2021 Ratings: Shepherd Regional (15)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be amply opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Regional Preview

Girls Adjustment: +4
Boys Adjustment: +2


Carly Judge, Shepherd: Carly nearly hit her season best on one of the slower days you’ll see at Shepherd. 20:19 in the muck compared to a 20:14 last weekend (when the course was about 20 sec. faster). She was projected 12th and finished 9th.

Elliott Sirianni, Clio: His 16:58 was his first ever jaunt into the 16’s. That effort brought Clio into a tie with Flint Powers, both teams qualifying to run another round. He was projected 13th and finished 7th.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 3/3 Boys, 3/3 Girls, 6/6 Boys Overall, 6/6 Girls Overall
Athletic: 3/3 Boys, 2/3 Girls: 6/6 Boys Overall, 5/6 Girls Overall

10Mary Richmond18:40.2Frankenmuth145.3
12Mara Longenecker19:21.9Freeland131.4
11Ariel Warner19:28.3Shepherd129.2
12Haileigh Bissett19:29.5North Branch128.8
12Whitney Farrell19:29.8Freeland128.7
12Lily Mataway19:29.9Flint Powers Catholic128.7
9Landrey Kuhn19:53.6Freeland120.8
9Ezgi Kurt20:03.9Alma117.4
12Carly Judge20:19.2Shepherd112.3
12Hailey Lenhard20:25.1Frankenmuth110.3
10Aubrey Keeler20:25.2Clio110.3
10Grace Clemens20:41.7North Branch104.8
11Elle Himebaugh20:45.9Shepherd103.4
10Bella Reed20:56.0Freeland100.0
10Ava Boggs21:09.4Flint Kearsley95.5
9Jenna Overla21:15.6Alma93.5
12Alexandria Brown21:17.2Clio92.9
11McKenzie Betts21:22.4Alma91.2
11Jolie Fisher21:23.3Shepherd90.9
10Paige Kloha21:24.1Freeland90.6
9Grace Murphy21:31.1Flint Powers Catholic88.3
12Sarah Grove21:35.1Alma87.0
11Alexcis Parker21:39.3Flint Powers Catholic85.6
10Destiny Wasoski21:40.0Bay City John Glenn85.3
9Gracie Warner21:43.2Shepherd84.3
12Karly Crowe21:45.3Alma83.6
9Rowan Conley21:47.4North Branch82.9
12Allyson Harvey21:52.0Freeland81.3
10Madison Gimmey21:52.3Shepherd81.2
12Audrie Gillin21:58.0Flint Powers Catholic79.3
10Aerika Pertler22:01.8Flint Powers Catholic78.1
9Vivian Wickes22:03.0Alma77.7
11Kiersten Schiebner22:05.8Saginaw Swan Valley76.7
10Maggie Gilin22:09.6Flint Powers Catholic75.5
9Sarah Olszewski22:17.3Clio72.9
12Haley Bendele22:17.6Shepherd72.8
11Karlie Schlaud22:29.5North Branch68.8
11Jordan Cleveland22:31.4Alma68.2
11Sophia Hazelwood22:33.5North Branch67.5
10Kaitlyn Miller22:35.5Frankenmuth66.8
9Liliana Garza22:35.7Flint Kearsley66.8
9Isabelle Hunt22:40.0North Branch65.3
9Jenna Kowalski22:40.9Freeland65.0
9Clare Conzelmann22:43.7Frankenmuth64.1
11Kayla Girard22:44.1Birch Run64.0
10Jessa Davis23:00.0Birch Run58.7
10Milagro Perez23:02.1Saginaw Swan Valley58.0
9Madison Gracias23:05.5Saginaw Swan Valley56.8
9Annabelle Pardo23:07.8Saginaw Swan Valley56.1
11Maddie Zehnder23:12.8Frankenmuth54.4
9Grace Evanoff23:15.6Flint Powers Catholic53.5
12Kailyn Wilson23:19.0Bay City John Glenn52.3
12Alyssa Bussure23:27.8North Branch49.4
11Ella Rabideau23:28.4Birch Run49.2
11Josie Guinther23:44.9Frankenmuth43.7
9Ava D’Archangel23:49.5Bay City John Glenn42.2
12Avery Knoll23:57.4Frankenmuth39.5
12Hannah Birchmeier24:02.2Clio37.9
12Rachel Tilmann24:02.9Midland Bullock Creek37.7
11Kaylin Reed24:06.3Birch Run36.6
11Athena White24:12.5Bay City John Glenn34.5
11Becca Kaul24:12.8Birch Run34.4
12Jenna Gaul24:18.7Birch Run32.4
9Amelia Sporman24:19.4Flint Kearsley32.2
10Ariana Hudkins24:22.8Flint Kearsley31.1
9Ava Idalski24:26.9Bay City John Glenn29.7
9Brianna Smaltz24:32.2Midland Bullock Creek27.9
10Avery Lupisella24:38.8Bay City John Glenn25.7
12Ireland Janasik24:43.5Essexville Garber24.2
9Brenna Burger24:56.6Clio19.8
12Hailey Sobol25:33.3Saginaw Swan Valley7.6

9TJ Hansen16:21.9Freeland192.0
12Jacob Wurtzel16:33.3Freeland188.2
12Gabriel Phillips16:41.6Clio185.5
12Chase Dietrich16:43.1Flint Powers Catholic185.0
11Braydon Honsinger16:49.0Freeland183.0
12Lucas Danic16:54.5Flint Powers Catholic181.2
10Elliott Sirianni16:58.5Clio179.8
12Emerson Laverty17:10.0Bay City John Glenn176.0
11Braden Klein17:21.1Freeland172.3
12Liam Anderson17:24.1Essexville Garber171.3
11Bryce Husen17:24.6Birch Run171.1
11Tyler Heath17:30.6Clio169.1
12Blaze Abell17:31.7Alma168.8
10David Murphy17:33.1Flint Powers Catholic168.3
12Andrew Polcik17:34.8Clio167.7
12Noah Murphy17:36.1Flint Powers Catholic167.3
12Mason Cross17:37.9Shepherd166.7
10Ali Kudmani17:38.5Alma166.5
9Nolan Longuski17:44.2Shepherd164.6
11Braden Amthor17:50.5Bay City John Glenn162.5
11Aidan Lobsinger17:53.8Flint Powers Catholic161.4
10Jack Rumptz17:54.7Birch Run161.1
9Bodie Heiss17:57.1Alma160.3
10Andrew Yax17:59.4Clio159.5
11Nick Beson18:03.0Bay City John Glenn158.3
9Sam Nemeth18:03.5Freeland158.2
12Collin Fall18:05.7Frankenmuth157.4
11Grant Conger18:09.8Frankenmuth156.1
12David Hadden18:10.2North Branch155.9
9Thomas Shultz18:13.9North Branch154.7
12Gabriel Hutchins18:22.7North Branch151.8
12Gavin Hamilton18:34.9Flint Powers Catholic147.7
9Camden McLeod18:35.3Freeland147.6
10Connor Mausolf18:39.7Birch Run146.1
9Owen Fennelly18:40.9Saginaw Swan Valley145.7
10Peter Huey18:42.7Flint Powers Catholic145.1
11Owen Quinnan18:43.8Birch Run144.7
9Buddy Leonard18:45.6Alma144.1
11Ryder Payne18:45.6Bay City John Glenn144.1
11Anthony Kulhanek18:47.7Bay City John Glenn143.4
11Nico Lopez18:51.0Shepherd142.3
12Grant Tilmann18:56.0Midland Bullock Creek140.7
11Parlberg Carson18:59.2Birch Run139.6
10Alex Lillywhite19:00.4Flint Kearsley139.2
11Aidan Maki19:08.5Frankenmuth136.5
12Gage Hammis19:17.6Saginaw Swan Valley133.5
11Anthony Condron19:20.1Clio132.6
12Alex Deeter19:20.9Freeland132.4
12Wyatt Ciesla19:22.2Essexville Garber131.9
11Jayden Warner19:25.0Alma131.0
10Cole Perkins19:28.9Bay City John Glenn129.7
12Aiden Wildman19:32.2Clio128.6
11Natzel Owen19:37.1Birch Run127.0
9Ethan Sellers19:39.8Flint Kearsley126.1
9Bryce Barkowska19:46.1North Branch124.0
9Cougar Clark19:51.0Frankenmuth122.3
9Jack Lillywhite19:54.7Flint Kearsley121.1
12Jacob Caton19:58.4Frankenmuth119.9
12Jason Benham20:05.2Birch Run117.6
9Blake Wittbrodt20:05.2Essexville Garber117.6
10Gage Hodgins20:10.6Alma115.8
11Landon Geiling20:16.2Saginaw Swan Valley113.9
10Leyton Hutchins20:21.0North Branch112.3
11Jacob Inman20:22.8Midland Bullock Creek111.7
9Grant Smith20:30.5Shepherd109.2
11Caiden Warren20:31.0Essexville Garber109.0
12Trevor Joslin20:36.2Shepherd107.3
11Caleb Grimshaw20:38.8Frankenmuth106.4
11Javan Scates20:40.0Alma106.0
10Bailey Wiggins20:49.6Midland Bullock Creek102.8
10Jake Beaver20:53.9Bay City John Glenn101.4
10Brent Castle20:57.9North Branch100.0
12Grant Clemens21:02.2North Branch98.6
10Thomas Gustafson21:02.5Flint Kearsley98.5
11Jesus Ramirez21:24.6Carrollton91.1
9Xavier Hoppe21:33.0Shepherd88.3
12Matt Todd21:40.6Saginaw Swan Valley85.8
9Owen Brickner21:58.2Shepherd79.9
11Ty Bremer22:08.5Saginaw Swan Valley76.5
11Carter Wells22:12.0Midland Bullock Creek75.3
10Lincoln Waliczek22:22.0Frankenmuth72.0
12Tristan Sutcliffe22:34.4Flint Kearsley67.9
12Kelvyn Kelly22:35.6Midland Bullock Creek67.5
10Elijah Hammis24:57.3Saginaw Swan Valley20.2
9Warner Wieland25:03.9Essexville Garber18.0
9Drew Fruk25:07.0Saginaw Swan Valley17.0
12Sean Davis25:07.3Essexville Garber16.9


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