Region 13 Preview

Where: Portage West MS, Portage, MI

The Course: Rolling, wide turns, tends to be pretty fair at this point in the year.  As it stands now, my intuition (always a dicey bet!) tells me this will be one of the faster courses this weekend. 

Due to time constraints, omitting the “What to Watch For” section.  If you’ve followed JFT, me, or are just a fan of the sport, you should have a good idea. 😊




PlaceTeamScore1st Girl2nd Girl3rd Girl4th Girl5th Girl6th Girl7th Girl
3Grand Rapids South Christian9712131425333747
5Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg146
6Eaton Rapids166
7Parma Western184
8Wayland Union244
9Battle Creek Harper Creek257
11Richland Gull Lake306
15Jackson Northwest405
17Battle Creek Pennfield502

Ranked Teams: Mason (8), Marshall (9), Grand Rapids South Christian (24)

110Meghan FordMason150.8
212Alyna LewisParma Western130.8
39Ava CrewsMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg126.6
410Camille DeColaMarshall123.1
511Olivia BarabasWayland Union116.4
612Amanda MeningaMason114.6
712Amelia KerschkeMason112.7
812Jessica DurkeeMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg109.8
911Zariah OzuzuMarshall108.0
1012Brooke WaitoMarshall107.0
1110Sydney ThompsonEaton Rapids106.3
1210Ellia AgarGrand Rapids South Christian103.8
1310Mallory HuttengaGrand Rapids South Christian102.6
1412Abby WinkleGrand Rapids South Christian100.7
15Madeline ChromeMason96.0
1611Shawn BrophyMarshall94.7
1712Laraya WarnsleyMarshall93.5
1810Emma SteeleVicksburg92.9
1912Savina CentofantiVicksburg91.9
2012Sam RichardsonVicksburg91.4
2110Angel MillerParchment91.2
229Riley KerschkeMason90.5
2312Legend SzafranskiColdwater89.8
249Lainey YearlingColdwater89.0
2511Halle OvermireGrand Rapids South Christian88.8
2612Alyssa WilliamsCharlotte87.6
2712Brenna WithersBattle Creek Harper Creek87.4
2811Molly YoungVicksburg87.2
299Zoe HankeyEaton Rapids85.4
3010Holly VeltingMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg83.9
319Emily ZemitansVicksburg81.6
3210Katie BehnkeBattle Creek Harper Creek81.4
3310Brooklyn SpringvloedGrand Rapids South Christian80.7
3412Rachel GrimesRichland Gull Lake78.9
3511Justice PrinsParma Western78.9
3611Sofia KingsleyEaton Rapids77.8
3711Evie DeBlaayGrand Rapids South Christian77.8
3810Elliot AntelWayland Union77.6
3911Katie DonethMason75.6
4011Bethany BrownParchment74.1
4110Cairo SchinkelEaton Rapids74.0
4211Amanda LAUGHERYVicksburg74.0
4311Payton BallMason73.6
4412Allison TeedHastings73.2
4512Hannah SMITHWayland Union72.1
46Kaelyn PlutaParma Western71.7
4711Lydia TolsmaGrand Rapids South Christian70.3
4812Carissa StrouseHastings69.5
499Taylor CrowEaton Rapids67.0
5011Lillian HeydenburgParma Western66.9

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 19th.


PlaceTeamScore1st Boy2nd Boy3rd Boy4th Boy5th Boy6th Boy7th Boy
1Battle Creek Harper Creek904151624314347
4Grand Rapids South Christian1488112048617173
5Wayland Union170
7Richland Gull Lake219
8Eaton Rapids222
12Parma Western294
14Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg322
16Jackson Northwest512
17Battle Creek Pennfield518

Ranked Teams: Battle Creek Harper Creek (14), Mason (17), Vicksburg (24)

112Garrett WinterParchment199.3
212Jacob SingletonParma Western193.4
312Kyler DeanVicksburg188.7
412Owen GilbertBattle Creek Harper Creek186.7
511William WinterParchment186.0
69Alex DonethMason185.6
712Landon BuskirkMason185.6
811Joseph VanderKooiGrand Rapids South Christian185.0
912John AertsColdwater182.2
1011Koda BrandtCharlotte181.8
1111Caleb BoesGrand Rapids South Christian178.2
1210Lucas HopkinsOlivet175.9
1312Myron LaftyColdwater175.7
1410Riley ShultsHastings174.5
1512Josh MaurerBattle Creek Harper Creek173.7
169Dominic LowrieBattle Creek Harper Creek173.2
1710Aidan McPartlinMarshall171.2
1812Read KnappRichland Gull Lake169.8
199Skye SmithVicksburg168.8
2012Lucas VanDamGrand Rapids South Christian168.6
2112Eric RiceMason168.0
229Jack BidwellMarshall166.1
2311Austin RyboltEaton Rapids166.0
2412Blake BessBattle Creek Harper Creek165.4
2511Devin WeaverWayland Union164.7
2611Tucker RadgensVicksburg164.6
2711Haroun OmarColdwater164.2
2812Evan RossMason163.6
2910Conner FountainOlivet161.5
3012Chase MillerMason161.3
3110Brian O’DellBattle Creek Harper Creek161.2
3211William BarnumMason160.6
339Dylan PallettWayland Union159.7
3410Isaac DyerWayland Union157.5
3510Brayden OdellVicksburg157.4
3611James MeningaMason157.1
3711Travis KoonWayland Union157.0
389Jack HuntingtonEaton Rapids156.8
3910Lucas Van MeterMiddleville Thornapple-Kellogg156.7
4011Wyatt McCombRichland Gull Lake156.5
4110Henry OudbierWayland Union155.8
4211Ashton SearsRichland Gull Lake154.6
439Braxton LissBattle Creek Harper Creek153.0
4412Anthony DeVitoOlivet152.2
4511Kenny YoungsVicksburg151.8
469Brandon SimmonsHastings151.6
4712Hunter WellerBattle Creek Harper Creek150.8
4811Caleb DeVriesGrand Rapids South Christian150.0
4912Chris CopelandEaton Rapids148.8
5012Cameron PerkinsRichland Gull Lake147.6

Projected Individual Qualifier Cutoff: 15th.

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