Region 21 Preview

Where: Allendale HS, Allendale 

The Course: Flat with some tiny rollers in the back section.  Decent spectator course, should run pretty fair.  Watch out for the bees in the woods! 

What to Watch For:  Stanton Central Montcalm’s freshmen girls.  They’ve been near the front in every race this year, but regionals is a whole new ballgame.  Or is it? 

Are the Kent City girls for real?  I have them higher than most others, largely based on their Kent Ottawa performance.  They have youth, experience, depth, and a history of success. 

Trevor Dornbos.  Through four, Calvin should have enough to pull it out.  He was pulled along to an 18:29 at Mel Hall, and if he continues that upward (or downward?) trajectory, they’re a factor in the D3 race.  I realize saying this puts more pressure on him, but Coach TenKate’s kids always respond to pressure. 

Can Sam Martini challenge for the win?  Like his girls, Sam had an astounding race at Kent Ottawa. 




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Kent City4525913161821
2Grand Rapids Covenant Christian58161117232426
3Grandville Calvin Christian934122227283132
4Stanton Central Montcalm126
8Holland Black River199
10Grand Rapids NorthPointe Christian273

Ranked Teams: Kent City (4), Grand Rapids Covenant Christian (7), Grandville Calvin Christian (14) 

112Meghan BeuteGrand Rapids Covenant Christian147.1
29Lila VolkersKent City144.0
310Miranda McNeilMorley-Stanwood134.8
412Leanne KrombeenGrandville Calvin Christian120.8
512Alyeska LinsleyKent City117.2
610Amber KooleGrand Rapids Covenant Christian115.0
79Ashley ChoponisStanton Central Montcalm114.4
812Gabriella WingardNorth Muskegon112.8
911Madeleine HillSaranac111.9
1012Kierra FlegelKent City108.4
119Kyah HoffmanStanton Central Montcalm107.7
1212Lydia VandenBergGrand Rapids Covenant Christian106.9
1311Jonathah BouwmanGrandville Calvin Christian104.0
1410Isabella MaxKent City103.9
1512Isabelle AuchMontague102.8
1611Lily LaBurnHolland Black River102.5
1711Carolyn BennettNorth Muskegon99.4
1810Gracie HoutmanKent City97.8
1912Leah DeckerGrand Rapids Covenant Christian93.6
2012Emily LantzerKent City91.3
219Alyssa PossehnSaranac85.8
2212Aubrey AukermanDelton-Kellogg84.4
239Alisha EsquivelKent City82.6
2412Emberlynn DeVriesGrandville Calvin Christian80.6
2511Ella RusGrand Rapids Covenant Christian80.5
2611Natalie VanBemmelGrand Rapids Covenant Christian78.9
2712Tea HoffmanStanton Central Montcalm75.4
2812Emma MinderhoudGrand Rapids Covenant Christian75.4
2910Lauren JousmaGrandville Calvin Christian73.2
3012Lauren StaalGrandville Calvin Christian72.7
3112Halena PhillipsDelton-Kellogg70.1
3210Lilly FaurotVermontville Maple Valley69.8
3310Cammie EricksonMontague68.2
3410Lilly WeesiesGrandville Calvin Christian59.9
3510Abbie ButeynGrandville Calvin Christian58.7
3611Anna TubbergenGrand Rapids NorthPointe Christian53.3
3711Georgia JurdenStanton Central Montcalm49.8
389Johannah HoutkooperDelton-Kellogg46.9
399Lillie SteeleDelton-Kellogg44.4
4010Nora BallardHolland Black River42.4
4112Megan ChipmanSaranac41.9
4211Joelle WhiteDelton-Kellogg41.4
4311Camille WolbrinkHolland Black River40.5
4411Autumn MortonRavenna34.7
4510Elizabeth WollerMontague33.9
4612Lily SeaverMontague33.5
4710Madison TrahanSaranac32.4
489Alyssa LupanoffGrand Rapids NorthPointe Christian32.1
499Hadley TiffanyLakeview30.2
5010Abbie WiegersNorth Muskegon29.6

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 16th


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1Grandville Calvin Christian451346315964
2Grand Rapids Covenant Christian708121317202124
4Holland Black River12510192534375082
5Kent City1262152829525356
7North Muskegon161
9Stanton Central Montcalm231
12Grand Rapids NorthPointe Christian276

Ranked Teams: Grandville Calvin Christian (5), Grand Rapids Covenant Christian (6), Saranac (23)

111Nathan JenkinsGrandville Calvin Christian192.6
210Samuel MartiniKent City189.1
312Dan KehoeGrandville Calvin Christian181.5
412Logan ManionGrandville Calvin Christian180.9
511Andrew HardyStanton Central Montcalm178.9
611Ben WertzGrandville Calvin Christian173.1
711Jude Meldrum-RoyNorth Muskegon171.0
812Connor SnippeGrand Rapids Covenant Christian168.8
911Owen FairchildMontague168.7
1012Nolan MeierHolland Black River168.0
1112Cale CoppessMontague166.1
1212Nathan BylsmaGrand Rapids Covenant Christian165.4
1311Mason SchimmelGrand Rapids Covenant Christian163.6
1411Elijah PowellSaranac163.5
1510Jaren VogelKent City163.4
1610Graham CostonStanton Central Montcalm162.5
179Levi KampsGrand Rapids Covenant Christian158.9
1811Ben SluiterSaranac157.1
1911Roger HernandezHolland Black River156.4
2012Caleb KalsbeekGrand Rapids Covenant Christian155.7
219Luke DykstraGrand Rapids Covenant Christian155.6
2210Nathan DaySaranac151.5
2310Tyler ViningMorley-Stanwood151.2
2412Noah HayesGrand Rapids Covenant Christian151.1
2512Caleb EwaldHolland Black River150.2
2610Evan Atkinson-millerNorth Muskegon148.4
2710Hunter HelminskiSaranac147.7
2810Leto PendletonKent City145.5
2911Sam FreelandKent City143.4
3010Clay JohnsonMontague141.5
3110Trevor DornbosGrandville Calvin Christian141.4
3211Parker MaciejewskiNorth Muskegon141.3
339Evan OosterhouseSaranac140.0
3412Matthew KoemanHolland Black River137.9
3511Micah MartinDelton-Kellogg137.1
3610Matthew AntonRavenna136.9
3710Trevin FlynnGR Wellspring Prep135.5
3812Jack DavisHolland Black River134.9
3911Levi SpieceSaranac134.5
409Ethan RimmerDelton-Kellogg134.4
419Joshua HousemanRavenna133.6
4212Kevin RollMontague133.1
4310Luke BraymanGrand Rapids NorthPointe Christian132.3
4411Isaac ShepardDelton-Kellogg126.3
4511Shelby HopkinsMorley-Stanwood126.2
4612Caden FerrisDelton-Kellogg125.4
4711Mitchell PriceSaranac125.1
489CJ BennettNorth Muskegon121.4
4910Josiah RodgersGrand Rapids NorthPointe Christian115.7
5010Braden DalmNorth Muskegon115.1

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th.  Covenant, despite being a top 10 caliber team, likely won’t impact the top 15. Many quality individuals in the very front here.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net 


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