Region 33 Preview

It’s here. Regional Week is here. This is a bit of an experiment, this first regional preview. The goal is to finish all of these by Friday, but also include as much info as possible. I’ll do the Friday regionals first, then move onto the Saturday ones.

Where: Happy Acres, Webberville

The Course: Two rated races there this year, one in August ran slow, one in September ran fast. My guess is that it’ll be a little fast. As I type this, it’s pouring rain and it appears as if there’s more rain coming throughout the week. It’s flat, through open fields, without too many turns. I think it’ll drain well, mud might be a factor, but at least it won’t be especially winding.

What to Watch For: The top three teams on each side are very strong and tightly packed. For girls, Whitmore Lake is strong up front, Fowler has a great pack, and Lansing Christian has that #ChampionshipExperience. Boys, CC-C absorbed the loss of Collin Farmer to win the MSAC (there were doubters – early season comments from some aghast that I had them ranked), Whitmore Lake has risen over the last week, and Dansville has a great freshman. Novi Christian and Webberville are ranked and would easily make it in other regions, but the D4 scene is strong in Mid-Michigan (and Metro Detroit, more on that later).




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Whitmore Lake5223421223144
3Lansing Christian66161220274550
4Portland St. Patrick104
5Novi Christian Academy117
6Livingston Christian125

Ranked Teams: Whitmore Lake (9), Fowler (11), Lansing Christian (14)

1Ashlyn KephartLansing Christian111.5
2Adrianne RectorDansville100.5
3Natalie MeadowsWhitmore Lake100.3
4Brooke CravenWhitmore Lake88.9
5Lauren PriceWhitmore Lake87.8
6Kelcie PungFowler87.5
7Mia JuddLansing Christian86.4
8Mya GuillermoNovi Christian Academy83.6
9Ellayna MeredithPortland St. Patrick83.5
10Sylvia HuntAnn Arbor Rudolf Steiner71.1
11Josie DubucNovi Christian Academy70.7
12Cozette BrownPortland St. Patrick69.9
13Mary Beth HyattCarson City-Crystal65.0
14Reva LanceFowler64.3
15Hope TebbenLansing Christian63.3
16Lydia MeredithPortland St. Patrick62.3
17Grace PiggottFowler60.1
18Rachel EpkeyFowler55.8
19Megan HufnagelFowler55.4
20Grace O’HareFowler49.9
21Lillian StilesLivingston Christian49.6
22Taylor WiegandLivingston Christian47.9
23Anna MeyerLansing Christian39.1
24Isabella Nelson-DanielsWhitmore Lake37.7
25Savannah PomorskiWhitmore Lake36.8
26Lauren SchaferFowler35.9
27Megan ZimbelmanLivingston Christian35.8
28Kaylin BlemasterFulton34.9
29Aubrey DubucNovi Christian Academy31.1
30Corinne RitterLansing Christian30.5
31Audrey JohnsonLivingston Christian30.2
32Zoey SchnebeltMorrice25.1
33Olivia PungPortland St. Patrick17.9
34Ciara ParsonsWhitmore Lake8.6

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: If you’re below 13th, I think you’ve got a good shot of making it to State. This is a bit more complicated than the days of Top 15 only and it’ll be even more complicated in regions where 4-5 teams are in the mix for 3 spots.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1Carson City-Crystal67391417242526
2Whitmore Lake676101316223246
4Novi Christian Academy984122128333440
7Lansing Christian200
8Livingston Christian210
9West Bloomfield Frankel Jewish Academy227

Ranked Teams: Carson City-Crystal (6), Whitmore Lake (7), Dansville (10), Novi Christian Academy (16), Whitmore Lake (19)

19Theodore DavisDansville178.6
212Nathan LottWebberville176.4
312Ashton KeifferCarson City-Crystal176.3
412Logan JohnsonNovi Christian Academy167.8
511Caleb HowardWebberville163.5
612Cole RinnaWhitmore Lake158.9
711Merrick MichaelsonWest Bloomfield Frankel Jewish Academy158.8
811Joseph KadluboskiDansville157.4
911Brayden ClarkCarson City-Crystal152.2
1011Braylan MajeskyWhitmore Lake150.1
1111Damian DeFeyterDansville148.9
1210Jobe SkaffNovi Christian Academy147.5
1310Reily HendersonWhitmore Lake146.7
1411Deegan BodellCarson City-Crystal144.0
1512Keagan LongLansing Christian143.5
1612Jacob GoodrichWhitmore Lake143.4
1712Cole StoneCarson City-Crystal142.5
1810Liam WilderWebberville141.5
1910Calvin VanhartesveltDansville141.3
2010Trevor FeldpauschFowler139.8
2111Jacob SkidmoreNovi Christian Academy139.3
2212Heston FansonWhitmore Lake138.3
2312Jacob RadamacherFowler138.0
2412Gavin GageCarson City-Crystal137.6
2511Oisin O’GradyCarson City-Crystal132.0
2611Jacob StevensCarson City-Crystal131.6
279Adam GovanLivingston Christian130.9
2811Dennis WilsonNovi Christian Academy130.3
2912Joseph MacalincagLansing Christian128.7
3012Luke DutcherMorrice127.7
3111Benjamin HubbardLivingston Christian127.4
329Nate DillonWhitmore Lake123.1
3310Ryan WilliamsNovi Christian Academy121.5
3410Luke ShentonNovi Christian Academy120.1
3511Chase GoffDansville116.4
3610Gavin ViditoDansville111.3
3711Liam O’HareFowler108.9
3812Lucas WisuriWebberville107.0
3912Riley KingsleyWebberville106.8
4011Martin WhitePortland St. Patrick101.9
419Ethan WebbNovi Christian Academy98.8
429Noam GoelWest Bloomfield Frankel Jewish Academy98.4
4310Shad PresselWebberville96.5
4411Drew PeckensWebberville95.1
459Samuel HubbardLivingston Christian93.2
4611Clayton JuhasAshley90.8
4712Wade HufnagelFowler89.9
489Ronaldo RivasWhitmore Lake89.3
4910Christopher EadsLansing Christian84.8
5011Roman SchaferFowler67.1
5110Bryce RobinsonLivingston Christian64.9
5210Patrick RupertMorrice49.3
539Jack HuberAnn Arbor Rudolf Steiner41.9
5412Jonah MosherMorrice39.6
5511Donavan HulbertMorrice32.3
5610Noah KuepferLansing Christian24.5
579Travis SmithMorrice22.9

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 18th.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.Net Regional Contest

All season, I’ve been hearing “On Athletic.Net, I’m ranked…”. I take these comments personal. Ratings vs. times. We’ll see how many team qualifiers each of us get right. If I lose, I’ll eat a lemon.


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