Region 9 Preview

Loaded at the top but with two battles for the third team qualifier.

Where: Anchor Bay HS.

The Course: I’ve never been there, but that area is as flat as… Macomb County. They usually put together a pretty fast course, though I believe the Cleverley Invite was a bit muddy.

What to Watch For: Big battle for the third spots. Utica, Stoney Creek, and Dakota on the girls side. Stoney has come on strong over the past few weeks, helped by the reappearance of Olivia Lombardo. Utica is tough up front and Fifield/Rawley have improved over the past month (Richman had her best race in awhile at Dakota). Dakota beat Utica at MAC Division, but lost to them at Macomb County.

Romeo and Lake Orion’s boys are among the best in the state through 4 runners. For the Bulldogs, Bryce Goodsell outperformed expectations at Macomb County. Lake Orion’s 5th-7th runners have all brought it on separate days. Lake Orion has beaten Brighton, the state’s top team (albeit in a smaller field), so they’re 100% capable of great things. So look to see how these guys fare vs. the rest of the field and project that onto the following weekend.




PlaceTimeScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
4Macomb Dakota113133436397985
5Rochester Hills Stoney Creek13311172531495057
8Rochester Adams198
9Lake Orion259
10Utica Eisenhower279
11Anchor Bay295
12L’Anse Creuse North345
13Port Huron Northern352
14Chippewa Valley371
15Utica Ford417

Ranked Teams: Romeo (7), Oxford (13)

110Jayden HarbertsMacomb Dakota153.9
29Lucy CookRochester149.5
310Mariah BelmontMacomb Dakota142.5
411Madison ClorRomeo142.3
59Mallory BigelowOxford142.0
610Alexandra BrighamClarkston138.8
710Addison JohnsonUtica136.6
89Violet HrabovskyRomeo134.7
911AnnDee GeddesL’Anse Creuse North132.0
1010Braydee EllingOxford129.5
1111Lily SolekRochester Hills Stoney Creek129.0
1212Cora KolodgeAnchor Bay128.8
1312Amanda FelstowRomeo127.4
1411Chloe NixonRochester125.0
1511Meagan VerellenUtica124.7
1611Amanda SoldanRochester Adams123.5
1711Makenna MusserRochester Hills Stoney Creek119.0
189Taylor BrodeurOxford119.0
1912Rachel FelstowRomeo117.6
2012Jessa ChapinOxford114.3
2112Brianna WiegandRomeo114.2
229Addison VerlindenLake Orion112.2
2312Madeline RichmanUtica110.8
2411Therese GeorgiaPort Huron Northern106.7
2510Sydney GergicsRochester Hills Stoney Creek106.5
269Jamie PattersonOxford105.8
2711Ava RawleyUtica105.4
289Kaitlyn KauppilaRochester Adams104.2
2912Natalie SchillerOxford104.1
3012Sarah GrebRomeo104.1
3110Alyssa KoRochester Hills Stoney Creek104.0
3212Emily FelstowRomeo104.0
339Charlotte LongUtica Eisenhower101.1
3411Lindsay HarveyMacomb Dakota100.5
3512Mackenzie MontiganoClarkston99.9
3611Ava LaMilzaMacomb Dakota99.8
3711Abby FifieldUtica99.7
3811Cate CotterClarkston99.4
3912Chelsea HarveyMacomb Dakota98.9
4011Dylan PasiaPort Huron Northern98.5
4111Lauren WrozaRochester97.1
4210Grace GutmannChippewa Valley96.9
439Stella PhillipsRochester Adams96.0
4410Paige RushlowOxford95.4
4512Caroline BulatRochester95.0
4610Anna ReineckClarkston94.3
4711Avery SaunderL’Anse Creuse North94.1
489Lily MilesClarkston94.1
4910Olivia LombardoRochester Hills Stoney Creek94.0
5012Elaine DonahueRochester Hills Stoney Creek93.9

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: No matter which way you shake it, 15th.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1Lake Orion363458162036
3Port Huron Northern10813152129308795
4Rochester Hills Stoney Creek11210122431354750
8Utica Eisenhower215
9Rochester Adams239
10Anchor Bay272
11L’Anse Creuse North285
13Macomb Dakota334
14Chippewa Valley364
15Utica Ford369
16Port Huron521

Ranked Teams: Lake Orion (4), Romeo (7)

112Jack KelkeRomeo209.8
212Owen SharnasRomeo207.9
312Adam HafeliLake Orion195.9
412Clayton KuiperLake Orion195.7
512Hong Bing TangLake Orion195.0
612Jack WallaceRomeo193.9
710Connor ClorRomeo193.1
812Will HouvenerLake Orion189.9
912Joey TavernaClarkston189.6
1010Chaz HuthwaiteRochester Hills Stoney Creek188.3
119Alex McArthurOxford187.1
1212Hunter FrankRochester Hills Stoney Creek182.6
1311Glen DavisPort Huron Northern182.2
1410Zachary RubiczAnchor Bay181.7
1510Luke VanderHeuvelPort Huron Northern180.8
1611Luke PeardonLake Orion180.6
1712Liam LeBlancUtica Ford179.8
1811Nathan D’SouzaRochester Adams178.7
1910Dylan PenberthyL’Anse Creuse North178.7
2012Jacob GleasonLake Orion177.1
2111Matt LaFrenierePort Huron Northern176.7
2212Anthony VinsonUtica Eisenhower176.7
2311Logan DavisUtica176.6
2412Brendan WashburnRochester Hills Stoney Creek176.3
259James CusickOxford175.7
2611Henry PoploskieClarkston175.0
2711Kyle DiMalantaOxford174.8
2810Ethan MuraszewskiUtica174.7
2910Luke MaherPort Huron Northern174.6
3011Michael PaolettiPort Huron Northern173.6
3111Evan LordRochester Hills Stoney Creek173.1
3210Brandon PenberthyL’Anse Creuse North172.9
3310Bryce NowikClarkston172.5
3411Jacob MaurerUtica Eisenhower172.4
3511Owen MurrayRochester Hills Stoney Creek172.0
3612Ronnie LeonardLake Orion171.7
3711Dylan StoneOxford171.7
3812Angelo SantiaChippewa Valley171.5
3910Thomas WestphalAnchor Bay170.3
4010Danny BoydUtica170.0
4110Andrew FlorosClarkston169.3
4211Jack DonohoeRochester Adams167.4
4310Bryce GoodsellRomeo166.6
4410Jack DeWaeleChippewa Valley165.7
4512Brendan WiegandRomeo165.4
4610Carter FoxMacomb Dakota164.8
4712Braeden JonesRochester Hills Stoney Creek164.1
4812Benjamin DawsonUtica Eisenhower163.7
4910Cass FeeneyOxford162.6
5012George DeBucceRochester Hills Stoney Creek161.8

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: Same with the girls, no matter which way it shakes out between PHN and Stoney, 18th. I’ve got a couple favorites I’m rooting for in this range – you know who you are!

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