Region 1 Preview

Where: Allendale HS, Allendale 

The Course: Flat with some tiny rollers in the back section.  Decent spectator course, should run pretty fair.  Watch out for the bees in the woods! 

What to Watch For:  GRAND HAVEN BOYS.  Probably the biggest darkhorse to upset the party next week.  They should make it through here, but look to see the margin between them and Rockford/Lowell.  Also good to see Seth Norder make his way up here.  A few birdies were in my ear this summer about his talent and we’re seeing that talent come to fruition.   

Cole Weston.  I said this summer that he may be one of the better seniors to never make it to MIS.  Lowell has consistently been a good team this year and Cole looks well-positioned to grab a top-15 spot. 

Allie Arnsman.  We saw it in track, we saw it last fall, she steps up when the lights are on.  She missed a good month there, but returned with a 18:21 at OK Red.   

Who wins the girls team title?  FHC is best through 4, Grand Haven through 5, but Rockford has the best 5-7 by a longshot. 




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Grand Haven798111320274044
3Forest Hills Central8425932363738
4Forest Hills Northern112
7Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills210
8Grand Rapids Northview223
9Muskegon Mona Shores224
10Cedar Springs231
11East Kentwood256
12Grand Rapids Kenowa hills283
13Muskegon Reeths-Puffer334
15Grand Rapids Union488

Ranked Teams: Grand Haven (8), Rockford (9), Forest Hills Central (14), Forest Hills Northern (22) 

111Allie ArnsmanGrandville160.0
210Clara James-HeerForest Hills Central148.0
311Annika SandmanLowell147.2
411Allison CornellForest Hills Northern146.0
510Mia BatesonForest Hills Central145.2
610Selma AndersonGrand Rapids Ottawa Hills143.4
712Adit DauGrand Rapids Ottawa Hills143.2
89Valerie BeeckGrand Haven139.2
910Peyton LudwigForest Hills Central130.1
109Devin FisherRockford123.7
1110Payton HosleyGrand Haven123.1
1211Cadence SchultzEast Kentwood122.0
139Gracey BarryGrand Haven121.3
1410Camille DahlkeRockford121.1
1511Katrina SandmanLowell120.4
1610Izzy FazioForest Hills Northern119.2
1710Cassidy SandersGrand Rapids Northview119.0
1812Lilly WeirichRockford118.1
1912Bailey EwenRockford118.0
209Addison SmithGrand Haven117.6
2112Anna TraceyRockford115.2
2212Brooke MyersForest Hills Northern113.7
2311Larissa McGrathCedar Springs113.5
2410Annalise ElliottCedar Springs111.3
2512Mara SweeneyRockford110.5
2610Jayden TurnerGrand Rapids Kenowa hills110.2
2711Margot FrendtGrand Haven109.8
2812Madison RempalskiGrand Rapids Northview109.2
2911Keira SandmanLowell108.9
3011Robyn HuntMuskegon Mona Shores108.4
3112Audrey DeSchryverForest Hills Northern106.9
329Gwen LamportForest Hills Central106.3
3311Cecilia ConradMuskegon Mona Shores106.3
349Natalie LewisRockford105.4
3510Katherine CookGrand Rapids Northview105.0
3612Rachel MarcoForest Hills Central104.0
379Clare MathisonForest Hills Central102.9
3812Grace FitzgeraldForest Hills Central102.5
399Samantha McClellandForest Hills Northern102.1
4010Laurel TolliverGrand Haven101.5
4111Sarah EtcherGrandville101.2
4211Erika PosthumusGrand Rapids Kenowa hills97.6
4311Kiann SchmottlachForest Hills Northern96.1
449Lily FrendtGrand Haven95.1
4510Campbell HansenGrand Rapids Ottawa Hills94.2
4611Caroline StewartForest Hills Northern93.3
4712Ally LaddCedar Springs93.2
4811Destiny DouglasMuskegon Mona Shores92.6
499Claire O’BoyleLowell92.5
5010Lilly HouleMuskegon Mona Shores92.0

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th.  Lots of quality girls not on the top teams.   


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1Grand Haven55141417192160
4Forest Hills Central124
5Muskegon Reeths-Puffer174
6East Kentwood187
7Forest Hills Northern190
9Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills215
10Cedar Springs261
11Muskegon Mona Shores264
12Grand Rapids Kenowa Hills308
13Grand Rapids Northview381
14Grand Rapids Union418

Ranked Teams: Grand Haven (6), Rockford (13), Lowell (16) 

110Seth NorderGrand Haven203.4
211Benne AndersonGrand Rapids Ottawa Hills202.4
312Klay GrantMuskegon Reeths-Puffer201.7
411Nolan ClarkGrand Haven200.3
512Juan David HernandezGrand Rapids Ottawa Hills198.9
612Sam YeagerForest Hills Central194.7
712Zac ZembaGrandville193.8
811Colin GrahamRockford193.4
912Sawyer FowlerLowell193.2
1012Cole WestonLowell193.0
1111Ethan KrampeForest Hills Central189.4
1212Kyle SweeneyRockford189.1
1312Antonio HallEast Kentwood185.8
1411Logan ViningGrand Haven184.3
1510Jaxon AllenMuskegon Reeths-Puffer183.3
1612TJ MellemaRockford182.9
1712Jonathan TysmanGrand Haven182.2
1812Carson LaffertyRockford181.2
1912Ben PeaseGrand Haven181.1
2011Benjamin BromleyLowell180.8
219Ben HeldGrand Haven180.6
2212Jackson FowlerLowell180.3
2311Charles LewisRockford179.4
2411Austin O’brienGrand Rapids Kenowa hills178.8
2511Caleb BranchMuskegon Mona Shores178.7
2610Parker LudwigForest Hills Central176.9
2710Liam WaltersGrand Rapids Ottawa Hills174.9
2812Eric GilesEast Kentwood174.1
2912Keegan CaterLowell174.0
3012Mitchell GoergeForest Hills Northern173.2
3110Aidan KrepsMuskegon Mona Shores173.1
3211Owen LawrenceEast Kentwood172.4
3311Espen WoodCedar Springs171.5
3410Hudson KempermanForest Hills Northern171.4
3511Ryan KampGrand Rapids Northview170.8
369Kye GrantMuskegon Reeths-Puffer170.3
379Sawyer McCarthyForest Hills Central170.0
3812Joe SchellenbergForest Hills Northern169.6
3911Will ShultsGrandville169.4
4011Levi MillsLowell168.6
4112Brandon RoachRockford168.1
4211Sam MajoorRockford167.7
4310Pranit KoppoluForest Hills Northern166.4
4412Nathan DeckerForest Hills Central166.3
459Spencer PorterForest Hills Northern165.3
4610Tate BradleyMuskegon Reeths-Puffer164.7
4712Gabe WhiteCedar Springs164.0
4811Eli DeCookGrandville163.5
4912Preston SokolowskiForest Hills Northern162.1
509Jacob SanfordForest Hills Central161.2

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th, same as the girls with a ton of quality boys that aren’t on the best teams. 

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net 


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