2021 Ratings: Webberville Regional (33)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be amply opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?

Regional Preview

Girls Adjustment: +28
Boys Adjustment: +31


Natalie Meadows, Whitmore Lake: Natalie won her FIRST race of the year. What better time to do so? She’s gradually sped up as the season has moved on and looks to improve greatly on last year’s 110th place finish at MIS.

Damian DeFeyter, Dansville: Projected 11th, finished 8th in a season best time. Was Dansville’s 2nd best guy, along with Joe Kadluboski, they established enough of a gap on Novi Christian to grab that 3rd qualifying spot.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 3/3 Girls, 3/3 Boys
Athletic: 3/3 Girls, 3/3 Boys

10Natalie Meadows20:12.2Whitmore Lake105.6
11Ashlyn Kephart20:22.7Lansing Christian102.1
12Adrianne Rector20:25.9Dansville101.0
10Mya Guillermo21:10.9Novi Christian Academy86.0
10Ellayna Meredith21:17.0Portland St. Patrick84.0
10Josie Dubuc21:20.9Novi Christian Academy82.7
11Brooke Craven21:25.5Whitmore Lake81.2
12Lauren Price21:28.1Whitmore Lake80.3
9Kelcie Pung21:37.3Fowler77.2
11Cozette Brown21:40.5Portland St. Patrick76.2
12Mia Judd21:50.7Lansing Christian72.8
11Grace Piggott22:04.3Fowler68.2
8Taylor Wiegand22:05.1Livingston Christian68.0
9Savannah Pomorski22:05.1Whitmore Lake68.0
9Isabella Nelson-Da…22:23.3Whitmore Lake61.9
10Mary Beth Hyatt22:30.5Carson City-Crystal59.5
12Sylvia Hunt22:30.5Ann Arbor Rudolf Ste…59.5
11Rachel Epkey22:31.0Fowler59.3
9Megan Hufnagel22:55.3Fowler51.2
11Anna Meyer23:06.0Lansing Christian47.7
9Audrey Johnson23:10.4Livingston Christian46.2
10Lillian Stiles23:11.8Livingston Christian45.7
11Kaylin Blemaster23:15.1Fulton44.6
10Ciara Parsons23:19.9Whitmore Lake43.0
11Aubrey Dubuc23:35.5Novi Christian Academy37.8
12Lauren Schafer23:36.0Fowler37.7
11Corinne Ritter23:45.4Lansing Christian34.6
12Megan Zimbelman24:00.3Livingston Christian29.6
10Grace O’Hare24:12.2Fowler25.6
12Lydia Meredith24:15.9Portland St. Patrick24.4
10Olivia Pung24:25.1Portland St. Patrick21.3
12Paige Ewalt24:33.9Carson City-Crystal18.4
9Morgyn Lafontaine24:40.0Orchard Lake St. Mar…16.3
12Reva Lance24:41.3Fowler15.9
10Hope Tebben24:42.7Lansing Christian15.4
9Kira Howcroft24:52.9Orchard Lake St. Mar…12.0
12Zoey Schnebelt24:53.5Morrice11.8
12Stella Wilder24:55.1Webberville11.3
12Sharla Juhas24:56.8Ashley10.7
11Maisie Campbell25:07.4Morrice7.2
9Liliana Smith25:25.2Orchard Lake St. Mar…1.3

12Nathan Lott16:23.2Webberville182.9
9Theodore Davis16:31.5Dansville180.2
12Logan Johnson17:00.2Novi Christian Academy170.6
12Ashton Keiffer17:11.8Carson City-Crystal166.7
11Caleb Howard17:29.7Webberville160.8
11Braylan Majesky17:31.8Whitmore Lake160.1
12Cole Rinna17:37.4Whitmore Lake158.2
11Damian DeFeyter17:45.0Dansville155.7
11Merrick Michaelson17:47.3West Bloomfield Fran…154.9
11Joseph Kadluboski17:52.2Dansville153.3
11Brayden Clark17:57.0Carson City-Crystal151.7
10Liam Wilder17:58.9Webberville151.0
10Reily Henderson18:15.5Whitmore Lake145.5
10Jobe Skaff18:23.2Novi Christian Academy142.9
10Trevor Feldpausch18:26.7Fowler141.8
11Jacob Skidmore18:27.1Novi Christian Academy141.7
12Gavin Gage18:34.7Carson City-Crystal139.1
11Oisin O’Grady18:35.0Carson City-Crystal139.0
12Jacob Goodrich18:40.5Whitmore Lake137.2
12Cole Stone18:41.4Carson City-Crystal136.9
12Jacob Radamacher18:45.5Fowler135.5
10Calvin Vanhartesvelt18:45.6Dansville135.5
12Keagan Long18:46.6Lansing Christian135.1
11Dennis Wilson18:48.9Novi Christian Academy134.4
12Heston Fanson18:50.0Whitmore Lake134.0
12Joseph Macalincag18:59.9Lansing Christian130.7
11Jacob Stevens19:05.4Carson City-Crystal128.9
10Ryan Williams19:07.5Novi Christian Academy128.2
10Cole Halfman19:10.6Carson City-Crystal127.1
9Nate Dillon19:11.7Whitmore Lake126.8
9Adam Govan19:14.1Livingston Christian126.0
10Luke Shenton19:14.4Novi Christian Academy125.9
12Luke Dutcher19:25.1Morrice122.3
10Gavin Vidito19:43.9Dansville116.0
11Benjamin Hubbard19:44.7Livingston Christian115.8
11Chase Goff19:44.7Dansville115.8
11Drew Peckens19:54.3Webberville112.6
8Timothy Chamberlain19:55.7Portland St. Patrick112.1
9Noam Goel19:58.5West Bloomfield Fran…111.2
12Riley Kingsley20:12.8Webberville106.4
10Shad Pressel20:25.2Webberville102.3
11Martin White20:27.2Portland St. Patrick101.6
11Liam O’Hare20:32.4Fowler99.9
9Ronaldo Rivas20:41.0Whitmore Lake97.0
9Ethan Webb20:45.1Novi Christian Academy95.6
8Isaac FoxElster20:45.6Portland St. Patrick95.5
10Christopher Eads20:53.8Lansing Christian92.7
9Samuel Hubbard21:04.9Livingston Christian89.1
12Wade Hufnagel21:40.8Fowler77.1
10Joshua Fairfield23:01.1Webberville50.3
10Noah Kuepfer23:02.8Lansing Christian49.7
11Donavan Hulbert23:19.4Morrice44.2
11Clayton Juhas23:33.0Ashley39.7
9Jack Huber24:46.5Ann Arbor Rudolf Ste…15.2
10Ben Baker25:22.4Lansing Christian3.2

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