2021 Ratings: Anchor Bay Regional (9)

The plan is to go through these regionals in the same order that they were posted. Friday first, starting with regions with less divisions, working towards those with more.

They’ll be a basic show of the ratings and a runner that stepped up. I plan on working back on regional recaps after the season, I always love showcasing success and there will be ample opportunity (and the real factor – time) to do so. Those recaps will feature more teams and individuals.

If you’re a senior (or are a parent/coach of one) that qualified for State, send me a pic of you in your uniform, either running or not running. I want to use those pics in my State Finals graphics. Those that I don’t use in the graphics, I’ll use in the recap.

How Are Speed Ratings Calculated?!

Regional Preview

Girls Adjustment: -78
Boys Adjustment: -85


Alexandra Brigham, Clarkston: Like clockwork, those Clarkston girls turn it on at the end of the year. Last season, it was a Top 10 finish at Oakland County that turned into an All-State honor. This time around, she placed higher at Oakland County, placed higher at Regionals, so you know she’s capable of big things next week.

Alex McArthur, Oxford: Where did this freshman come from? He’s been steady all year, running in the low-17’s, but nothing to this level. In last week’s OAA Red Championship, he finished 6th behind Joey Taverna and four Lake Orion boys. This week, he beat all but one of those.

MIXCSR vs. Athletic.net
MIXCSR: 3/3 Boys, 2/3 Girls; 9/9 Boys Overall, 8/9 Girls Overall
Athletic: 2/3 Boys, 2/3 Girls; 8/9 Boys Overall, 7/9 Girls Overall

10Jayden Harberts19:22.4Macomb Dakota158.5
10Alexandra Brigham19:57.6Clarkston146.8
9Mallory Bigelow20:24.1Oxford138.0
11Lily Solek20:30.6Rochester Hills Ston…135.8
10Mariah Belmont20:32.0Macomb Dakota135.3
12Cora Kolodge20:41.4New Baltimore Anchor…132.2
11Madison Clor20:44.3Romeo131.2
10Braydee Elling20:46.8Oxford130.4
11Meagan Verellen20:50.5Utica129.2
10Addison Johnson20:53.9Utica128.0
11Amanda Soldan20:55.6Rochester Adams127.5
11AnnDee Geddes21:06.0Macomb L’Anse Creuse…124.0
9Taylor Brodeur21:08.0Oxford123.3
12Amanda Felstow21:11.4Romeo122.2
11Makenna Musser21:20.7Rochester Hills Ston…119.1
9Addison Verlinden21:32.9Lake Orion115.0
11Therese Georgia21:37.7Port Huron Northern113.4
9Lily Miles21:40.9Clarkston112.4
9Kaitlyn Kauppila21:43.0Rochester Adams111.7
12Rachel Felstow21:45.8Romeo110.7
12Jessa Chapin21:47.1Oxford110.3
10Sydney Gergics21:51.0Rochester Hills Ston…109.0
9Jamie Patterson21:51.7Oxford108.8
12Mackenzie Montigano21:52.2Clarkston108.6
9Violet Hrabovsky21:55.1Romeo107.6
11Chloe Nixon21:55.9Rochester107.4
9Charlotte Long21:58.0Utica Eisenhower106.7
11Ava Rawley22:01.1Utica105.6
11Abby Fifield22:02.7Utica105.1
11Ava LaMilza22:08.9Macomb Dakota103.0
12Sarah Greb22:11.6Romeo102.1
10Anna Reineck22:14.3Clarkston101.2
11Lauren Wroza22:15.9Rochester100.7
9Stella Phillips22:20.9Rochester Adams99.0
12Emily Felstow22:21.8Romeo98.7
11Lindsay Harvey22:26.9Macomb Dakota97.0
11Tessa Swanwick22:28.4Rochester96.5
10Alyssa Ko22:29.7Rochester Hills Ston…96.1
12Madeline Richman22:30.5Utica95.8
12Brianna Wiegand22:30.6Romeo95.8
12Chelsea Harvey22:31.7Macomb Dakota95.4
9Olivia Purdy22:32.9Utica Eisenhower95.0
12Natalie Schiller22:35.6Oxford94.1
12Kylie Jones22:36.1Oxford94.0
11Dylan Pasia22:36.5Port Huron Northern93.8
11Cate Cotter22:37.2Clarkston93.6
10Olivia Lombardo22:40.8Rochester Hills Ston…92.4
9Allie Good22:43.1Utica Eisenhower91.6
11Natalie Langkam22:43.4Utica Eisenhower91.5
10Rachel Phillips22:45.6Utica Ford90.8
12Caroline Bulat22:51.0Rochester89.0
12Alexandra Boes22:54.0Lake Orion88.0
10Lauren Dumeah22:57.0Lake Orion87.0
11Ivy Swanwick22:58.3Rochester86.6
10Lauren Thomas22:58.7New Baltimore Anchor…86.4
10Maddie Feurig23:00.7Lake Orion85.8
11Isabella Beck23:05.5Utica Eisenhower84.2
9Stephanie Bulat23:21.0Rochester79.0
11Avery Saunder23:25.5Macomb L’Anse Creuse…77.5
11Alexandra Metzger23:40.1Utica Eisenhower72.6
12Kendall Osborne23:43.3Lake Orion71.6
11Rebekah Wilson23:44.8Clarkston71.1
9Luciana Lacroix23:47.0Lake Orion70.3
10Claire Walker23:50.5Clarkston69.2
9Raelyn Brady24:00.3New Baltimore Anchor…65.9
9Norah Lesner24:01.7Utica65.4
10Isabel Hanson24:07.6Rochester Hills Ston…63.5
11Caroline Abell24:08.6Utica Eisenhower63.1
12Rebecca Rolling24:09.1Rochester Adams63.0
11Carlie Woolm24:09.3New Baltimore Anchor…62.9
10Katie Adams24:09.5Rochester Adams62.8
12Elaine Donahue24:30.0Rochester Hills Ston…56.0
12Casey Boni24:36.8Clinton Township Chi…53.7
9Lilly Beach24:38.5Rochester Adams53.2
11McKenna Goike25:00.4Macomb Dakota45.9
12Haley Smith25:07.4Rochester Adams43.5
10Grace Gutmann25:07.7Clinton Township Chi…43.4
11Danielle Radue25:09.6Clinton Township Chi…42.8
11Anya Rosenthal25:12.1Utica42.0
10Mackie Shoskey25:16.9Lake Orion40.4
9Macie Masterson25:19.2Utica Ford39.6
9Ava Duncan25:19.9Clinton Township Chi…39.4
9Brennan Lowman25:20.6Utica Ford39.1
12Serena Arnold25:33.4New Baltimore Anchor…34.9
11Kaylee Jegla26:13.9Macomb L’Anse Creuse…21.4
11Veronica Panniccia26:17.8Clinton Township Chi…20.1
12Emily Kalaj26:29.7New Baltimore Anchor…16.1
10Sofya Tomala26:30.0Utica Ford16.0
12Kendall Beck26:38.4Utica Ford13.2
10Lilah Earl26:45.7Utica Ford10.8
10Brianna Steffen26:52.1Macomb L’Anse Creuse…8.6
12Amanda Usrey27:17.2New Baltimore Anchor…0.3

(Lucy Cook is listed a second behind Harberts in the results, but led most of the race, veered off course to win by 40+ seconds. The results have her a second behind, but that’s inaccurate. But so is the time she ran and the course she ran. I feel the best idea is to just omit her from the ratings this week)

12Jack Kelke16:59.5Romeo208.5
12Owen Sharnas17:12.3Romeo204.2
10Connor Clor17:47.4Romeo192.5
12Clayton Kuiper17:48.3Lake Orion192.2
9Alex McArthur17:48.9Oxford192.0
12Joey Taverna17:55.3Clarkston189.9
12Liam LeBlanc17:56.7Utica Ford189.4
10Chaz Huthwaite17:59.0Rochester Hills Ston…188.7
12Jack Wallace17:59.2Romeo188.6
12Hong Bing Tang18:04.3Lake Orion186.9
12Will Houvener18:04.5Lake Orion186.8
12Adam Hafeli18:04.6Lake Orion186.8
10Dylan Penberthy18:13.5Macomb L’Anse Creuse…183.8
12Brendan Washburn18:18.2Rochester Hills Ston…182.3
12Jacob Gleason18:21.7Lake Orion181.1
11Luke Peardon18:23.4Lake Orion180.5
10Bryce Goodsell18:24.2Romeo180.3
10Ethan Muraszewski18:26.8Utica179.4
11Kyle DiMalanta18:29.2Oxford178.6
11Michael Paoletti18:33.0Port Huron Northern177.3
10Luke VanderHeuvel18:35.3Port Huron Northern176.6
10Luke Maher18:36.7Port Huron Northern176.1
11Nathan D’Souza18:36.8Rochester Adams176.1
11Glen Davis18:38.9Port Huron Northern175.4
10Bryce Nowik18:43.9Clarkston173.7
11Henry Poploskie18:44.3Clarkston173.6
11Matt LaFreniere18:45.4Port Huron Northern173.2
10Thomas Westphal18:47.3New Baltimore Anchor…172.6
11Logan Davis18:48.1Utica172.3
12Ronnie Leonard18:51.2Lake Orion171.3
11Derrian Kumfer18:58.5Romeo168.8
12Hunter Frank19:01.4Rochester Hills Ston…167.9
11Jacob Maurer19:02.6Utica Eisenhower167.5
11Owen Murray19:10.1Rochester Hills Ston…165.0
12Martin DeVaux19:10.9Rochester164.7
10Cass Feeney19:11.3Oxford164.6
10Brandon Penberthy19:14.1Macomb L’Anse Creuse…163.6
10Carter Fox19:14.2Macomb Dakota163.6
12Angelo Santia19:15.1Clinton Township Chi…163.3
10Jack DeWaele19:15.1Clinton Township Chi…163.3
12Benjamin Dawson19:15.2Utica Eisenhower163.3
10Matthew Boor19:17.6Clarkston162.5
11Jack Bondy19:18.5Rochester Hills Ston…162.2
9Collin McLaughlin19:19.1Rochester162.0
11Jack Mathers19:19.3Macomb Dakota161.9
11Jake Crist19:19.5Rochester161.8
10Tyler Brothers19:20.1Utica Eisenhower161.6
12Armon Howard19:22.7Rochester Adams160.8
11Dylan Stone19:22.8Oxford160.7
10Rhenier Weeks19:23.3Utica Ford160.6
12Braeden Jones19:25.6Rochester Hills Ston…159.8
9James Cusick19:27.9Oxford159.0
11Jack Donohoe19:28.2Rochester Adams158.9
12Amarion Howard19:29.8Rochester Adams158.4
11Cameron Reynolds19:30.7Rochester Adams158.1
11Nicholas Teknos19:35.7Rochester156.4
12Anthony Vinson19:35.7Utica Eisenhower156.4
12Justin Piejak19:36.8Macomb L’Anse Creuse…156.1
12Aaron Jahn19:36.8Utica156.1
9Jaxson Nowik19:40.8Clarkston154.7
10Danny Boyd19:42.1Utica154.3
9Colton Howell19:44.5Macomb Dakota153.5
12Hunter Bogar19:45.2Clarkston153.3
10Jackson Wesley19:47.4Utica152.5
11Joseph Barnard19:49.9Macomb L’Anse Creuse…151.7
12Ryan Patterson19:51.1Oxford151.3
10Jonathan Mitchell19:52.0Utica Ford151.0
10Andrew Floros19:52.9Clarkston150.7
12Jimmy Mahfet19:53.8Rochester Adams150.4
12Jacob Vohs19:54.1Macomb Dakota150.3
12George DeBucce19:55.8Rochester Hills Ston…149.7
12Martin Goleski19:56.4Rochester149.5
12Brendan Wiegand20:02.5Romeo147.5
11Carson Gilbertson20:08.6Macomb Dakota145.5
11Carter Rodzik20:11.9Utica Eisenhower144.4
11Owen Clancy20:12.5Macomb Dakota144.2
12Zach Call20:14.2Oxford143.6
12Omkar Ghodke20:27.3Rochester139.2
11Carlos Rosales20:30.3Rochester Adams138.2
9Kobe Coverdill20:33.4Macomb L’Anse Creuse…137.2
11Devyn Guptil20:34.2Clinton Township Chi…136.9
10Aidan Leslie20:37.1New Baltimore Anchor…136.0
10Peter Schoenherr20:37.1Utica136.0
10Nathon Zydel20:39.7Macomb L’Anse Creuse…135.1
10Drew Lenard20:39.8Rochester135.1
11Ryan Lee20:43.5New Baltimore Anchor…133.8
11Cody Brownsworth20:50.1Utica Eisenhower131.6
12Dylan Schulte20:52.3Utica Eisenhower130.9
12Fischer Schluessler20:59.1Utica Ford128.6
12Jerry Mannino21:02.3Utica127.6
9Gregory Vogt21:26.2New Baltimore Anchor…119.6
10Simon Davis21:26.3Macomb Dakota119.6
12Elijah Dealca21:31.5New Baltimore Anchor…117.8
10Gabe Rusch21:31.8New Baltimore Anchor…117.7
10Brady Mayer21:33.1Port Huron Northern117.3
12Ayden Saura21:38.4Port Huron115.5
10Robert Ogilvy21:46.5Utica Ford112.8
12Alec Pionk21:49.4Port Huron111.9
10Joseph Santia21:50.3Clinton Township Chi…111.6
9Trever Anglebrandt21:50.6Port Huron111.5
10Sean McDonald21:52.5Macomb L’Anse Creuse…110.8
10Aaron Franz21:59.5Clinton Township Chi…108.5
10Austin Trudeau22:00.2Port Huron108.3
10Evan VanHollebeke22:09.6Clinton Township Chi…105.1
12Hayden Mehnert22:34.1Port Huron Northern97.0
11J.D. McCreadie22:44.6Utica Ford93.5
12Christopher Fronti…23:03.7Clinton Township Chi…87.1
11Heitor Caribe23:24.3Utica Ford80.2
12Charlie O’Brien24:22.2Port Huron60.9
9Jonathan Heim26:06.2Port Huron26.3

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