2021 Ratings: Huron Meadows Regional (4)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Regional Preview

Girls Adjustment: -1
Boys Adjustment: -6


Amyla Eberhart, South Lyon East: Amyla ran a personal best in conditions that didn’t warrant one.  In a tight team race, every point counts and SLE was 2 points ahead of Howell and 12 points ahead of Dexter.  With just a normal performance (I had her 28th, she finished 18th), South Lyon East’s team is staying home next Saturday.

David Ferguson, East Lansing: David’s antics were responsible for East Lansing’s major upset.  Zeleke and Page might get most of the headlines, but it’s those 3rd-7th runners that clinch State Meet spots.  His season may have started a little late, but it’s been season best after season best, culminating in a 16:54 yesterday.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 2/3 Boys, 3/3 Girls; 11/12 Boys Overall, 11/12 Girls Overall
Athletic: 3/3 Boys, 3/3 Girls; 11/12 Boys Overall, 10/12 Girls Overall

12Katie Carothers18:40.1Brighton147.0
11Mackenzie Wright18:48.8Howell144.1
11Anna Delgado18:52.7East Lansing142.8
11Liliane Aittama18:57.8South Lyon East141.1
11Emma Netzel18:58.7Holt140.8
9Lauren Walker18:59.0Holt140.7
11Caroline Vance19:10.8Ann Arbor Skyline136.7
11Taylor Pangburn19:11.8Grand Ledge136.4
11Natalie Kessler19:13.6Ann Arbor Skyline135.8
10Olivia Perrine19:14.1Jackson135.6
10Nikki Carothers19:21.2Brighton133.3
10Carrigan Eberly19:22.6Brighton132.8
9Alena Blumberg19:25.9Dexter131.7
9Autumn Thompson19:26.4DeWitt131.5
10Allison Mayer19:31.6Ann Arbor Skyline129.8
12Amanda McGill19:47.2Dexter124.6
11Amelia Kashian19:50.2Brighton123.6
11Amyla Eberhart19:50.7South Lyon East123.4
11Mia Cholewa19:51.4Howell123.2
10Ella Showerman19:55.9South Lyon East121.7
10Shannon Gillahan19:56.8Okemos121.4
10Megan Kowalski20:01.6Brighton119.8
11Lexie Brown20:04.5Hartland118.8
10Lily Salazar20:04.8Okemos118.7
11Lea MacGregor20:05.2Howell118.6
10Kate Varitek20:05.3Dexter118.6
12Adelin Patterson20:05.3Grand Ledge118.6
12Alex Beal20:08.5Okemos117.5
11Lauren Hamilton20:10.5Grand Ledge116.8
9Elle Bissett20:12.0Brighton116.3
11Ella Koons20:13.2Howell115.9
10Nicole Mays20:13.4Okemos115.9
12Mackenzie Buckley20:14.3South Lyon115.6
11Lydia Cocciolone20:17.0Ann Arbor Skyline114.7
12Ellie Stark20:17.1Brighton114.6
12Hannah McComas20:18.9Dexter114.0
10Jessica Bossenbroek20:22.2Holt112.9
9Abby Minnick20:24.3East Lansing112.2
11Alexandra Cabaj20:30.8Hartland110.1
11Adrianna Patanis20:37.0South Lyon108.0
11Bella Grant20:37.0South Lyon East108.0
11Reganne Koskela20:41.6South Lyon East106.5
12Grace Hungerford20:44.6DeWitt105.5
11Jaana Glasmacher20:47.3Okemos104.6
9Megan Fannon20:52.1South Lyon East103.0
11Arohi Nair20:54.7Okemos102.1
12Annissa Sisson20:58.8Dexter100.7
12Magdalena MacGregor21:00.0South Lyon100.3
11Samantha Howard21:01.9Lansing Waverly99.7
10Bryna Mead-O’Brien21:04.1Okemos99.0
11Sarah Halliday21:05.8Howell98.4
12Olivia Johnson21:14.1Grand Ledge95.6
11Annalisa DeGuzman21:15.1Ann Arbor Skyline95.3
12Samantha Shaw21:15.8Howell95.1
10Celia Begosso21:20.2Ann Arbor Skyline93.6
11Kaelyn Swiech21:29.3South Lyon90.6
9Kambree Eberly21:29.4Grand Ledge90.5
11Madison Lira21:29.6Grand Ledge90.5
9Halle Figueroa21:30.6DeWitt90.1
11Kyra Shadduck21:33.4DeWitt89.2
12Caitlyn Donnelly21:35.7Ann Arbor Skyline88.4
11Lana Mac21:38.6South Lyon87.5
9Leah Shadduck21:43.4DeWitt85.9
9Ayla Holben21:46.1DeWitt85.0
11Makenna Kern21:47.8Hartland84.4
9Morgan Ashcroft21:55.4DeWitt81.9
10Ava Mullen21:55.4Holt81.9
9Erin Gallagher21:57.2South Lyon East81.3
11Claire Scofield21:59.8Lansing Waverly80.4
12Madeleine Wisniewski22:03.9Hartland79.0
10Keely Abbott22:04.6South Lyon78.8
9Sophia McKenna22:07.5Hartland77.8
9Kayley Cleary22:10.4Howell76.9
12Ashley Mitchell22:11.6Dexter76.5
12Bea Arizzi22:11.7Grand Ledge76.4
11Mia Melcher22:11.7South Lyon76.4
11Edith Pendell22:12.9East Lansing76.0
11Nicole Majors22:16.9Hartland74.7
12Kate Froedtert22:18.2Jackson74.3
10Ellie Laier22:33.0Hartland69.3
9Annabel O’Haver22:33.2Dexter69.3
11Grace Rose22:36.0East Lansing68.3
10Savannah Chumbley22:36.2East Lansing68.3
10Samantha Pell22:59.8Holt60.4
10Mikayla Butters23:10.9Jackson56.7
12Elisabeth Beer23:42.9East Lansing46.0
12Morgan Mussehl23:51.4Holt43.2
12Amilia Jones24:05.0Jackson38.7
10Sienna Tovar24:06.9Jackson38.0
11Kianna Shady24:17.7East Lansing34.4
11Kayla Fogarty24:28.8Holt30.7
11Maya Hitchingham24:52.8Jackson22.7

12Riley Hough15:25.5Hartland213.5
12Matthew Zeleke15:42.8East Lansing207.7
12Quinn Cullen16:09.9Brighton198.7
11Nicolas Fry16:22.1Ann Arbor Skyline194.6
12David Samson16:27.2Hartland192.9
12Anders Howe16:31.2Okemos191.6
12Jayden Page16:32.1East Lansing191.3
10Brandon Anderson16:34.5Dexter190.5
12Liam Elder16:35.6Grand Ledge190.1
11Benjamin Smith16:35.7Hartland190.1
10Tyler Langley16:38.4Brighton189.2
12Jack Campbell16:44.0Brighton187.3
9Nolan Inglis16:47.3DeWitt186.2
11Brady Matuszewski16:48.5Brighton185.8
12Gabe Gulbransen16:48.9Okemos185.7
12Lucas Seng16:49.2Brighton185.6
12David Ferguson16:54.3East Lansing183.9
10Luke Suliman16:58.6Ann Arbor Skyline182.5
11Sam Kromberg17:00.5Hartland181.8
12Austin Smelker17:02.8DeWitt181.1
12Chadwick Perrine17:03.8Jackson180.7
11Christopher Van Lent17:04.7Ann Arbor Skyline180.4
12Josh Lamb17:06.7Dexter179.8
12Conner Rose17:06.8DeWitt179.7
12Sanjay Rao17:10.4Ann Arbor Skyline178.5
12Owen Kadrofske17:13.8Okemos177.4
12George Mays17:15.4Okemos176.9
11Dylan White17:16.1Brighton176.6
11Owen Ackerman17:16.8Dexter176.4
10Gurmaan Sidhu17:22.7Okemos174.4
10Trevor Bratt17:23.6Hartland174.1
12Brendan Kelly17:24.6South Lyon East173.8
12Adam Hauser17:27.4Dexter172.9
11Gabe Benavides17:28.4East Lansing172.5
12Risto Crouse17:30.4Brighton171.9
12Steven Bosworth17:36.1South Lyon170.0
10Mason Jett17:36.2Ann Arbor Skyline169.9
12Reiner Kandt17:36.6South Lyon169.8
10Gurshaan Sidhu17:37.9Okemos169.4
12Connor Bratt17:39.1Hartland169.0
12Nathaniel Hobbs17:41.0Jackson168.3
11Evan Newcombe17:44.9East Lansing167.0
9Ben Haakenson17:46.8Grand Ledge166.4
9Jackson Walthorn17:50.1DeWitt165.3
11Alex Hoffman17:51.5Dexter164.8
12Griffin Bentley17:52.2Dexter164.6
12Caelan Mead-O’Brien17:53.7Okemos164.1
10Noah DeLand18:01.7Howell161.4
12Peyton Williams18:02.6Jackson161.1
10Brennan McKone18:02.8DeWitt161.1
10Miles Albert18:03.4South Lyon160.9
11Sawyer Hosford18:03.8Holt160.7
12Zachary Sawin18:04.6Dexter160.5
11Julian Edwards18:05.0Holt160.3
12Alex Ball18:05.4Ann Arbor Skyline160.2
10Eden Lampi18:13.6East Lansing157.5
10Alex Jowett18:20.7South Lyon155.1
9Elijah Hutchinson18:20.9Grand Ledge155.0
11Sam Booth18:24.1East Lansing154.0
10Ian Hinkle18:24.7Grand Ledge153.8
9Ian Goodrich18:25.6DeWitt153.5
10Cade Rigonan18:28.1Hartland152.6
9Jackson Myott18:28.9Grand Ledge152.4
11Eric VonBargen18:30.7Ann Arbor Skyline151.8
12Gavin Howell18:32.2South Lyon151.3
9Drake Wallace18:33.0Howell151.0
10Nathaniel Kilgore18:35.7Holt150.1
12Caleb Erickson18:38.3Jackson149.2
11Avian Valencia-Moore18:38.7South Lyon149.1
11Steven Hodges18:42.9Holt147.7
9Connor Wallace18:45.6Howell146.8
10Nico Sobczak18:46.1South Lyon146.6
10Solomon Strong18:47.0South Lyon East146.3
12Reid Inglis18:53.7DeWitt144.1
12Toby Smith18:54.6Holt143.8
11Sam Elder18:55.8Grand Ledge143.4
12Michael Tippy18:58.9South Lyon East142.4
11Stephon Edwards19:00.5Holt141.8
10Liam Hoover19:06.6Howell139.8
9Landon Jayaraman19:13.5Holt137.5
12Zeke Strong19:15.1South Lyon East137.0
12Brenden Castillo19:19.5Lansing Waverly135.5
12Micah Conner19:20.3Jackson135.2
12Gaige Smith19:26.7Jackson133.1
9Jacob Mack19:30.9South Lyon East131.7
10Matthew Schmidt19:32.4South Lyon East131.2
12Zach Lyman19:34.8Lansing Waverly130.4
9Lucas Wood19:40.8Howell128.4
9Travis Niemi19:45.3Howell126.9
10Jordan Serna19:50.3Lansing Waverly125.2
11Drew Lyman19:56.8Lansing Waverly123.1
12Joshua Edwards19:57.2South Lyon East122.9
10Israel Lopez20:08.2Lansing Waverly119.3
9Matthias Overley20:18.7Lansing Waverly115.8
11Nathanial Passinault20:27.2Howell112.9
11Andrew England20:31.3Jackson111.6
11Jacob Sturgeon21:30.9Lansing Everett91.7
12David Brunette22:16.2Lansing Everett76.6
9Jonathon Lumanga22:49.4Lansing Everett65.5
9Jibrael Al-Shinnawi23:00.2Lansing Everett61.9

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  1. [Image.jpeg]
    Ionia High School’s 3 regional medal winners. L to R Jacob Montgomery (14), Heath LaPointe (9), Josiah Magley (3). Team 2nd place in Regional



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