Region 11 Preview

Where: Allendale HS, Allendale 

The Course: Flat with some tiny rollers in the back section.  Decent spectator course, should run pretty fair.  Watch out for the bees in the woods! 

What to Watch For:  Emily Tomes.  This is her time of the year.  She brought it at the OK Gold Conference Meet, can she keep the momentum going? 

Maggie Duba sacrificed her race at State to help Sarah Storey in a time of need.  There is no karma in running, well there damn well should be.  I hope she makes it back. 

I’ve been high on Spring Lake’s girls all season and I feel that not many others are.  They’re young and have been moving up the rankings all year, anxious to see if they have more moves in them. 

Grand Rapids Christian’s youthful boys.  Starting in late September, they’ve made a push to be included in D2’s elite.  St. Johns has showed they’re peaking too, can they both catch the Chelsea/Pinckney/Adrian’s of the world? 




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Grand Rapids Christian271256131415
2Spring Lake67391020252629
4Grand Rapids West Catholic108
5Grand Rapids Catholic Central151
6Hudsonville Unity Christian176
9Muskegon Oakridge255
10Wyoming Lee275
11Comstock Park284
12Muskegon Orchard View343

Ranked Teams: Grand Rapids Christian (3), Spring Lake (10), Allendale (18) 

112Madelyn FrensGrand Rapids Christian156.0
210Natalie VanOtterenGrand Rapids Christian148.3
311Lily ParkerSpring Lake130.4
410Emily TomesGrand Rapids Catholic Central127.8
510Payton HoltzGrand Rapids Christian122.4
610Naomi NelsonGrand Rapids Christian122.3
712Maggie DubaGrand Rapids West Catholic122.1
810Alyssa ButterfieldAllendale117.2
99Lexie RuffingSpring Lake117.1
1010Bea ReeserSpring Lake114.6
1111Ava BuhlmanAllendale112.5
1210Addison NobleAllendale104.2
1311Katelyn LarueGrand Rapids Christian103.4
1411Sarah TimmerGrand Rapids Christian101.8
1510Adia SikkemaGrand Rapids Christian99.8
169Valerie PollockFruitport98.2
1711Ali JunewickGrand Rapids West Catholic95.0
1811Abby O’BrienComstock Park93.9
1910Lily LeSargeGrand Rapids West Catholic90.0
2012Makaela SchmidtSpring Lake88.6
219Anya SteeleCoopersville87.8
2212Riley DeLoreAllendale87.7
2311Jessie PostmaHudsonville Unity Christian87.2
2412Jadyn ComerGrand River Preparatory85.6
2511Jenna HinkenAllendale84.9
269Brooklyn VerplankSpring Lake84.8
2710Katie RiemersmaSpring Lake83.3
2812Claire BertrandGrand Rapids Catholic Central82.9
2912Mackenzie SchilthuisHudsonville Unity Christian82.9
3012Jennifer JudgeSpring Lake82.7
319Desiree HuitronWyoming Lee82.5
3210Abby DruelleGrand Rapids West Catholic80.7
3311Lucy CusackGrand Rapids Catholic Central79.8
3410Lauren LeeFruitport79.6
3510Claire SmithGrand Rapids West Catholic75.3
3610Raegan RuelMuskegon Oakridge75.0
3711Nathalie StrockisGrand Rapids West Catholic74.1
389Maya VanSolkemaHudsonville Unity Christian70.9
3911Maggie McKeiverGrand Rapids West Catholic69.5
4011Meara SchneiderGrand Rapids Catholic Central65.7
4111Ellery AlkemaAllendale65.4
4212Sierra VanderwierFruitport63.2
4312Amber FentonWyoming Lee59.9
4411Addison EssebaggersHudsonville Unity Christian59.4
4512Sophia DechCoopersville57.3
469Taryn LandersHudsonville Unity Christian57.2
4712Kaitlyn YonkerFruitport56.8
4811Lauren PeoplesComstock Park56.7
4911Adara DeWolfMuskegon Oakridge56.0
509Jaighdyn FyolekGrand Rapids Catholic Central52.2

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 21st.  The top teams should bully the rest of the field, leaving many individual slots further back. 


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1Grand Rapids Christian28246791120
2Spring Lake711121521223536
3Grand Rapids Catholic Central1038101426454652
6Hudsonville Unity Christian136
7Comstock Park209
8Muskegon Oakridge264
9Wyoming Lee269
10Grand River Preparatory273
11Grand Rapids West Catholic312
13Muskegon Orchard View369

Ranked Teams: Grand Rapids Christian (4), Spring Lake (21) 

112Ian HillSpring Lake209.7
212Ben ZwartGrand Rapids Christian199.7
39Killian WhalenAllendale199.1
412Tinsae NelsonGrand Rapids Christian198.9
512Gavin VanSolkemaHudsonville Unity Christian183.7
611Reuben WieringGrand Rapids Christian183.0
710Dylan ClarkGrand Rapids Christian179.0
812Erickson KunzlerGrand Rapids Catholic Central178.8
99Simon TriezenbergGrand Rapids Christian177.8
1012Ramon MorenoWyoming Kelloggsville172.9
1112Brian LangloisGrand Rapids Catholic Central172.3
1210Joe WaalkesGrand Rapids Christian171.0
1312Carter PhillipsSpring Lake170.3
1412Cameron MooreAllendale170.0
159Jeb HillaryGrand Rapids Catholic Central169.8
1612Sam DavidsonSpring Lake168.7
1710Levi GlynnFruitport163.5
1810Alex FacundoFruitport161.8
1912Andrew LeMahieuGrand River Preparatory161.5
209Parker TiethofAllendale161.1
2110Jonathan KoetjeGrand Rapids Christian160.4
2210Lucas RuffingSpring Lake159.8
2311Ethan GrevengoedSpring Lake159.4
2412Jaxon DeneenFruitport158.4
2510Max SpringerAllendale158.2
269Peyton RuelMuskegon Oakridge157.1
2710Ian RichthammerGrand Rapids Catholic Central156.2
2812Ethan GoughComstock Park156.0
2910Ethan HoranFruitport155.8
3012Braedon VeurinkHudsonville Unity Christian154.7
319Ethan MillerHudsonville Unity Christian154.2
3212Maxwell RemondinoMuskegon Oakridge152.1
3311Johnathon McMullinFruitport152.0
3411Nate OosterhouseHudsonville Unity Christian151.0
359Corey JonesComstock Park148.7
3611Austin BardingSpring Lake148.7
3712Kreegan DeverneySpring Lake147.9
389Vincent PollockFruitport147.8
3912Connor LodholtzFruitport144.8
409Benjamin HoekstraHudsonville Unity Christian143.2
4111Brandon Lopez-RebolledoWyoming Lee140.5
4210Brendan NolanCoopersville137.3
4311Todd LeathermanHudsonville Unity Christian136.0
4411Ephraim DykstraHudsonville Unity Christian136.0
4512Luke FulmerhouserComstock Park130.5
4612Aiden McGavinGrand Rapids Catholic Central130.3
479Nick MollGrand Rapids Catholic Central130.1
4811Peyton SelkAllendale127.6
4911Chandler SilkAllendale125.6
509Andrew CommeretComstock Park120.1

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th.  If GRCC or Allendale sneak in, drop this back a few spots, but if it’s Fruitport, a team likely to rely on its pack, this could be lower. 

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net 


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