Region 4 Preview

This Girls Region is gonna produce some joy and heartbreak…

7 Girls Teams in the Top 25!

Where: Huron Meadows, aka “The Meadows”.

The Course: A fair course! Some rollers in the woods, a few turns, GREAT spectator course. Sits above the Huron River, so I expect it to drain well and run fast.

What to Watch For: The Girls Race. You try to sort it out. I kind of like Okemos here. Their 7th might be better than many other 5’s. I challenge anyone who can do cross country math on the fly to head over here. Brighton’s boys overall score. Many complaints about Brighton being ranked #1. If they score more than 48, Caledonia might inch closer, less, perhaps their ranking will be validated. We get to find out in 11 days…


PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
2Ann Arbor Skyline1197121535505758
3South Lyon East1295132834495278
7Grand Ledge159
10South Lyon245
11East Lansing275
14Lansing Waverly424
15Lansing Everett494

Ranked Teams: Brighton (6), Ann Arbor Skyline (15), South Lyon East (16), Okemos (17), Dexter (18), Howell (20), Grand Ledge (25)

111Mackenzie WrightHowell149.7
212Katie CarothersBrighton147.6
311Anna DelgadoEast Lansing145.6
411Taylor PangburnGrand Ledge143.8
511Liliane AittamaSouth Lyon East142.6
612Amanda McGillDexter139.0
711Caroline VanceAnn Arbor Skyline137.8
811Emma NetzelHolt136.7
99Alena BlumbergDexter132.7
109Lauren WalkerHolt131.7
1110Carrigan EberlyBrighton131.2
1211Natalie KesslerAnn Arbor Skyline129.6
1310Ella ShowermanSouth Lyon East128.5
149Autumn ThompsonDeWitt127.7
1510Allison MayerAnn Arbor Skyline125.1
1611Lexie BrownHartland122.8
1710Shannon GillahanOkemos122.8
1810Nikki CarothersBrighton122.6
1910Lily SalazarOkemos121.3
2012Samantha ShawHowell121.3
2112Adelin PattersonGrand Ledge121.1
2210Olivia PerrineJackson120.6
2310Megan KowalskiBrighton120.5
2410Nicole MaysOkemos120.2
2511Amelia KashianBrighton119.9
2611Lauren HamiltonGrand Ledge119.1
2710Kate VaritekDexter117.8
2811Amyla EberhartSouth Lyon East116.4
2912Ellie StarkBrighton116.0
3012Mackenzie BuckleySouth Lyon115.9
3111Mia CholewaHowell115.3
3211Lea MacGregorHowell114.5
3311Jaana GlasmacherOkemos114.4
3411Bella GrantSouth Lyon East112.0
3511Lydia CoccioloneAnn Arbor Skyline111.9
3610Gabrielle BolithoBrighton111.8
3711Arohi NairOkemos111.5
389Ayla HolbenDeWitt110.8
3912Grace HungerfordDeWitt110.4
4012Alex BealOkemos109.8
4112Hannah McComasDexter108.2
4212Olivia JohnsonGrand Ledge108.0
4311Alexandra CabajHartland106.7
4410Bryna Mead-O’BrienOkemos106.6
4510Keely AbbottSouth Lyon105.9
469Annabel O’HaverDexter104.7
4710Jessica BossenbroekHolt104.4
4811Adrianna PatanisSouth Lyon104.4
4911Reganne KoskelaSouth Lyon East104.1
5011Annalisa DeGuzmanAnn Arbor Skyline103.6

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: Get in that Top 15. Too many moving parts to judge.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
4East Lansing111
6Ann Arbor Skyline145
8Grand Ledge183
10South Lyon277
12South Lyon East342
14Lansing Waverly443
15Lansing Everett505

Ranked Teams: Brighton (1), Hartland (10), Okemos (11), East Lansing (17), Dexter (19)

112Riley HoughHartland227.0
212Matthew ZelekeEast Lansing205.5
312Quinn CullenBrighton200.9
412Liam ElderGrand Ledge198.8
512Jack CampbellBrighton198.4
612Anders HoweOkemos198.0
712David SamsonHartland197.2
812Jayden PageEast Lansing196.8
910Tyler LangleyBrighton195.0
1012Gabe GulbransenOkemos194.9
1111Nicolas FryAnn Arbor Skyline194.8
1210Brandon AndersonDexter190.9
1311Sam KrombergHartland190.4
1411Brady MatuszewskiBrighton190.3
1512George MaysOkemos188.9
1612Sanjay RaoAnn Arbor Skyline188.9
1712Lucas SengBrighton187.8
1812Owen KadrofskeOkemos186.5
1910Luke SulimanAnn Arbor Skyline186.0
2012Risto CrouseBrighton185.4
2111Benjamin SmithHartland184.9
2212Josh LambDexter184.3
239Nolan InglisDeWitt184.3
2412Adam HauserDexter183.5
2512Austin SmelkerDeWitt182.5
2611Dylan WhiteBrighton182.1
2712Conner RoseDeWitt180.1
2812Chadwick PerrineJackson179.8
2911Owen AckermanDexter179.6
3012David FergusonEast Lansing178.0
3111Evan NewcombeEast Lansing177.5
3212Nathaniel HobbsJackson174.6
3311Alex HoffmanDexter172.4
3410Gurshaan SidhuOkemos172.4
3511Zachery SandinHartland172.3
3611Tanner KennedyGrand Ledge172.2
3712Caelan Mead-O’BrienOkemos172.0
3810Gurmaan SidhuOkemos171.8
3910Trevor BrattHartland171.5
4012Eli KramerEast Lansing171.4
4111Christopher Van LentAnn Arbor Skyline171.0
4211Gabe BenavidesEast Lansing170.9
4312Steven BosworthSouth Lyon169.9
449Elijah HutchinsonGrand Ledge169.3
4510Brennan McKoneDeWitt169.0
4611Adam HafnerGrand Ledge168.8
4712Brendan KellySouth Lyon East168.1
4812Reiner KandtSouth Lyon167.9
4911Sawyer HosfordHolt167.3
5012Connor BrattHartland167.0

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: The three top teams are all top-heavy, so there should be some room further into the race for additional qualifiers. If you’re in the top 20, you *should* be good.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net

See, athleticnet is even more bullish than I on Brighton!


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