Regional Previews: Division 4, Region 31

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Where: Allendale HS. Runs pretty fair throughout the year, and about 5-10 seconds FAST come championship season. 2018’s Allendale Falcon is the baseline for these ratings.

2020 Boys: Saugatuck, GR Potter’s House, St. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic

2020 Girls: Saugatuck, Libertas Christian, Holton

Top 25 Boys Teams: GR Potter’s House (Top 10), St. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic (17), Lawrence (18), Muskegon Western Michigan Christian (22), Gobles (23), Libertas Christian (25)

(Five equal teams vying for two spots? Might have to make my way out here…)

Top 25 Girls Teams: Muskegon Western Michigan Christian (Top 10), GR Potter’s House (19), Libertas Christian (23), Muskegon Catholic Central (24)

Top 50 Boys (Division 4): Lezawe Osterink (6), Logan Swiney (10), Ian Palacios (18), Isaiah Beiter (20), Nile Devers (21), Dylan Pallett (29), Jonathan Clausing (50)

Top 50 Girls (Division 4): Abby VanderKooi (1), Tatum Dykstra (18), Allison Glendening (35), Aubrey Goyings (36), Aliz Pusztai (46)


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