Region 5: Mid-Season Projections


Movin’ Up

Girls: Ann Arbor Pioneer, Temperance Bedford, Wyandotte Roosevelt, Allen Park, Wayne Memorial, Dearborn, Dearborn Fordson, Dearborn Heights Crestwood, Belleville, Ypsilanti, Lincoln Park (many of these fielding full teams when it didn’t appear they would based on their number of returners)

Boys: Monroe, Gibraltar Carlson, Dearborn, Belleville, Wayne Memorial, Dearborn Edsel Ford

110Rachel ForsythAnn Arbor Pioneer172.8
212Madison FosterTemperance Bedford157.7
312Sarah ForsythAnn Arbor Pioneer157.2
412Cookie BaughAnn Arbor Pioneer154.4
511Emily CooperAnn Arbor Pioneer153.5
612Lisa LueckeAllen Park148.0
712Maddie SternSaline145.0
812Lauren SancrantTemperance Bedford142.7
912Madi WoodSaline140.8
1010Natalie MelloAnn Arbor Pioneer140.5
1112Charlotte BatraAnn Arbor Pioneer138.4
1211Samantha CostWyandotte Roosevelt135.6
1310Laney AligSaline134.1
1412Lydia AligSaline131.7
1511Aubrey StagerSaline131.5
1611Mia RoganSaline130.2
1712Aubrey MigoskiWyandotte Roosevelt128.6
1812Briana VojinovBrownstown Woodhaven127.5
199Sienna SnyderSaline126.7
2012Brooke BerridgeBrownstown Woodhaven121.8

Little Surprises: Sarah Forsyth, Emily Cooper, Charlotte Batra

New Arrivals: Maddie Stern, Lauren Sancrant, Madi Wood, Natalie Mello, Samantha Cost, Aubrey Stager, Mia Rogan, Aubrey Migoski

112Owen JohnsonAnn Arbor Pioneer206.9
211Luke ButlerMonroe199.3
312Matt RuudAnn Arbor Pioneer193.1
412Max PfeifferSaline192.1
511Sam RobertsDearborn189.8
611Roman CortinaAnn Arbor Pioneer188.2
711Michael MakuchWyandotte Roosevelt184.8
810Vincent Peterson SandAnn Arbor Pioneer184.5
912Andrew SternSaline184.5
1012Jordan RatliffYpsilanti Lincoln184.0
1112Fred WallaceAnn Arbor Pioneer183.8
1212Marwan AlgahmiDearborn Fordson183.8
1310Eric OverdierAnn Arbor Pioneer182.7
1412James HarrisonSaline181.7
1510Truman JohnsonSaline181.6
1612Samuel RankineWyandotte Roosevelt181.1
1712Adam HaagDearborn180.2
1810Aaron SterkenAnn Arbor Pioneer179.9
1910Jonathan AndersonGibraltar Carlson179.7
2011Jason WhittonSaline178.8

Little Surprises: Owen Johnson, Luke Butler, Matt Ruud, Max Pfeiffer, Roman Cortina, Vincent Peterson Sand, Jordan Ratliff

New Arrivals: Andrew Stern, Eric Overdier, Truman Johnson, Aaron Sterken, Jonathon Anderson


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