Region 18 Preview

Where: Lake Erie Metropark, Gibraltar

The Course: Flat except for one hill.  Another good spectator course as you can see the drama unfold from a distance.  Used to run slow, they fixed that by changing the finish.  Might run slow again being right, I mean right on Lake Erie.

Due to time constraints, omitting the “What to Watch For” section.  If you’ve followed JFT, me, or are just a fan of the sport, you should have a good idea. 😊




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd3rd4th5th6th7th
3Dearborn Divine Child912141722363741
4Monroe Jefferson126
7Carleton Airport204
8Grosse Ile228
10Flat Rock248
11New Boston Huron270
14Garden City378
15Detroit Martin Luther King432
16Detroit Cody479

Ranked Teams: Chelsea (14), Tecumseh (20), Dearborn Divine Child (23)

111Chesney WilkeTecumseh122.8
210Kirsten KossDearborn Divine Child117.6
310Trilian KrugChelsea117.1
412Hannah SegristMilan112.2
59Sophy SkeelsAdrian110.0
612Tara SzuperCarleton Airport109.7
712Kate GaiserChelsea109.5
89Marisa ChueyTrenton109.2
910Riley PeerMonroe Jefferson108.3
109Courtney BovairCarleton Airport107.2
1111Kaylee PestaTecumseh106.6
129Megan WoelkersFlat Rock106.4
1310Jenna PilachowskiMonroe Jefferson105.7
1412Lyndsey AhoDearborn Divine Child102.8
1512Mara SzuperCarleton Airport99.1
1611Audra GuthreChelsea98.9
179Kathryn KurtinaitisDearborn Divine Child98.7
189Kaylee HoveyDundee94.8
199Natalia DeMeaChelsea94.4
209Kim MillerMonroe Jefferson94.2
2110Yoselin Fermin-CamposAdrian91.1
229Katie DeislerDearborn Divine Child90.4
2311Emma AbbottTecumseh89.5
2411Elizabeth AndersonNew Boston Huron89.1
259Lauren ThompsonChelsea88.8
2611Emily StevensonTecumseh88.8
2710Anastee DavisAdrian86.4
289Madison MorrisTecumseh85.4
2911Meredith StullFlat Rock82.9
3011Julia KauseChelsea81.6
3110Saebrianna SMALLWOODMilan80.9
3212Anna MalonsonGrosse Ile80.2
339Jessica WarrenTecumseh80.0
3410Keira WoodRiverview79.7
3511Kelsey KnapeTecumseh79.1
3611Ella SladeDearborn Divine Child75.9
3711Terah CeccarelliDearborn Divine Child75.0
3810Michelle RoqueGrosse Ile74.9
39Veronica FitzgeraldMonroe Jefferson74.7
409Devyn DoreyTrenton74.2
4110Lauren PostlDearborn Divine Child72.4
4211Ella RacetteMilan69.7
4311Bridget WaterstradtDundee69.1
4411Brooke MatusikChelsea68.8
4510Alyssa MasserantMonroe Jefferson65.9
4610Allisyn PagelAdrian58.6
4712Cecilia VespermanGrosse Ile58.5
489Taylor KarasinskiGrosse Ile57.9
4911Breeann RoupeNew Boston Huron57.4
5011Mya ROSSMilan56.2

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
4Dearborn Divine Child1172162327495152
6Monroe Jefferson168
8New Boston Huron206
11Flat Rock321
12Grosse Ile330
13Carleton Airport417
14Garden City448
15Detroit Martin Luther King462

Ranked Teams: Chelsea (2), Adrian (5), Riverview (20), Dearborn Divine Child (22)

110Connell AlfordChelsea205.5
211Michael HegartyDearborn Divine Child204.1
311Bram HartsuffChelsea201.0
412Ethan LeitnerTecumseh198.6
510Braylon PettyAdrian197.0
611Aiden SmithAdrian196.3
711Carter McCalisterMonroe Jefferson192.4
811Bryce SouleAdrian191.6
911Ben SchefkaAdrian183.5
1011Zebedee SwagerChelsea182.8
1112Jonas NorwoodChelsea182.6
1210Logan RuffnerRiverview180.5
1311Nick SpruceChelsea179.5
1410Jackson DellChelsea179.1
1511Brayden HumesMilan177.7
1611Dylan McGrathDearborn Divine Child176.5
1712Ethan RooneyTrenton174.2
18Ty GrubeMonroe Jefferson174.1
1912Gavin SheltonRiverview171.6
2011Jake EaglingAdrian171.5
2112Sam PolgarRiverview170.6
2211Ryan MorrisNew Boston Huron169.5
239Colin MurrayDearborn Divine Child167.5
249Leo SwagerChelsea166.9
2512Justin ShupeRiverview166.5
2612Kenny CarlmanFlat Rock163.9
2711Nathan UlcakDearborn Divine Child163.8
289Riley SmithAdrian163.6
2910Matthew CanalesAdrian162.5
3011Blake RobinsonRiverview162.4
319Isaak RubleyDundee161.1
3210Grant FahleTecumseh159.6
3312Tyler NowakTecumseh159.6
3410Hayden HolmesRiverview159.0
3511Zachary McMahanDundee156.7
3612Ethan RucareanRiverview155.0
3712Lucas HernandezDundee154.9
3812Owen PetersonTrenton154.2
3911Luke VanAsscheSummit Academy North153.9
4011Griffin MentzerNew Boston Huron151.9
4112Breen PatrickNew Boston Huron150.8
4212Joey GallGrosse Ile150.7
439Palmer ZiemerTecumseh150.6
4412Isaac MERKELMonroe Jefferson149.4
4511Andrew RoweTecumseh149.2
4612Travis GoinsDundee149.0
4712Johnathan PINNOWMilan145.5
489Andrew HintzMonroe Jefferson144.9
4912Tyler DossNew Boston Huron144.7
509Nicholas NakicDearborn Divine Child143.0

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 19th.

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