Regional Previews: Division 2, Region 18

Regional Previews

50 Tickets

Top Tens


2020 Boys: Chelsea, Adrian, Riverview

2020 Girls: Chelsea, Dearborn Divine Child, Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard

Top 25 Boys Teams: Chelsea (Top Ten), Adrian (Top Ten), Riverview (18), Monroe Jefferson (21)

Top 25 Girls Teams: Chelsea (7), Tecumseh (10), Dearborn Divine Child (24)

Top 50 Boys (Division 2): Michael Hegarty (4), Connell Alford (5), Aiden Smith (14), Bram Hartsuff (32), Zebedee Swager (41), Carter McCalister (43), Brayden Humes (45), Braylon Petty (49), Ethan Leitner (50)

Top 50 Girls (Division 2): Trilian Krug (30), Madison Morris (33)


3 thoughts on “Regional Previews: Division 2, Region 18”

  1. Note: Adrian gets Bryce Soule this year…..431/950 who should be right along Aiden Smith in All- State contention. This may boost their rating….In my opinion it makes them the State favorite!


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