower47.6
12Sophia Chung23:38.2Beverly Hills Groves46.6
10Lucie Leonhard23:45.6Grosse Pointe North44.1
10Lydia Martoni23:52.3Fraser41.9
9Lexie Vadio23:55.4Harrison Twp. L’Anse…40.9
9Katie Cairney23:56.9Fraser40.4
12Karissa McNabb24:02.5Warren Mott38.5
12Jillian Kaferle24:18.6Warren Woods Tower33.1
12Zoe Bluer24:25.8Warren Woods Tower30.7
9Allison Phillips24:30.1Warren Mott29.3
9Makalya Perdue-Dan…24:42.0Warren Mott25.3
12Ava Citko24:48.9Beverly Hills Groves23.0
11Maria Ferro24:50.6Warren Cousino22.5
12Sophia Nowaczewski25:02.7Lakeview St. Clair S…18.4
12Corissa McCain25:10.8Warren Woods Tower15.7
12Maryam Alzuhairi25:28.1Warren Mott10.0
11Mikalah Lewis25:30.4Sterling Heights9.2
11Zosia Jenks25:33.7Beverly Hills Groves8.1
10Lilly Korte25:39.4Lakeview St. Clair S…6.2
12Hannah Palise25:50.7Warren Mott2.4
10Emily Jamil25:53.0Sterling Heights1.7

11Logan Detweiler17:01.8Grosse Pointe South187.4
10Louis D’Souza17:33.2Troy176.9
12Julio Jaime17:36.0Royal Oak176.0
12Weston Schroeder17:36.6Royal Oak175.8
11Justin Roose17:39.5Fraser174.8
10Sebastian Ramirez17:40.6Royal Oak174.5
10Tyler Donovan17:43.6Fraser173.5
12Dhruv Dighrasker17:43.6Troy173.5
12Carson Dych17:47.4Warren Cousino172.2
11Anderson Corum17:51.5Birmingham Seaholm170.8
11Ben Puzzuoli17:53.8Harrison Twp. L’Anse…170.1
11Alex Agius17:54.8Grosse Pointe North169.7
12Perry Arsenault17:55.0Lakeview St. Clair S…169.7
9Akshat Arora17:55.3Troy169.6
11Theodore Shi17:55.7Troy169.4
12Jack Hurst17:57.7Grosse Pointe South168.8
12Peyton Ross17:58.3Warren DeLaSalle168.6
12Parker Young17:59.1Brother Rice168.3
12Jake Vallan18:06.8Grosse Pointe South165.7
12Chas Mathis-Baliat…18:11.8Grosse Pointe South164.1
12Matthew Webb18:13.0Royal Oak163.7
12Michael Wholihan18:16.6Grosse Pointe South162.5
10Braxton Sipes18:20.8Royal Oak161.1
10Vishvaa Ravishankar18:25.2Troy159.6
11Brendan Downey18:27.5Grosse Pointe South158.8
12Bryce Nolan18:27.8Troy Athens158.7
9Myles Linden18:29.2Troy Athens158.3
10Elijah Solnikowski18:30.3Royal Oak157.9
12Max Kluge18:31.3Grosse Pointe North157.6
12Donovan Davis18:31.3Warren DeLaSalle157.6
11Brooks Donaldson18:40.3Lakeview St. Clair S…154.6
10Jacob Esser18:41.7Troy Athens154.1
10Collin Pigloski18:42.8Lakeview St. Clair S…153.7
11Andrew Linden18:43.8Troy Athens153.4
10Liam Collins18:45.9Brother Rice152.7
12Roger Wang18:46.3Troy152.6
11John Abraham18:49.3Birmingham Seaholm151.6
11Kishore Senthil Ku…18:53.0Troy150.3
12Paul Ciaravino18:53.3Grosse Pointe North150.2
10Daniel Weber18:53.7Grosse Pointe North150.1
12Noah Baier18:54.7Lake Shore St. Clair…149.8
10Brendan Smigelski18:55.8Fraser149.4
12Michael Villeneuve19:00.9Grosse Pointe North147.7
11Alex Hammond19:00.9Royal Oak147.7
12Keith LaFriniere19:03.1Warren Woods Tower147.0
12Dylan Petruzzello19:09.3Warren DeLaSalle144.9
12Michael Fox19:10.0Grosse Pointe North144.7
12Jack McConaghy19:11.2Grosse Pointe North144.3
10Blake Swartz19:17.7Troy Athens142.1
10Michael Davies19:19.8Birmingham Seaholm141.4
12Nathaniel Smith19:21.0Brother Rice141.0
10Drake Demaris19:22.3Warren Cousino140.6
11Brendan Daly19:22.4Troy Athens140.5
12Christopher Rivera19:24.7Beverly Hills Groves139.8
12Ronak Parikh19:26.2Grosse Pointe South139.3
12Andrew Rios19:28.3Warren Woods Tower138.6
11John Crissman19:42.3Birmingham Seaholm133.9
12Mark Morris19:42.5Beverly Hills Groves133.8
12Jonathan Marx19:44.2Birmingham Seaholm133.3
12Ed St. Amour19:45.1Brother Rice133.0
12Daniel Murphy19:47.8Birmingham Seaholm132.1
11Kyle Konopka19:49.5Beverly Hills Groves131.5
11Christian Tappen19:49.5Beverly Hills Groves131.5
11Andrew Thomson19:51.5Fraser130.8
9Cameron Marshall19:52.2Beverly Hills Groves130.6
12Josh Specker19:53.4Roseville130.2
11Joseph Nesom19:56.0Lakeview St. Clair S…129.3
9Aidan Daly19:57.8Harrison Twp. L’Anse…128.7
9Jensen McCutcheon19:59.9Lakeview St. Clair S…128.0
9Cameron Berna20:01.7Sterling Heights Ste…127.4
12Elliott Stansberry20:02.5Warren Woods Tower127.2
12Jacob Jasin20:05.7Warren Woods Tower126.1
12Anthony Youngblood20:06.4Warren DeLaSalle125.9
12Oscar Thompson20:11.0Warren DeLaSalle124.3
12Matthew Alarie20:12.3Birmingham Seaholm123.9
9Alex Habarth20:21.8Harrison Twp. L’Anse…120.7
11Matt Keller20:25.8Sterling Heights Ste…119.4
10Freddy MacWilliams20:31.9Beverly Hills Groves117.4
12Mario Salisbury20:38.4Warren DeLaSalle115.2
10Paul Gopez20:39.5Warren Cousino114.8
9John Lonsway20:44.8Sterling Heights Ste…113.1
10Benjamin Ashley20:49.1Harrison Twp. L’Anse…111.6
12Daniel Hidalgo-Hud…20:52.2Warren Mott110.6
12Donovan Kelley20:53.6Warren Cousino110.1
9Aiden Barnett20:55.2Roseville109.6
12Austin Stemmerich20:56.9Fraser109.0
10Aaron Vettese20:57.3Warren Woods Tower108.9
10Devin O’Connor20:58.3Lakeview St. Clair S…108.6
11Connor Steepe21:05.7Fraser106.1
11Cameron Sherrill21:06.1Harrison Twp. L’Anse…106.0
11Austin Darr21:06.6Warren DeLaSalle105.8
10Blake Shaya21:07.5Brother Rice105.5
9Ryan Hilt21:07.7Harrison Twp. L’Anse…105.4
9Braden Cinato21:09.6Warren Cousino104.8
9Owen Kliebert21:10.5Harrison Twp. L’Anse…104.5
11Vladyslav Gorechko21:18.8Sterling Heights101.7
12Carson Copeland21:19.5Warren Woods Tower101.5
9Luca Bartoi21:22.2Beverly Hills Groves100.6
11Hunter Szczur21:27.3Sterling Heights Ste…98.9
10Luke Styber21:35.7Sterling Heights Ste…96.1
10Justin Pinks21:45.2Warren Woods Tower92.9
12Dawson Sass21:50.9Warren Cousino91.0
11Austin Barnett21:58.1Roseville88.6
12Connor Dennis21:59.9Fraser88.0
12Alex Susalla22:00.1Warren Mott88.0
12Cooper Galeczka22:25.1Warren Mott79.6
12Ryan Kovacs22:38.6Sterling Heights75.1
11Parker Kinsora22:49.7Roseville71.4
9Chris Cardellio23:06.4Brother Rice65.9
12Gavin Bullock23:10.6Sterling Heights Ste…64.5
11Imtiaz Qureshi23:38.4Warren Mott55.2
12Dominic Badia23:55.6Warren Cousino49.5
12Ryan Shorter24:10.1Lakeview St. Clair S…44.6
11Anton Akroush24:11.6Sterling Heights Ste…44.1
12John Vigue24:20.0Sterling Heights41.3
9Samuel Criner24:41.1Warren Mott34.3
10Jackson Hermes25:34.0Lake Shore St. Clair…16.7
11Joshua Blevins25:46.1Lake Shore St. Clair…12.6

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