50 Tickets to Brooklyn: #39

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  • After following Abbie Draheim’s lead, it’s now Anna’s turn to take over as the lead girl for East Lansing
  • She was solid as a freshman, breaking 20:00, but really established some consistency as a sophomore
  • Unfortunately did not get to compete at State, but she performed admirably during championship season and would have been a contender for an All-State spot
  • Took a leap forward in track and it wasn’t just a few outlier races – multiple sub 5:10/11:20 efforts

  • Noah quietly had a great cross country season, with only one defeat coming before mid-October, culminating in an 8th place finish at MIS
  • For a kid that’s run under 17:00 all three years, he’s flown under my radar for the first 2.5 years of his career
  • But he exploded this track season under the guidance of Coach Thiebaut
  • He set major PBs – dropping from 5:03 to 4:20 and 10:33 to 9:33 in two years time
  • It’s not just the times, he’s shown up in major races with a few conference titles, winning the Cadillac News 1600m (I’m sure Paul McMullen loved watching down upon this), and narrowly missed a state title in the 3200m

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