Region 15 Preview

At the end of a 10 hour day, after unwinding with some 90 Day Fiance, what better than another Regional Preview?

Sorry about the delay in posts, Monday and Wednesdays are long days for me and I’m not gonna post while at work – even though I could “schedule” posts throughout the day. Expect a ton of these tomorrow, Wednesday morning/night, and Thursday morning/night.

Where: Shepherd HS (voted best course in Michigan AND home of the 2021 MITCA Meet of Champions).

The Course: Flat, one loop. Has tended to run a bit fast in the past few weeks compared to past years. Bluejay is the best indicator though, the large field and a fair weather day emitted a +3 rating. Given another 4 weeks, I’d expect it to run slightly fast. Depends how well it holds up throughout the week. I’m sure the Shepherd crew has installed a drainage system, grass dryer, the works.

What to Watch For: The difference between my rankings and others. Coaches poll, JFT both have Shepherd in the Top 10, I don’t. If they’re right with Freeland, a team many consider to be an upper echelon team, I’m probably wrong about the Bluejays. If not, they should still qualify and are still a solid outfit. For that third spot, Alma’s youth vs. Flint Powers’ experience. The boys side should be straight forward, with three teams standing above the rest. Look for Freeland’s depth, if they can find something in the next two weeks, they can get back into the Top 5 at MIS. Watch in coming years for how former CMU coach Matt Kaczor transforms the John Glenn program.




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
4Flint Powers Catholic1023131931364348
5North Branch124
8Bay City John Glenn254
9Saginaw Swan Valley265
10Birch Run276
11Flint Kearsley308
12Midland Bullock Creek353

Ranked Teams: Freeland (6), Shepherd (17)

110Mary RichmondFrankenmuth155.1
212Whitney FarrellFreeland136.8
312Lily MatawayFlint Powers Catholic135.4
412Mara LongeneckerFreeland134.1
59Landrey KuhnFreeland121.6
612Haileigh BissettNorth Branch121.4
79Ezgi KurtAlma118.8
811Ariel WarnerShepherd118.0
912Hailey LenhardFrankenmuth113.2
1012Kiera HansenFreeland110.8
1111Elle HimebaughShepherd105.1
1212Carly JudgeShepherd102.2
1311Alexcis ParkerFlint Powers Catholic99.0
1411Jolie FisherShepherd97.7
1510Paige KlohaFreeland94.6
1610Bella ReedFreeland94.4
1710Grace ClemensNorth Branch93.5
189Jenna OverlaAlma90.3
199Grace MurphyFlint Powers Catholic87.8
2010Aubrey KeelerClio86.9
2110Hannah RaglinAlma84.7
229Gracie WarnerShepherd83.6
2310Destiny WasoskiBay City John Glenn82.7
2412Lilly BaileyShepherd80.9
2512Karly CroweAlma80.4
2612Allyson HarveyFreeland79.7
2711McKenzie BettsAlma79.7
2812Sarah GROVEAlma78.8
299Vivian WickesAlma78.0
309Isabelle HuntNorth Branch77.9
3110Aerika PertlerFlint Powers Catholic77.9
3212Alexandria BrownClio77.7
3311Karlie SchlaudNorth Branch77.3
3410Kaitlyn MillerFrankenmuth76.3
3510Madison GimmeyShepherd75.9
369Grace EvanoffFlint Powers Catholic71.6
379Clare ConzelmannFrankenmuth67.0
389Rowan ConleyNorth Branch67.0
3911Kayla GirardBirch Run66.6
4010Ava BoggsFlint Kearsley65.8
4111Sophia HazelwoodNorth Branch64.0
4211Kiersten SchiebnerSaginaw Swan Valley64.0
4312Audrie GillinFlint Powers Catholic63.6
4412Rachel TilmannMidland Bullock Creek61.5
4512Alyssa BussureNorth Branch61.1
469Sarah OlszewskiClio59.9
4711Maddie ZehnderFrankenmuth58.6
4810Maggie GilinFlint Powers Catholic58.4
4910Milagro PerezSaginaw Swan Valley55.4
5011Josie GuintherFrankenmuth53.4

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: Tight battle between Alma and Flint Powers leads to a difference. If Alma makes it, the cutoff would be 19th. If Flint Powers does, the cut off would be 21st. I’d think to be close, you’d want to be at least 19th, to be safe, a few spots lower.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
2Flint Powers Catholic59461115232429
4Bay City John Glenn144
8Birch Run195
9North Branch210
10Saginaw Swan Valley290
12Flint Kearsley331
13Midland Bullock Creek337

Ranked Teams: Freeland (8), Flint Powers Catholic (13), Clio (18)

111Braydon HonsingerFreeland199.5
29TJ HansenFreeland199.4
312Jacob WurtzelFreeland192.1
412Lucas DanicFlint Powers Catholic192.1
512Gabriel PhillipsClio189.9
612Chase DietrichFlint Powers Catholic188.7
712Emerson LavertyBay City John Glenn181.7
811Braden KleinFreeland179.0
911Tyler HeathClio175.6
1012Collin FallFrankenmuth175.5
1110David MurphyFlint Powers Catholic173.0
1210Ali KudmaniAlma172.1
1310Elliott SirianniClio172.1
1412Andrew PolcikClio171.9
1512Noah MurphyFlint Powers Catholic170.2
1612Blaze AbellAlma164.8
1711Grant CongerFrankenmuth163.6
1812Liam AndersonEssexville-Garber161.5
1911Bryce HusenBirch Run161.3
2012Mason CrossShepherd160.3
2111Nico LopezShepherd159.9
2212David HaddenNorth Branch157.7
2311Aidan LobsingerFlint Powers Catholic157.1
2412Gavin HamiltonFlint Powers Catholic156.0
2512Gabriel HutchinsNorth Branch154.2
2611Braden AmthorBay City John Glenn154.1
279Nolan LonguskiShepherd153.0
289Owen FennellySaginaw Swan Valley152.4
2910Peter HueyFlint Powers Catholic150.6
3010Andrew YaxClio150.6
3111Ryder PayneBay City John Glenn149.0
329Camden McLeodFreeland148.9
3310Jack RumptzBirch Run148.3
349Thomas ShultzNorth Branch148.3
359Bodie HeissAlma148.1
3611Nick BesonBay City John Glenn146.5
379Buddy LeonardAlma144.4
3812Evan SirianniClio143.1
3912Grant TilmannMidland Bullock Creek141.3
409Sam NemethFreeland140.1
4112Gage HammisSaginaw Swan Valley139.2
4211Aidan MakiFrankenmuth138.9
4311Owen QuinnanBirch Run136.7
4411Anthony KulhanekBay City John Glenn135.6
4512Aiden WildmanClio134.0
4610Connor MausolfBirch Run133.5
4710Cole PerkinsBay City John Glenn133.2
4812Wyatt CieslaEssexville-Garber132.9
499Grant SmithShepherd131.5
5012Alex DeeterFreeland130.7

Projected Individual Qualifer Cutoff: 19th. The ratings show 18th – 21st as being less than 5 seconds apart. Should be an intriguing battle! Who wants it more?

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net

Oooh, the first real disagreement!


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