Region 5 Preview

Where: Lake Erie Metropark, Gibraltar

The Course: Flat except for one hill.  Another good spectator course as you can see the drama unfold from a distance.  Used to run slow, they fixed that by changing the finish.  Might run slow again being right, I mean right on Lake Erie.

Due to time constraints, omitting the “What to Watch For” section.  If you’ve followed JFT, me, or are just a fan of the sport, you should have a good idea. 😊




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
1Ann Arbor Pioneer22134591223
3Temperance Bedford922102526293438
4Brownstown Woodhaven11915182124415056
5Allen Park167
6Wyandotte Roosevelt189
8Wayne Memorial227
9Gibraltar Carlson260
10Ypsilanti Lincoln295
11Southgate Anderson298
13Dearborn Heights Crestwood405
15Dearborn Fordson428

Ranked Teams: Ann Arbor Pioneer (1), Saline (3), Temperance Bedford (19)

110Rachel ForsythAnn Arbor Pioneer171.6
212Madison FosterTemperance Bedford159.9
312Sarah ForsythAnn Arbor Pioneer157.2
412Cookie BaughAnn Arbor Pioneer154.3
511Emily CooperAnn Arbor Pioneer153.2
612Lisa LueckeAllen Park149.3
712Maddie SternSaline146.5
812Madi WoodSaline141.3
910Natalie MelloAnn Arbor Pioneer138.9
1012Lauren SancrantTemperance Bedford137.3
1111Samantha CostWyandotte Roosevelt135.4
1212Charlotte BatraAnn Arbor Pioneer135.2
1312Lydia AligSaline134.0
1410Laney AligSaline133.7
1512Briana VojinovBrownstown Woodhaven131.5
1611Mia RoganSaline130.5
179Sienna SnyderSaline128.8
1812Brooke BerridgeBrownstown Woodhaven127.0
1912Aubrey MigoskiWyandotte Roosevelt124.8
2011Aubrey StagerSaline124.7
2111Katie DietrichBrownstown Woodhaven121.9
2210Viktoria BloniarzMonroe121.0
2310Katie HumeAnn Arbor Pioneer115.1
2410Payton SchefflerBrownstown Woodhaven114.5
2511Mya OrnerTemperance Bedford113.8
26Rebekah AsselinTemperance Bedford112.9
2710Sofia FigueroaWayne Memorial105.9
28SRBrooke CifaldiGibraltar Carlson98.9
2912Madeline HeinrichsTemperance Bedford97.8
3012Sienna SchottenYpsilanti Lincoln97.5
3112Bridgette DudleyMonroe97.3
3210Batoul HamkaDearborn93.3
3311Skyila ShuryanWayne Memorial91.1
3410Izabella LoubserTemperance Bedford90.5
35Anahi ChapaAllen Park87.9
3610Grace SchookDearborn85.1
3710Sparrow CentenoSouthgate Anderson84.8
3811Ally BetkeyTemperance Bedford82.6
3910Claire BiretaAllen Park80.2
4011Morgan KayMonroe78.0
419Raelyn McLaughlinBrownstown Woodhaven76.7
4210Diane WeberYpsilanti76.2
4310Abbie SawickiAllen Park74.9
4410Luci GranataAllen Park74.9
4511Maya GoncalvesYpsilanti Lincoln74.1
4611Melanie MaciasYpsilanti Lincoln74.1
4711Grace FinleyMonroe73.6
48Makayla SitarskiAllen Park72.6
499Mercedes DziendzielWyandotte Roosevelt72.5
5010Delany ArthurBrownstown Woodhaven71.2

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 22nd.  That’s what happens when you have two of the top three teams in the state.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1Ann Arbor Pioneer3814710162021
4Temperance Bedford1578233543484951
6Brownstown Woodhaven192
7Ypsilanti Lincoln221
8Allen Park222
9Gibraltar Carlson222
10Wyandotte Roosevelt223
11Wayne Memorial310
12Southgate Anderson339
14Dearborn Heights Crestwood391
15Dearborn Fordson396
16Dearborn Edsel Ford508

Ranked Teams: Ann Arbor Pioneer (9), Saline (15)

112Owen JohnsonAnn Arbor Pioneer207.3
211Luke ButlerMonroe197.8
312Max PfeifferSaline190.9
412Matt RuudAnn Arbor Pioneer189.3
511Sam RobertsDearborn187.7
612James HarrisonSaline187.4
7Roman CortinaAnn Arbor Pioneer187.3
812Alexander OrtizTemperance Bedford185.1
912Marwan AlgahmiDearborn Fordson184.8
1010Vincent Peterson SandAnn Arbor Pioneer184.7
1112Adam HaagDearborn183.3
1212Andrew SternSaline183.1
1311Michael MakuchWyandotte Roosevelt182.8
1412Jordan RatliffYpsilanti Lincoln182.8
1510Truman JohnsonSaline180.6
1610Eric OverdierAnn Arbor Pioneer179.2
1711Jason WhittonSaline178.8
1812Samuel RankineWyandotte Roosevelt178.8
1911Rene VazquezWayne Memorial178.4
2012Peter FlorenceAnn Arbor Pioneer177.0
2112Fred WallaceAnn Arbor Pioneer176.9
2212Samuel KulczakSaline175.3
2312Collin BallaTemperance Bedford174.4
2411Samuel JacksonSaline173.7
2510Jon AndersonGibraltar Carlson171.7
2612Andrew WhitmanBrownstown Woodhaven169.0
2712Alex ApetroaeiMonroe167.0
2812Justin RomeroBrownstown Woodhaven166.5
2912Nick ParranMonroe166.4
3011Aidan OakleyDearborn165.1
3112Nico FigueroaWayne Memorial164.3
3212Carson BlakeGibraltar Carlson163.2
3312Andon LewandowskiYpsilanti Lincoln163.2
3412Alec PanterGibraltar Carlson161.8
3510Gabe BockTemperance Bedford161.1
3611Gabe SweatMonroe161.0
3710Caleb DeLaGarzaAllen Park160.0
3811Drake SteeleAllen Park158.3
3910Matthew MizziAllen Park158.0
409Ben SchottBrownstown Woodhaven156.4
4112Alex JewellSouthgate Anderson156.1
4211Ethan DuhlDearborn155.4
4312Preston UleryTemperance Bedford155.4
4410Caden EhgotzBelleville155.3
4512Jeremy RomeroBrownstown Woodhaven153.7
4612Aditya SeshamYpsilanti Lincoln153.4
4710Andrew FoshagMonroe153.2
489Nicholas BallaTemperance Bedford152.1
4911Joshua GagneTemperance Bedford152.0
5010Caleb WynnAllen Park151.6

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 18th.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net


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