Regional Previews: Division 2, Region 11

Regional Previews

50 Tickets

Top Tens

Where: Allendale HS. Runs pretty fair throughout the year, and about 5-10 seconds FAST come championship season. 2018’s Allendale Falcon is the baseline for these ratings.

2020 Boys: East Grand Rapids, Allendale, Spring Lake

2020 Girls: East Grand Rapids, Forest Hills Eastern, Spring Lake

Top 25 Boys Teams: Grand Rapids Christian (6), Spring Lake (16)

Top 25 Girls Teams: Grand Rapids Christian (Top Four), Spring Lake (16), Allendale (21), Grand Rapids West Catholic (25)

Top 50 Boys (Division 2): Ian Hill (2), Kilian Whalen (10), Tinsae Nelson (13), Ben Zwart (18), Gavin VanSolkema (28)

Top 50 Girls (Division 2): Madelyn Frens (3), Ava Lutke (4), Emily Tomes (7), Natalie VanOtteren (9), Nora Boufford (28), Jamie Lipecky (35), Adia Sikkema (36), Maggie Duba (38), Lily Parker (41), Alyssa Butterfield (46)



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