Region 21: Mid-Season Projections


Movin’ Up

Girls: Grand Rapids Covenant Christian, Stanton Central Montcalm, Delton-Kellogg, Morley-Stanwood, Ravenna

Boys: Grand Rapids Covenant Christian, Saranac, Holland Black River, North Muskegon, Morley-Stanwood

112Meghan BeuteGrand Rapids Covenant Christian150.6
29Lila VolkersKent City129.7
310Miranda McNeilMorley-Stanwood124.2
412Leanne KrombeenGrandville Calvin Christian119.5
512Gabriella WingardNorth Muskegon115.1
69Ashley ChoponisStanton Central Montcalm114.7
712Alyeska LinsleyKent City111.8
810Amber KooleGrand Rapids Covenant Christian108.3
911Jonathah BouwmanGrandville Calvin Christian105.2
1011Madeleine HillSaranac105.0
119Kyah HoffmanStanton Central Montcalm104.3
1212Lydia VandenBergGrand Rapids Covenant Christian103.9
1312Isabelle AuchMontague102.1
1411Lily LaBurnHolland Black River97.5
1511Carolyn BennettNorth Muskegon96.7
1612Leah DeckerGrand Rapids Covenant Christian88.4
1712Emberlynn DeVriesGrandville Calvin Christian83.6
1811Natalie VanBemmelGrand Rapids Covenant Christian81.1
1912Tea HoffmanStanton Central Montcalm81.1
2012Kierra FlegelKent City80.0

Little Surprises: Meghan Beute, Miranda McNeil, Leanne Krombeen, Gabriella Wingard, Leah Decker

New Arrivals: Ashley Choponis, Amber Koole, Emberlynn DeVries, Natalie VanBemmel, Tea Hoffman

111Nathan JenkinsGrandville Calvin Christian191.1
212Dan KehoeGrandville Calvin Christian180.0
310Samuel MartiniKent City179.9
411Andrew HardyStanton Central Montcalm178.4
512Logan ManionGrandville Calvin Christian178.1
611Ben WertzGrandville Calvin Christian177.2
711Jude Meldrum-RoyNorth Muskegon168.1
812Connor SnippeGrand Rapids Covenant Christian167.0
911Owen FairchildMontague166.6
1012Nolan MeierHolland Black River164.7
1111Mason SchimmelGrand Rapids Covenant Christian163.5
1212Nathan BylsmaGrand Rapids Covenant Christian161.9
1312Cale CoppessMontague161.7
1410Graham CostonStanton Central Montcalm158.7
1511Elijah PowellSaranac157.3
1611Roger HernandezHolland Black River157.3
1710Jaren VogelKent City155.1
1811Ben SluiterSaranac155.0
1912Caleb KalsbeekGrand Rapids Covenant Christian154.8
209Levi KampsGrand Rapids Covenant Christian154.3

Little Surprises: Dan Kehoe, Samuel Martini, Ben Wertz, Jude Meldrum-Roy, Owen Fairchild

New Arrivals: Connor Snippe, Nathan Bylsma, Graham Coston, Ben Sluiter, Caleb Kalsbeek, Levi Kamps


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