Region 31 Preview

Where: Allendale HS, Allendale 

The Course: Flat with some tiny rollers in the back section.  Decent spectator course, should run pretty fair.  Watch out for the bees in the woods! 

What to Watch For:  Lezawe Osterink’s championship season.  He was unable to compete last year, but has set himself up for late season success.   

The age old battle between a front-running team and one with stronger 5th-7th runners.  River Valley has the depth, Gobles is strong up front.  Gobles could also put four in the top 20. 

WMC’s 3rd through 7th girls.  Rotman has been a lifer, a great supporter behind Abby VanderKooi.  Kalamazoo Christian is waiting with depth and championship experience, but these girls hold the key for WMC. 

Ivy Andreas.  The sophomore is on the precipice of a Top 10 spot in the D4 rankings.  The two VanderKoois will likely be the first two, but I’m intrigued to see what the gap between 2 and 3 might be. 




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Muskegon Western Michigan Christian22124691213
2The Potter’s House100371835373842
3Libertas Christian1038111434364548
4St. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic11152127283046
5Muskegon Catholic Central12516192631334051
7Three Oaks River Valley168
8New Buffalo196

Ranked Teams: Muskegon Western Michigan Christian (1), The Potter’s House (20) 

112Abby VanderKooiMuskegon Western Michigan Christian160.8
29Grace VanderKooiMuskegon Western Michigan Christian138.0
310Ivy AndreasThe Potter’s House115.3
411Brianna ZuidemaMuskegon Western Michigan Christian94.4
510Allison GlendeningSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic93.2
612Ava RotmanMuskegon Western Michigan Christian91.1
79Hannah GeaneyThe Potter’s House87.0
811Aliz PusztaiLibertas Christian71.6
99Brielle VoorheesTri-Unity Christian71.2
1010Eleanor KingshottMuskegon Western Michigan Christian69.6
1112Mercedes MorinMartin69.5
128Sadie SchoutLibertas Christian67.9
1311Cate GarretsonMuskegon Western Michigan Christian64.0
1410Grace FolkemaMuskegon Western Michigan Christian62.9
159Ava WilsonFruitport Calvary Christian62.7
1611Vanessa PeltoniemiHolton62.5
1710Abby KunkleLibertas Christian59.4
1810Elliana YoungMartin58.7
1912Grace RennellsMuskegon Catholic Central57.7
2012Eliza McGinnNew Buffalo54.1
2112Erika VerBeekThe Potter’s House50.7
2212Grace StaniforthMuskegon Catholic Central50.6
2310Kursten SmithThree Oaks River Valley50.0
249Aubrey GoyingsHolton50.0
259Hannah HysellSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic48.8
269Ella VyskocilNew Buffalo45.3
2711Cheri DykstraHolland Calvary Christian45.3
2811Madeline MadsenLawrence45.2
2911Rylee RogersThree Oaks River Valley44.4
3010Ashley StreflingThree Oaks River Valley43.2
3111Cally CamaraMuskegon Catholic Central40.2
3211Cristina AvelloSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic40.2
338Aribel MillsSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic37.5
3411McKena WilsonFruitport Calvary Christian37.0
3512Zoie TuinstraMartin34.7
3610Isabelle SchraubenSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic31.4
3711Allie GonzalezMuskegon Catholic Central31.2
3811Samantha StoneMartin30.7
3911Kassidy KleinhekselMuskegon Catholic Central26.3
408Claire BrinkLibertas Christian24.1
4110Samara SuwynThe Potter’s House20.2
4211Emily FolkertLibertas Christian18.2
4310Lydia VerBeekThe Potter’s House17.9
4412Mya PontarelliThe Potter’s House15.1
4512Lily Marsh-PeekLawrence12.9
4612Grace DeLongMuskegon Catholic Central9.7
479Annabelle McRaeHolland Calvary Christian9.0
4811Anna RemeltsLawrence7.7
4911Sara KooistraThe Potter’s House1.8

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 16th


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1The Potter’s House65141720232434
2Muskegon Western Michigan Christian888141618323944
4Three Oaks River Valley1057122530313742
5St. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic1179102235414950
6Muskegon Catholic Central142
7Tri-Unity Christian145
8Libertas Christian190

Ranked Teams: The Potter’s House (14), Muskegon Western Michigan Christian (21), Gobles (22), Three Oaks River Valley (25) 

111Lezawe OsterinkThe Potter’s House201.4
212Nile DeversGobles183.5
312Isaiah BeiterLawrence170.4
411Logan SwineyThe Potter’s House164.6
512Scott FrainLibertas Christian158.9
612Alexander AustinGobles154.4
79Adam SlavensThree Oaks River Valley154.0
811Jonathan ClausingMuskegon Western Michigan Christian153.3
910Owen McLoughlinSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic152.5
1010Matthew LageSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic151.0
1112Collin OudbierTri-Unity Christian145.1
1212Eli DykstraMartin141.0
1311Ignacio AyesaThree Oaks River Valley140.9
1411Gavin HancoxGobles140.2
159Matthias MorseMuskegon Western Michigan Christian138.9
1610Jacob LyonnaisMuskegon Catholic Central137.0
1710Danny MaatMuskegon Western Michigan Christian136.6
1810Noah FintonThe Potter’s House135.2
1910Graeson LawrenceMuskegon Western Michigan Christian132.6
209Caleb OudbierTri-Unity Christian132.0
2111Caleb KooyerThe Potter’s House131.8
2212Chris RuizGobles131.0
2310Bradley MillsSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic130.1
2411Luke VanderGriendThe Potter’s House127.0
2511Zechariah RubinghThe Potter’s House124.2
2610Austin YorkThree Oaks River Valley122.9
2711James BlackburnMartin122.6
2812Gabriel VanderklokTri-Unity Christian122.2
2910Q LorenzMuskegon Catholic Central121.8
309Alex MorinMartin120.9
3112Ethan BenedictLibertas Christian120.3
3210Owen LyonnaisMuskegon Catholic Central119.8
3312Abram WhiteHolland Calvary Christian119.8
3410Owen SlavensThree Oaks River Valley118.8
3511Cadden KriegerThree Oaks River Valley118.3
369Demitri LawrenceMuskegon Western Michigan Christian118.0
3710Jack WalkenhorstMuskegon Catholic Central115.8
389Reed OsterinkThe Potter’s House115.1
3910Ronan MarshSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic110.3
4012Harrison BourneNew Buffalo108.7
4112Mauricio ManceraLawrence108.5
429Grant SchummThree Oaks River Valley107.2
4310Jake WesthoffMuskegon Catholic Central107.1
449Alexander LawrenceMuskegon Western Michigan Christian106.2
4511Kenny LehanMuskegon Catholic Central103.4
4610Timothy OlsonFruitport Calvary Christian103.4
478Connor SiglowSt. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic103.4
4811Evan SpriggsNew Buffalo103.1
4912Jaren ChristThree Oaks River Valley101.0
5011Keagan PapkeNew Buffalo100.6

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th.  For some reason in this region, the individuals are comparatively better than the teams, despite there being four ranked teams. 

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net

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